Didn’t Get a Hike – Then Do This Stuff

Not everyday of our professional life brings fulfillment. There are number of days when we remain a little detached from our work and everything around feels pointless. We find ourselves trapped in low productivity and disinterest. However, amidst all confusion, there is this one thing that keeps us going-Salary.Get a Hike

Needless to say, the salary that we earn is perhaps the biggest motivation of our professional lives. No matter how bad a day has passed, if it is your salary day, you somehow end it on a good note.

Appraisals and salary hikes are important parameters to determine job satisfaction. However, unfortunately many a times professionals fail to earn these salary increments for varied reasons. They are either denied a deserving salary hike or perhaps they do not qualify industrial expectations. Thus, they do not earn any hike, leading to lesser productivity and performance ratios.

No matter what and how you have missed an annual increment; you definitely need to work out a few things to win it. And this needs to be done immediately; as the longer you take to mend these stuffs, the tougher it becomes to remain focused on the job front.

Not yet earned a hike ? Try this:

Here are a few things that can help you drive out the salary hike you have perhaps just missed. The first in the list is:

Knowing your worth:

Just after you are denied an annual increment, you definitely get a little bewildered. A feeling of betrayal mixed with extreme rage seizes you from thinking wisely. However, you need to know that this anger and depression will not take you anywhere.Knowing your worth

Rather, maintain your composure and try finding out the reasons behind this behavior from your management or employer. Is there anything that you lack in? May be a slow progression rate or an inability to build good will with authorities or any other reason that obstructs you from earning annual increments needs to be found.

Now, if you find that it is your inefficiency that hinders your chances of monetary benefits; then you need to adopt to different remedial measures. And if in any case you find that the management is not paying you something that you deserve, you need to opt for completely different procedures to mend the situation.
Therefore, knowing exact reasons and then opting for solutions is the first step to get the much desired salary hike.

Perfect timings for Perfect results:

There is always a perfect time for everything to happen. You walk up to your manager and demand a salary hike when the company is trying to find out cost cutting measures; be sure that you will never have that increment, even when your company overcomes financial burden.salary hike demand

Never, portray yourself as someone who is working for money alone. If the salary hike can wait for some time, try to be with the company during its bad time. You will receive double when things turn out to be better. However, if the salary hike is much of a necessity now; try finding your own solutions. A company that is suffering from financial stress will perhaps not opt for increments.

On the other hand, if you have your company rolling its turn over with double sales and triple revenues; earning an increment becomes easier; provided you can showcase your contribution towards company success in an appropriate and convincing manner.

Market yourself:

Climbing up the corporate ladder is not always about proficiency. A large part of it also depends on how you can speak about your contribution towards company growth and profit. Being visible in your company is as essential as being a diligent worker.Market_yourself

This scenario is very common with big organizations. People who lack that skill of marketing themselves efficiently, tend to miss out opportunities that they deserve. Managers very often fail to see their silent effort and thus remain ignorant about their true potential and worth.

Yes, it is true that boasting about accomplishments is not a strong professional tool. However, if you think that your work and efforts are somewhat not being visible and counted, you definitely need to adopt to ways that turn things in your favor. Help authorities to see what you have been doing for company growth and how you need some appreciation to keep yourself going.

Walk out, but gracefully:

Never burn bridges when things have different solutions. If you have tried all possibilities of earning that hike and failed, you definitely need to look for other career options. Earning deserving salary is your professional right and there’s no reason of compromising here. However, don’t throw tantrums while leaving. And never threaten employers with your exit decisions when you really don’t have the next entrance.Walk out

Have a deserving job in hand and inform your manager about your quitting decisions. Share exact reasons that have triggered your decision and explain how you have tried to find reasons of staying back. Professional image is important. So, do not spoil it for little hike that you were denied.

Remember, real talent will always find its way. If your current employer fails to acknowledge your effort, look for a better place where you will be wanted and appreciated. Let the company regret on loosing an efficient employee and not you for damaging your professional image and good will.

There are thousands of professionals who are suffering from these problems where they feel they are not treated well by their employers. However, only a few who can work out things in favor of themselves are the winners. So, if you have lost the annual increment this year, you now know what should be the your next course of action. Opt for perfect solutions for a successful career ahead.