Few Signs that Prove You Have Bad Relations With Your Mentee

Someone has rightly said, that mentoring is not about molding people into your own image or reflection. Rather, it is about helping them find and frame their own unique personalities.mentee

Many of us may have professional mentors; however, not all can become future mentors for next generation. It is because, mentoring is not merely about sharing career guidelines; rather, it is just a small part of the whole process. However, the most unfortunate part is that, not many mentors have realized this fact.

Well, in my opinion I have a picture perfect image of a mentor. And therefore, I would like to share it with you.

I consider mentors to be the ones who can help me learn lessons from experiences gained. Someone who can lend me patient ears and listen to all my queries; however bad or irrelevant they are. Someone who can have that vision and foresight to help me make perfect career moves. And finally, my mentor needs to have full faith on my abilities, so much that this belief can boost my confidence and morale.

Is it a bit too much to expect? Perhaps Yes.

Although perfections are a myth and possibly it is true in this case as well; having a pursuit for the same is definitely not a futile attempt. Aiming for the stars you atleast reach the top of a tree. Therefore, try becoming a perfect mentor. And who knows, over the years you may have a few dedicating their success to your efforts taken today.

The first step towards this is to know what your mentee feels about you.

What kind of relationship do you share with your mentee? Do you have a pleasant relationship with your mentee? Or the relation has turned bad and you are still unaware?!

Is your mentee hating you secretly?

Here are a few signs that can help you know if relationships with your mentee has turned sour. Read this and don’t let this relation go worse.

Your mentee is repeatedly missing sessions:

Well, as a new joiner your mentee may have some irregular presence in sessions. That is perfectly fine, as freshers may take some time to sink into the corporate environment and accommodate all tasks on time. In such cases, you need to take those initial steps and inform them, that you are available at their convenience. However, make sure that you are not dealing with an insincere and unprofessional joiner!mentee and freshers

Now, if your mentee is suddenly missing sessions and is not making sufficient effort to cover up for the same; you need to get into some investigation. Perhaps, your mentee does not approve and is not gaining enough from conducted sessions.

You get to know about your mentee’s performance from others:

Well, it was mentioned earlier that mentors need to be patient listeners. However, if your mentees are not sharing their experiences and queries with you, Whom are you going to listen to?mentee's performance

No matter how good or bad the news is, your mentees needs to be the first one to share every professional experience with you. Whether they are doing remarkably well on their job front or are screwing up big time; you need to be informed about these stuffs. If you have mentees who are avoiding any form of discussion with you, its evident that you are in a bad relationship with them. Therefore, start working to mend it before it gets too late.

Your mentee is no longer interactive:

A mentor can consider half the work done; only when a two way communication process is generated. Now, if your mentee is not interactive enough to discuss possibilities and ways of improvement; then you fail at achieving your goals. There is another aspect to this. Well, you may have some joiners who feel a little hesitant to express their thoughts and opinions at the beginning. Thus, you cannot consider them as disinterested. Rather, it is your job to help them overcome this hesitation.mentee interactive

However, if you find few candidates to remain silent during sittings, who are otherwise reciprocal; then you have a serious issue to handle.

Your mentee is being disrespectful:

This is the most alarming sign to prove that you are definitely sharing a bad relationship with your mentee. And of course nobody wants to reach this state.

Well, it is a known fact that one of the prime responsibilities of a mentee is to respect his/her mentor. Perhaps, your mentee is also very much aware about this.disrespectful mentee

Rather, in my opinion, more than a rule it is a natural instinct that you are always courteous towards someone who is contributing towards your success. Mentors share essential information, personal experiences and provides countless and priceless advice to their junior staff; so that, they can learn and improve. Thus moving towards success.

However, if you do come across such candidates, it is unfortunate and I am scared you do not have much to do and improve this scenario. Nevertheless, you can still try and mend it. And if it still brings no improvement, it is best to get rid of such dysfunctional relationship.

Mentors play an influential role in providing diligent and enthusiastic future workforce to corporate world. Therefore, mentors need to be efficient in handling their job responsibilities.

One very prime reason that mentors fail to meet expectations is because they project themselves as second “bosses” before their mentees. However, in reality they are expected to be a guide and an advisor to them.

Again, mentors should never force their juniors to follow their footsteps. It is absolutely upon your mentees to decide about their career moves. You are only expected to prepare them for the journey and make them aware about different consequences that may arise.

Now that you have reached the end of this article, you perhaps have identified some loopholes in your mentoring technique. And realizing this suggests that half of your work is done. Therefore, you are all ready to have a pleasant and harmonious relationship with your mentee.