How to Cancel a Resignation Letter?

Now, this is difficult – not impossible. No matter how benevolent and supportive your employer is, everyone gets a little offended on receiving resignation letters from employees. And if the employee has been a great performer; the situation is further painful. This is analogous to a situation when you get rejected for any desired job role. So, now you know how your employer feels on receiving resignation letters!Cancel a Resignation

However, you have already mailed your resignation letter; your employers are offended by now and suddenly you are having some second thoughts about your decision! This is miserable. How can you ask for the same job you have already rejected?

It is evident for your employers to infer that you found another job more promising and rewarding than your current profile. Therefore, expressing your newly developed interest on your previously rejected job is an awkward situation. You need to handle this situation tactfully. Perhaps, this situation is more complex than any other situation you come across in your professional life.

As it has been already mentioned that this situation is difficult not impossible to handle, we are moving ahead to describe techniques that can assist you to cope with this scenario.

Steps to retract your resignation letter:

To call off your resignation, you need to give a written application before anything else. And for this purpose, you are required to write a Retraction letter. So, let us first get a brief idea about retraction letters.

What is a retraction letter?

Retraction letters are written in professional format to pull back your resignation. They are used to express your interest and reasons to stay back in your current company handling the assigned responsibilities associated with your profile.retraction letter

Retraction letters serve two purposes. Apart from canceling resignations, these also serve to reject promotion offers, when professionals are not in a position to accept the same.

How to write a retraction letter?

Mentioned below are very simple steps of writing retraction letters that can prove beneficial and effective for the purpose.

Letter initiation:

This format for retraction letters is not very different from any business letter formats. The letter needs to be short and precise. Similar to any professional letter, this also has three different sections – salutation, body and closure. While writing the letter, it is advisable that you address the concerned person directly. Start your letter, with correct salutation and designation of concerned person.

Formatting the body of your letter is most essential. It is here that you express your intent and therefore it needs to be convincing. So moving ahead to prepare the next section.

Letter body:

The body of your letter needs to be short; preferably comprising of two small paragraphs. This section starts with a request to cancel your resignation . While doing so, make a quick reference to your previous mail that was drafted to express your resignation. Mention the date on which you had sent your resignation letter and the last working day mentioned. This section needs to be short; including only two sentences at the most.

The second paragraph needs to state reasons of canceling resignation. Your employers, while reading this section, needs to get convinced with your stated decisions; so much that they instantly decide on accepting your resignation retraction. As there are no legal laws that can force your employers to accept retraction, your letter needs to be very effective to serve the purpose.

Besides, if you had negotiated with your employers, that influenced your decision to retract, mention the same in your letter. If you have been offered a higher pay package or designation or any other reward that served as a satisfactory reason to stay back, mention those in detail. It will be nice if you achieved those things in written from your employers to make an attachment file with your retraction letter.

Remember the conclusion section also needs to be very impressive enough. Express your gratitude towards your employers who have read your letter. Tell them how happy you will feel if your retraction gets accepted and how you wish to continue with them. Make a small note to express your apology for the inconvenience caused and end your letter.

A letter alone may not serve the purpose:

Once you have emailed your resignation retract letter, you need to meet your employers in person. Now, this is not to pressurize them to take their decision, Rather, it is to avoid some consequences following your resignation, that you seriously want to employer

No employer wants to leave a position vacant for long duration. Therefore, once they receive resignations, they start hunting for new applicants. And now that you want to stay back, you seriously want your employers to know about your plans, before they land on some potential applicant.

Therefore, take permission to fix a short meeting with concerned professionals. Carry your resignation as well as retraction letter along with you, in case your employers are unaware about your recent retraction letter.

While in conversation, be confident to share the same specific reasons you had mentioned in your letter. Be humble while accepting the inconvenience caused by you. However, don’t present yourself as someone who has no other option left. This will be harmful for your job growth prospects in future. If negotiation with them led to your change of plan, things are a little more easier to handle.

Be thankful and get back to work:

Well, you have done the required and now you only need to wait for a response from their side, that may take some time. So, do not think of consequences and show the best of your efficiencies. You perhaps have a month or so before you resign, therefore do everything possible to showcase your intention to stay back.Back to work

It may happen that your letter or a short discussion with employers could not pave the way. However, if you stand strong on your job front, you will surely walk the desired path. This is something that can influence your employers to a great extent. So put in your best!

These were few techniques that can help you retract your resignation. Hope you have found this informative and useful for your search.