Know These: Before You Start a Business With a Friend

“Never get into any business venture with friends.” A notion existing since ages. However, we still find college friends who have turned successful business partners. To share my own experience, there is this small eatery right at the corner of the street that leads to my apartment. It’s just a 7 minutes walk from my residence and since it has a great soothing ambiance, I love spending some quiet and peaceful moments there.Business Friends

I am a regular visitor of this eatery and therefore Amy and Marina; owners of Fun & Feast have become a great acquaintance now. On having an occasional chit chat with them, I came to know, that they have known each other since high school and it is only 6 years now that they have become small business entrepreneurs. Knowing this I was awestruck and the immediate question was; “ Do you still continue to be the best of buddies or the business has taken over childhood friendship?”

Both of them wore a smile that suggested that I was not the first to have asked them a similar question. I received an interesting answer to my question. Getting into business with best friends has its own challenges and rewards. And when someone can find a balance, nothing is as interesting and enjoyable than “buddy – business” relationship.

I had a one and a half hour of long conversation with them that day. It was amazing and just on my way home I had a strong desire to share their ideas and tips of turning friendship into a buddy – business relationship with all my readers. So, here I am to share a few tips with you, before you get into any business with friends.

Things to know Before you begin a venture with your Friend

Finally, when you have decided to get into a business partnership with your friend; you have probably decided the type of business you want to start, the location and the finance required. These are few things any regular business requires. However, buddy business as described by Amy and Marina; requires some special attention; as it offers lot more than any random venture.

So want to know what are those? Here you go…..

Ask yourself, if you really trust the other side

Trust is an indispensable ingredient of buddy business tie up. And this is very different from trusting a friend with your new car. A business involves lot of efforts, money and above all; your career and success. When you are not in a position to have faith in your friend, getting into business is a worst step to take.trustStarting a business, initially brings failures and losses. So, if you cannot trust your friend during a bad phase, your business can never overcome failures to achieve success.

Know what is success according to your friend

As friends, you perhaps have similar visions that drive your personal lives, However, while running a business, “similar” is not enough. Being exact is more important. Ask your friend what is his/her expectations from this venture and what are his/her success quotients.friend's vision

You may state a business successful when it has a good name in the community market and is capable to pay bills and make a handsome saving. However, your friend may think that a good brand name is the base for a successful business rather than handsome savings. So, when you are happy and content with your efforts and business profits, your friend may appear extremely dissatisfied and thus push you to put in more efforts.

However, as far as you can push your limits and work to reach similar levels of expectations, differences do not hamper your business. Otherwise, it is detrimental to your long lasting friendship, let alone the business.

Discuss job roles at the earliest

Well, working as business partners, you probably own the same profit and share equal losses. However, apart from the finance, job designations are a great concern.Job roles

There has to be someone who meets clients and investors. There has to be someone who looks after production requirements, someone to look after workforce availability. These roles are different from each other; however, they are equally crucial for running a successful business. Therefore, discuss job roles specific to one’s own skills and interest.

Do not leave these undiscussed as it may hinder smooth running of your business leading to huge confusions. And again, do not enter into other territories, unless there’s a huge need for it. Continuous interference may hamper your friendship and thereby business.

How well do both of you handle failures?

A well established business that is earning profits does not lead to too many differences. However, when a business faces loss, differences take up magnified forms.

So similar mental strength, courage and ability to take risks are vital to run a business together. Therefore, if you take up business partnership with friends who are pessimistic and lack courage and confidence; a small failure is sufficient to scatter the set up.handle failures

Thus, before getting into joint ventures, discuss how will each of you handle failures and crisis scenarios. If you can get someone who has similar mental strength, overcoming unpleasant situations becomes easier than you can think. And this is the greatest advantage of having friends as business partners.

These were few of the things that Amy and Marina had done before they started with their small business. And since they had done their homework well, their small eatery is one of the busiest food outlets in the area. They have already become successful entrepreneurs and are planning to extend their business to other parts of the city as well.

So, if you too have a friend with whom you can start a business, go ahead and take your friendship to next level. However, do not forget to do your homework and make some difficult decisions before you plunge into this venture.

Career Plans and High Demand Jobs in 2016

Its already December and with less than a couple of weeks, we bid a final good bye to 2015. Well, that was quite fast. Time just flies off. Isn’t it?

So, how well have you spent this year? I mean I really hope you have accomplished your goals that were set for this year.2016careers 2016

With every starting year, all of us set new personal and professional targets. And it is in December that we need to sit back, recollect those self assigned targets and see if we have reached there or not. It is definitely a good practice as it keeps us motivated. And If you have a good score, you plan for a bigger Christmas party.

Now, every target needs to have a befitting plan to achieve it. So, what are your career targets for the coming year – 2016? Do you have an awesome career plan to fulfill your targets? NO?!

Don’t you want to make this coming year the most successful and a remarkable span of your entire life? Yes? Then what are you waiting for.

Amidst all your Christmas preparation, lets workout some career plans as well. This can land you the most lucrative and high demand jobs in 2016. Lets make the coming year a greater success!

Awe-Inspiring Career plan for 2016 – This is all you need:

Targets and plans are interrelated. To design a plan you need to know your destination. And to reach the goal you ought to have a plan.Plan 2016

In general, career growth implies greater money. And money comes from lucrative jobs. Therefore, to help you explore lucrative job profiles, the second section of this post contains a list of high demand jobs in 2016.

Now, coming back to the career plans that can help you land these lucrative careers.

Break the entire 12 month span to quarters. Of course the last quarter; that is at this time next year, you need to hold a job offer letter from your target employer.

During the initial months, prepare yourself with required targets. Now, you do know exactly the job profile or the employer you want to work with. Therefore, use this time to know about their candidate requirements and prepare to attain the same.

By the end of this first quarter or the beginning of next quarter, you need to feel confident and prepared. Now is the time to market yourself. Talk to relevant people and make some good influential networks. After all, they are the ones who can help you land desired profiles.

How do you build that network?

Among various methods of creating professional networks, volunteering serves to be the best way of making strong networks that boosts your career.

Well, there is not much to do in the final two quarters; besides doing everything possible to land that job you so wanted to. Make use of the network; If you were good at it, you will definitely get a lot of interview calls. Besides, make sure that your updated resume reaches your target employers. And that does not end there, it needs to be impressive.

High demand jobs in 2016:

As promised, here is a list of top jobs in 2016:

Science and Technology:

STEM jobs are expected to reign the job market in 2016; as they will, for many more years to come.STEM jobs

Software developers, network analysts, web designers, application developers and of course data administrators are the top five STEM jobs.

Apart from these, other job profiles in this category have bright chances as well. Approximately, a projected job growth from 30 – 50.3 percent is expected to be seen for different job profiles in this section.

However, candidates with superlative expertise, those who are well versed with latest technology, capable of formulating brilliant and magical codes can only make a position in this competitive job market. Therefore, gear up to learn more if you really want to land these interesting profiles.

Health and medicine:

As the health care industry continues to grow, health care professionals remain in great demand this coming year.Health and medicine jobs

Apart from specialized surgeons and physicians, professionals such as registered nurses, physician assistants, therapists, also have good career growth prospects. A projected job growth around 27 – 32 percent is expected in these profiles.

Besides, dental care professionals, hygienists and mental care counselors also have good prospects. Veterinarians can also enjoy good opportunities next year.

Therefore, to make the most of future opportunities, prepare yourself to the best possible levels. Take up higher studies and specialization relevant to your field. And do not forget to renew license.


Two very lucrative career profiles in this section are Financial Analyst and Personal Financial Advisors. Both these job profiles will have a projected job growth around 35 – 40 percent. Thats huge isn’t it?finance jobs

Besides these two, other finance and business related profiles will definitely see mid scale progress and growth.

However, those aiming for the two top profiles will have to go ahead to get themselves trained for these job roles. Be it analyst or advisor, both professionals play a significant role in business development, therefore employers think several times before taking their hiring decision. Thus, competition is quite high in this section.

Forensic Science:

Unfortunately, as crime sees no decline; demand for crime investigators continue to rise.

One among the many professions, Forensic technicians have huge growth prospects in 2016. These crime lab professionals contribute a lot towards tracking criminals as they are the one who can narrate exact crime scene stories.Forensic ScienceThey need to have huge scientific expertise with wit, to analyze situations. All State or National crime investigation departments do require a number of these professionals. Therefore, they are looking forward to hire lot of them who have the requisite skills of landing this position.

Apart from the above mentioned domains, theater makeup artists and stylists also have good career growth chances next year. Behavioral counselors and career advisors can also make loads by the end of next year.

Well, this was all about top lucrative jobs in 2016. And now with the right career strategy and the list of jobs in hand; making some effective and fruitful career moves will not be a difficult task, isn’t it? All the best for your job search and have a fantastic year ahead!

Job Opportunities for People from Teaching Background

Earning a teaching degree can land you number of job scopes with various schools, institutes and colleges. Apart from being one of the most reputed jobs across the globe, it is also a very promising and steady job profile with not much variation. While professionals look forward to land steady professions, this occupation offers it naturally.teaching

Along with all the goodies, teaching profession is definitely not an easy job. Getting along well with all students, presenting complex subjects in the most simplest form and ensuring all round development of students are considered to be some major responsibilities of teachers. Those who are good at these, can enjoy a flourishing career in this field for a life time.

However, there are many who do not find classroom teaching environment fascinating enough. They are the ones who look for continuous variation in job roles. Now, considering the impact teachers have on entire society and civilization, people who do not enjoy this job need to quit. It is evident that when they are not happy performing their regular duties, they cannot impart proper education and knowledge to students.

Now, all job profiles have their own educational requirement. And candidates who have already earned their professional degree in teaching may not receive opportunities for landing other job profiles. Thus, they are left with no option besides reluctantly continuing with the job. A difficult and unfortunate situation, Isn’t it?

And amidst all these difficulties, I am delighted to say that this is not the real story. Candidates with a teaching degree may very well look for other job roles besides teaching. Listed below are different job opportunities for people with teaching experience or formal education in the field. It is important to note that some of these professions may require additional education and specialization.

What are the options for people with a teaching background?

Corporate trainer:

A lucrative designation under the Human resource department, Corporate trainers are professionals who train corporate newbies. And who else could accomplish this job better than a teacher?!Corporate trainer

Even though applicants are filtered through number of qualifying rounds before they join any organization, corporate learning is irreplaceable. Therefore, all new joiners undergo some training sessions during their initial days.

These sessions are carried out by corporate trainers who motivate employees and help them to sink into corporate environment. Now, it is not only freshers who can benefit out of these sessions. Professionals who have spent a considerable period in the workforce also find these sessions equally essential.

These professionals develop different instruction materials and teaching formats that give an overall idea about business policies, work culture, target prioritization etc. They are responsible to mold and inspire candidates so that they can work to take organizations to different levels of success.

Possessing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree along with related technical exposure is sufficient to land this position. Thus, if you are looking forward to go beyond classroom teaching and yet use your teaching skills, this can be a great option.


Well, if you are not very keen at sharing your knowledge and experiences in classrooms, you can go ahead to do the same through writing.Writer

Owing to their vast knowledge as teachers, they earn opportunities to write for various e-learning websites, educational forums or publishing houses. This is a growing profession and a befitting career for teachers looking for change.

A few years of experience in writing can open number of additional career opportunities. As for instance, you can become an editor where you will be required to review write ups written by others. Or else, you can look into publication of text books for regular curricular sessions in schools or colleges.

Along with a Bachelor’s degree,good command over English and an ability to present complex topics in an easy to understand manner are sufficient attributes to land this job role.


You are there in the school yet free from monotonous classroom teaching system. Student counselors are required in every institute, schools and colleges. They are directly related to their students; however, do not educate them on any theoretical subject.School counselor

Counselors on the other hand enlighten students in many different ways that ultimately help them to grow into matured and responsible individuals. They are required to resolve both personal and career related issues faced by students. In a nutshell, they are not only teachers, but guides, friends and mentors for students.

Most educational institutes prefer hiring counselors who have some professional degree in hand. However, long teaching experience and an ability to get along well can also help you land this job role.

Curriculum Development Experts:

As the name suggests, curriculum development experts or specialists are professionals who are responsible to design an effective and productive course structure for students. This not only involves deciding topics to be taught at different grades, but involves a number of other responsibilities too.Curriculum Development Expert

CDEs work in teams to first analyze job markets and skills required to land different job roles in future. Therefore, apart from formating formal education system, implementing relevant skill development techniques at schools or colleges is also one of their responsibilities.

Landing this position within educational system requires broad teaching experience. Therefore, professionals who have long teaching experiences and are now looking for a change can visit their education boards to know if they are in need of such professionals.

Foreign language teachers:

This profession is specific to language teachers. Aspirants who have taught languages such as English, Spanish. German etc. to students, may go ahead in utilizing this experience in making a career in the corporate world.Foreign language teacher

Global business requires professionals who can communicate in multiple languages. Therefore organizations hire skilled individuals who can train their employees to speak different languages.

Again, there are many countries where people are not familiar with English language. These states hire professionals from other countries to teach English as a foreign language in their schools and other institutes. Out of the many careers that an English degree can earn, this is the most lucrative one.

Besides, foreign language teachers can also work as interpreters and translators for organizations.

These were few career opportunities for teaching professionals who are looking beyond school/college teaching roles. Earning a teaching degree requires extensive study and there are only few who can accomplish this. Therefore, something that involves such extensive education cannot offer single employment scope.

Thus, if you are getting a little monotonous with your regular teaching responsibilities and desperately need some variation; go ahead in exploring all the above mentioned career prospects.