How to Become Your Boss’s Favorite?

A lot can be done when you remain in your boss’s good books. The opportunities may double and certain privileges just come to you very easily. However, paving the way to the top of your boss’s favorite list is not that easy a task. You need to work to earn it.

Boss's Favorite

Being likable is something that makes you more employable these days. Yes, skills and expertise are definitely important; however, if in addition you can project yourself as someone who is liked by coworkers and bosses, success is definitely not very far.

So, how do you become your boss’s first choice? Well, it involves certain strategies and of course considerable time. Therefore, to aide you with some quick tips that yield results, here are certain suggestions of becoming your boss’s favorite.

Know your boss’s preference:

Every boss will not have the same key to unlock. Some prefer diligent workers while others prefer multitasking employees. Punctuality is also a very essential trait many employers look for. They may overlook skills if they find employees being unpunctual.

impress your boss

So, striving to be your boss’s favorite, you first need to know his/her choice. Once you know this, you will have an idea of what can impress your boss. Then, working towards the target will not be very difficult. Implement desirable traits within you and showcase the same before your boss.

Being innovative:

Entrepreneurs are now seeking creative ideas for their business. A person who can bring about innovative and effective ideas is likely to be considered as an asset to the entire organization and not only be the boss’s favorite.Being innovative

Therefore, keep learning and expanding your knowledge so that you can come up with fresh and creative ideas. Present them before your bosses and request for their reviews. If by any chance your ideas get implemented, there’s no limit to your professional success. However, make sure that the ideas are not irrelevant and undesired. In such cases, the consequences can be really bad.

Work to impress:

Ultimately, on the professional front, it is your work that speaks the loudest. So, in an attempt to be the favorite employee, efficiency at work needs to be your prime focus.Work to impress

Always aim at performing better than yesterday. Share ideas whenever feasible. Show interest in company’s all round development and not only your personal targets. Offer to help your boss or other team members. This projects you as someone who is dedicated towards company growth and welfare.

Accept rejections and criticism:

It is very natural that your boss may sometime disagree with your work or may even reassign tasks, when you may feel that the piece of work is simply perfect.Accept reject

However, don’t make it too difficult for your boss to state facts against you. Learn to accept things that you don’t agree with. Take your boss’s criticism as an inspiration to grow and become better than what you are today.

Many employees although fail here. They make it too evident for their boss’s to notice that they are somehow not liking the rejections coming. In such a scenario, you will never be given opportunities of growth. Your boss will like to keep you in the same profile where you have been working so that there is lesser interference from his/her side.

An employee who can learn to accept rejections positively and makes efforts to grow is definitely the boss’s favorite employee; despite some official falters you make.

Abide by all official norms:

Every workplace has some predefined official rules for employees to follow. While it may be very tempting to simply over look a few of those; especially when your boss is nowhere around, it is not a very good idea.official rulesExtending lunch hours and coffee breaks is not something that your boss may ignore. You may think that you are done with the days work and that can earn you some luxuries; you are pretty wrong. At least not now when you are yet to become the apple of your boss’s eye.

Therefore, always follow these small yet significant rules. This will help you build an impression before your boss. Once you are successful here, you may be excused for not following some of these rules later, when you become one of the most liked employees in the office.

Don’t get unnerved:

This is a very important personality trait every employer looks for while hiring. Professional life has number of ups and downs. A person who can manage both scenarios efficiently without loosing calm is always desired by employers.

Some one who gets easily bogged down with failures is not capable of taking risks. And a business without associated risk is simply not possible. Therefore, to project yourself as some one who can handle downsides along with business profits is what brings you closer to your boss’s list of favorites. And in addition, if you can troubleshoot problems easily, you definitely have achieved your target.

These were the six essential tips that can make you your boss’s favorite employee. Once you top the list, career progression and growth becomes a regular affair. Opportunities just come flowing to you and you just need to make the right move. This was all about becoming your boss’s favorite. Hope you found this article useful and relevant to your search.

Few Ways to Earn a Promotion

Every morning, walking across your manager’s cabin to reach the diagonally opposite small cubicle of yours; you do wish to own that well furnished cabin one day and make yourself comfortably seated on the chair.Earn a Promotion

However, stares and wishes will take you nowhere. If you want to climb up the corporate ladder, you will have to work and earn it till the top. Working out promotions is no different from landing first jobs. Rather, it is perhaps tougher a task to accomplish.

The professional world is different. All of your competitors are ought to be performing at the best of their abilities. Reaching deadlines and troubleshooting problems are prime ingredients that only add to your sustenance in the same position. If you are looking for a leap, you need to prepare yourself for the long jump.

Therefore, for all readers who are aspiring to get promoted to some higher professional designations, this post has everything to get you started.

Perform beyond expectations:

The first step to curve out the path to your promotion, is to appear as someone who is exceptionally skilled for the current job role. Your managers need to feel that the job role has somehow become too easy for you and therefore you need to be placed in a more challenging environment!beyond expectations

Now, on a serious note, ignoring current job tasks in a pursuit to learn more about the aspired position is not a very efficient tool for the purpose. Rather, remaining focused on the present job role and performing much more than what is expected is something that needs to be your initial step towards the desired promotion.

Learn about the position:

Now, earning a promotion is not that easy. You will definitely have to put in a lot of effort to reach that position.Learn

Aspirants need to manage their current job role and also learn about the desired position SIMULTENEOUSLY. If you want to be promoted to higher designations, first try learning what are the things you will need to have, so as to be functional in that position. Before you march towards your manager’s cabin, try finding if you are ready to land that position.

Try finding out the skills and expertise you will be needing. In the process, you will somehow come to know about things you still have to learn and acquire. Thus, when you finally request your managers to consider you for a promotion, you can definitely present the acquired skill set that makes you the most employable candidate before them.

Make sure that authorities know you:

Not being effectively visible amongst authorities is the greatest hurdle faced by many professionals working in big corporate houses. Not having a good connection or access to authorities can snatch away the promotion you truly deserve.authorities know you

In an organization employing thousands of employees, it is not only your work performance that can keep you in the lime light. You need to have something more to be noticed and somewhat popular amongst authorities. And here is where your networking and interpersonal skills come to play.

Therefore, having a good rapport with authorities; so much that they can atleast have your name on their minds whenever a vacancy arises, is equally important for internal hirings.

Is the position a good match for you?

The position you are aspiring for, may seem to be very lucrative; however, if you do not like the job role, you will never be able to perform at the best of your abilities. And when you don’t work, you don’t earn.position

Therefore, don’t just get carried away with all the perks the role may earn you. First analyze the profile aptly and try finding if you are truly going to enjoy the work. Careers need to be chosen according to personalities. If you can handle roles that somehow relate to your own personality, tasks in hand can be accomplished very easily.

Let people know your plans:

Now, once you are done with all your preparation, don’t miss to inform relevant people that you are preparing to move above the career ladder. This is again very important for internal hirings. If authorities are not aware about your choices and areas of interests, it is very much evident that they will never talk to you about hiring.let people know

Remember that if you don’t make the call, others will! So, once you are decided to try for a higher position, start preparing and let relevant people know that you are aspiring for landing the position and making equal efforts to make yourself eligible for the same.

These were five important tips that can earn you a much awaited promotion. By now you may have perhaps understood that career acceleration is not driven by skill and perseverance alone. A professional attitude where you maintain cordial relations with coworkers and bosses, strong networks and doing the right thing at the right time, are equally important.

Thus, now that you have learned about how to pocket a promotion, just go for it and make the best of the opportunities that come your way.

Didn’t Get a Hike – Then Do This Stuff

Not everyday of our professional life brings fulfillment. There are number of days when we remain a little detached from our work and everything around feels pointless. We find ourselves trapped in low productivity and disinterest. However, amidst all confusion, there is this one thing that keeps us going-Salary.Get a Hike

Needless to say, the salary that we earn is perhaps the biggest motivation of our professional lives. No matter how bad a day has passed, if it is your salary day, you somehow end it on a good note.

Appraisals and salary hikes are important parameters to determine job satisfaction. However, unfortunately many a times professionals fail to earn these salary increments for varied reasons. They are either denied a deserving salary hike or perhaps they do not qualify industrial expectations. Thus, they do not earn any hike, leading to lesser productivity and performance ratios.

No matter what and how you have missed an annual increment; you definitely need to work out a few things to win it. And this needs to be done immediately; as the longer you take to mend these stuffs, the tougher it becomes to remain focused on the job front.

Not yet earned a hike ? Try this:

Here are a few things that can help you drive out the salary hike you have perhaps just missed. The first in the list is:

Knowing your worth:

Just after you are denied an annual increment, you definitely get a little bewildered. A feeling of betrayal mixed with extreme rage seizes you from thinking wisely. However, you need to know that this anger and depression will not take you anywhere.Knowing your worth

Rather, maintain your composure and try finding out the reasons behind this behavior from your management or employer. Is there anything that you lack in? May be a slow progression rate or an inability to build good will with authorities or any other reason that obstructs you from earning annual increments needs to be found.

Now, if you find that it is your inefficiency that hinders your chances of monetary benefits; then you need to adopt to different remedial measures. And if in any case you find that the management is not paying you something that you deserve, you need to opt for completely different procedures to mend the situation.
Therefore, knowing exact reasons and then opting for solutions is the first step to get the much desired salary hike.

Perfect timings for Perfect results:

There is always a perfect time for everything to happen. You walk up to your manager and demand a salary hike when the company is trying to find out cost cutting measures; be sure that you will never have that increment, even when your company overcomes financial burden.salary hike demand

Never, portray yourself as someone who is working for money alone. If the salary hike can wait for some time, try to be with the company during its bad time. You will receive double when things turn out to be better. However, if the salary hike is much of a necessity now; try finding your own solutions. A company that is suffering from financial stress will perhaps not opt for increments.

On the other hand, if you have your company rolling its turn over with double sales and triple revenues; earning an increment becomes easier; provided you can showcase your contribution towards company success in an appropriate and convincing manner.

Market yourself:

Climbing up the corporate ladder is not always about proficiency. A large part of it also depends on how you can speak about your contribution towards company growth and profit. Being visible in your company is as essential as being a diligent worker.Market_yourself

This scenario is very common with big organizations. People who lack that skill of marketing themselves efficiently, tend to miss out opportunities that they deserve. Managers very often fail to see their silent effort and thus remain ignorant about their true potential and worth.

Yes, it is true that boasting about accomplishments is not a strong professional tool. However, if you think that your work and efforts are somewhat not being visible and counted, you definitely need to adopt to ways that turn things in your favor. Help authorities to see what you have been doing for company growth and how you need some appreciation to keep yourself going.

Walk out, but gracefully:

Never burn bridges when things have different solutions. If you have tried all possibilities of earning that hike and failed, you definitely need to look for other career options. Earning deserving salary is your professional right and there’s no reason of compromising here. However, don’t throw tantrums while leaving. And never threaten employers with your exit decisions when you really don’t have the next entrance.Walk out

Have a deserving job in hand and inform your manager about your quitting decisions. Share exact reasons that have triggered your decision and explain how you have tried to find reasons of staying back. Professional image is important. So, do not spoil it for little hike that you were denied.

Remember, real talent will always find its way. If your current employer fails to acknowledge your effort, look for a better place where you will be wanted and appreciated. Let the company regret on loosing an efficient employee and not you for damaging your professional image and good will.

There are thousands of professionals who are suffering from these problems where they feel they are not treated well by their employers. However, only a few who can work out things in favor of themselves are the winners. So, if you have lost the annual increment this year, you now know what should be the your next course of action. Opt for perfect solutions for a successful career ahead.

Are You Ready to Become a Manager?

Well, life does become a little aimless when we do not have any future targets to achieve. This holds true for both our professional and personal lives. Hopes and aims serve as important ingredients to keep us going each day.Manager

Career targets act as a necessary evil that accelerate professional growth and prosperity. The moment you get satisfied with your position, you may land in a stagnant career. And again, having professional goals is just not enough. You also need to have relevant skills to land the desired position. And if you think you do not have that expertise you can always work on acquiring the same.

Now, most of you reading this post are probably looking forward to land a more significant role in your career. Perhaps, you have been working as a team member and now aspire to become the manager of the same team. However, do you know what it takes to be a manager?

Well, I can already wish a hearty congratulations to readers who are aware about the path to be followed to land the desired profile. However, for those who are waiting for the annual promotions to be announced; I would say, nothing comes for free my friend! If you want to have that you will have to work and earn it.

Thus, to help you out with ways of accelerating career growth and advancements, here are a few tips that can come handy.

Moving from an employee’s table to the Manager’s cabin:

An aim without effort is useless. If you want to see yourself comfortably settled in the manager’s cabin, you will first have to know the responsibilities, efforts and skills that the position demands. Here are certain suggestions that can help you make this career leap easily and quickly.

Do I have the required expertise?

The first and foremost approach should be to know the daily working day of your manager. The professionals running a team of other professionals are always required to be multitasking as they wear multiple hats at a time. Now, this requires relevant knowledge and skills to carry on with their day to day tasks.manager expertise

So, if you are aspiring to land such a position, make efforts to know the various tasks that your manager performs regularly. Once you know this, you will be in a position to estimate the amount of knowledge or skill you will have to acquire.

Do I have that foresight?

To possess the requisite talent and to have the foresight are two different things altogether. Managers function as the final decision makers and therefore foresight is an elementary tool to possess.foresight

Now, this is something that cannot be practiced or earned from graduation degrees. Some people are born with this skill and the rest will have to work towards attaining it.

Knowing the ins and out about the company and analyzing different situations can help you develop a foresight about probable risks involved. Besides, confidence and belief on one’s own decision is also important to build that foresight so essential for managerial positions.

Do I share a good rapport with others?

Managerial positions need professionals who can be termed as a people’s person. Besides targets and work strategies, managers also need to understand their employee’s egos and emotional issues. Sometimes, you will have to judge a professional on the basis of potential and not performance.manager and employee

Therefore, if you want your team to perform well you will first have to develop that connection with them. Your abilities to motivate, inspire, and convince your teammates is essential to become a successful manager. If you don’t have that skill to connect easily with people around, being successful in this profile is perhaps not very feasible.

Do I have the network?

Well, no entrepreneur will ever opt for an inexperienced professional for the managerial position in his or her organization. Therefore, landing your first job as a manager is exceptionally difficult and perhaps more complex as compared to landing your first

In such a scenario, having the perfect references who can introduce you to recruiters hiring for the position can prove very beneficial. Therefore, once you have decided to try and make efforts to land this position, inform some of your relevant professional acquaintances about the same. This should take place simultaneously so that you do not miss out any immediate opportunities.

The Final Word – Do more than expected:

Well, in the pursuit of knowing more about the desired profile do not ignore your current job role. If you are seen under performing you will never land the expected position and rather the current job is also at stake.Do more than expected

On the other hand, try to achieve more than expected. This will portray you as someone who has potential of handling more significant and greater roles. In addition, if you are looking forward to move ahead in the same company, good work is definitely going to impress your bosses; who are perhaps going to take the fit or no fit decision in your case.

Here, I would like to mention that attempting to land a different job opportunity within the current company is quite easier as compared to landing the same role somewhere else. And performing to impress is one of the greatest tools that can ease your task considerably.

Thus, aiming to become a manager when you are still working as an employee is not something unachievable. It only needs to have a perfect path to be followed that will eventually land you to the position you are aspiring to reach.

Knowing what it takes to land higher job roles and then working to make yourself eligible for the position is the key to professional success and prosperity. This was all about becoming a manager from and securing a flying career. Hope you have found this article relevant to your search. With this, we conclude today’s post and wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors of landing a more promising role.

Things to Consider Before Accepting a Promotion

The world seems to be a better place when we get rewarded for our efforts. This is true for every individual belonging to any age group. A student scoring well in exams, a winning match for sports-persons,  a dinner cooked by a chef that is enjoyed by guests, or a promotion followed by a salary hike.


Nothing comes for free in this world. If you have received some kind of recognition; say a promotion offer letter in your organization, you must have been really good at your job. Congratulations to you and keep up the good work. The sacrifices and hardships you undertook; all seems to be worthwhile. Now, You are finally there and proved your professional efficiency.

Wait. Is that really so??…. Can anyone of you define your 100% performance efficiency. Is there a well defined border line? This is something we need to ask ourselves. We set goals to achieve; and once we are there, we look for further challenges.

Have you ever realized, that each time we excelled, we had to live up to greater expectations next time. Nothing is wrong with this, as it motivates us to push our limits even more. Having said so, the whole story again boils down to one question – “Where is the end point and was it really worth it?”

A wise individual sees his success and failure with the same eyes. Well, if it’s not for getting wiser, lets do it to avoid disappointments. The next time you receive a promotion offer, think twice before accepting it; however, feel happy and proud to have made it so far.

Here are some considerations before accepting a promotion:

Gold or Gold platted Coal:

Why do we await promotion offers? Precisely, why do you need a promotion at this point? Did you ever give this a serious thought?

Everyone of us have different expectations from career advancements. Some or most of us desire salary hikes. Some require job role changes. While there are some who desperately require relocation to better corporate offices or cities etc.

What is that one thing, that interests you? – find that out. Next, check if the current offer is serving your purpose; without needing you to make some serious adjustments. Just because you were desperately wanting to get promoted and therefore accepting it hastily, only to realize it later, that this was not what I wanted – is not a pleasant situation to be in.

Therefore, before you go all happy and lucky about the current offer, do not forget to check, if it’s a real piece of gold or just a piece of coal that has been intelligently gold platted.

Sorry! I guess I am not ready:sorry i am not ready

This is something you never wish to experience. The rate at which you climbed up the ladder of success; you fall down twice as faster now.

Again, don’t just right away decline the offer; stating that you are not qualified for the post. Doing this, you are showcasing your incapabilities. And this is not what is expected. What is the next alternative then?

The solution is – analyze if it is serving “the purpose” explained above. If you get a yes for an answer, research on the job role. If you think that a little training and getting back to books can help GO FOR IT.

However, you need to mentally prepare yourself. The ease with which you were handling your previous job role, the same will not be true for this job initially. Are you ready to put in that extra effort?

Only when professionals land themselves in different positions, without knowing all good as well as difficult things associated, they tend to get more panicky about slightly difficult situations. On the contrary. If you know you have a rough terrain to cross, you can always plan to wear those hiking boots right from the start.

Plan your Journey for perfect destination:

plan your journey

Well, if we take it literally, we never plan journeys without knowing our destinations. However, things are little different when it comes to planning career paths or journeys.

After gaining wide experience in some particular domain, you have different job roles to opt from. Now, choosing the right position that suits your requirements is crucial; and if it proves to be beneficial for future career growth; you have hit jackpot. Let us take an instance.

Jim is an experienced software professional who has been offered to take up the position of software trainer. He will be required to interview and train fresh candidates. Here, he will need to share his knowledge with the newbies, and thereby earn heavy incentives, while continuing with his regular work.

Jim however, is very much keen in taking up other projects that require him to learn advanced softwares. This will eventually lead to greater career prospects of his interest or choice. Now, if Jim is taking up this offer as it provides him greater salary or incentive, he might enjoy it for few days. However, later on he will realize that this was not his career objective.

Although, he may be earning good salary packages, it restricts him from gaining greater technical experiences and leads him towards a completely different profile. It may also happen that, since he is not enjoying his job role he may get exhausted easily; thereby degrading his efficiency at work.

For those who say – Home is where the heart is:home and job

At the end of the day, individuals who are working to give their family a better and comfortable life, this aspect may be of great consideration. While, there are many, who may not find it to be of any significance.

Additional income brings additional responsibilities. You cannot expect to earn more, while following your old comfortable schedules. However, the extent of change you need to bring about in your daily schedules is something you need to decide upon.

If dinning with your family is of utmost importance and your new job role needs you to compromise with it, then you need to sit with your family and think for a while. If you find your family can very well cope with such situations without effecting ties and bonding, you can go ahead.

However, if your child complaints about your absence, give attention and curve out a path to solve these issues. This is entirely personal and every individual has a different and unique way of sorting out these stuffs.

People standing on the same platform are open to same and equal opportunities. However, not everyone fly up high above the sky. Most people manage to reach the top of the tree only. It is not their incapabilities that hindered their way; it is their decision that made the difference.

Correct decisions are taken by those who have the foresight. This post has been written to stimulate that foresight in you, so that you never end up regretting your decisions taken at moments of great achievements. Therefore, the next time you have a promotion offer, enjoy that moment to the fullest. However, do not forget to consider the above mentioned points before accepting the offer.

Don’t Shy Away from Asking for a Hike

Every employee wants a salary hike. A pay increase acts as a motivating factor. He can work with great enthusiasm and positivity. Asking for a pay hike can be a daunting task for many. Don’t get unnerved; because you are not alone. Many employees who are already serving their company for years and are posted in higher ranks, find the task difficult. You may be shy; you may be an introvert; you may get tensed or simply don’t know what to say during negotiation. Instead of delving deep into the matter, you may read the following tips that address the relevant topic.ask for hike

If you are an employee who is doing real hard work and proving beneficial to the company, you must not shy away from walking into your manager’s or boss’s cabin and ask for a pay hike. But before taking this big step, you must be aware of some basic rules like:

  • What is the best time to take the plunge? It is not a great idea to wait for the annual review which rewards with small hikes on an average. Based on your good performance, you may also plan to talk to your boss well ahead of the performance review cycle.  Usually an off-cycle discussion can result in a salary adjustment. Ideally, you must take the plunge once you have achieved some great heights or your performance has directly contributed to the company’s record-breaking sales numbers.
  • There is no alternative to hard work. So just focus on your work, your role as a team member and note down all performance indicators. During negotiation, you will have to discuss more about these positive factors. How much hike you will get is directly proportional to your performance.
  • Some basic homework is essential. Find out how much a person with your degrees, skill sets and experience earns and the percentage of pay hikes in other companies across the industry. Also do some research about the salary hikes patterns in your company for the past 3- 4 years. The result of these two studies will make you get an idea of the approximate hike you can ask for.
  • In many cases, employers agree to give you a hike if they view you as a candidate who is doing the work of an employee of the next higher level. So understand the roles and responsibilities of the higher level and show your capability of accomplishing the next level tasks.
  • All bosses or managers are busy individuals. An employee going to them for a salary hike is no more a serious matter for them. Thus you need to strike the right chord by knowing what mode works best for your manager or boss. He might like to have direct talk with you or prefer you to send a neat and detailed data-based email before conducting the one-on-one conversation.
  • You must wait for the other person to give you the offer. Don’t push yourself to make the offer first because you might underestimate yourself thereby asking for less.
  • Lack of confidence during the important meeting can land you in trouble. An informal preparation like practising with a tape recorder or a friend will ease out your nervousness. Use professional phrases and sentence. Also prepare for different situations. For example, your manager might not be satisfied from your points; then what you can add further, how you will convince him. This will certainly boost your confidence and career in the long run.

Asking for more money should not become an awkward experience for either the employee or the employer. Some behaviour is not expected from you as an employee. Besides following the above-mentioned golden rules, you must avoid these ‘no-nos’:

  • While talking during a negotiation, many employees say that they haven’t had a salary rise since a certain period of time. Not having a rise isn’t any excuse and this does not hold any value in this recession hit economy. Endless number of people works without getting any hike for years. Suffering from the fear of being fired by the company, they remain happy with their current salary. Besides your manager will show you many reasons for not paying you more. So it is better to concentrate on your own strengths and ask for a raise for being a valuable employee to the company.
  • Don’t say that you have completed one year, worked really hard and thus deserve a hike. Once your manager or team lead reviews your performance and gives you really good points, you have a chance to ask for a review. But simply because you have completed one year does not mean that you will have an increase in salary.
  • Don’t ask for a pay rise if you think you have done what you were supposed to do. Remember your boss will want you to go some extra miles and prove yourself as a brilliant asset. This means you might have to do many works that your juniors are seniors are doing, although these are not mentioned in your offer letter. Thus, saying ‘I am doing what I am supposed to do’ will not impress your boss. You must prove that you can do much more than what you are expected to do and your company is reaping the benefits from your work.
  • When not to ask for a hike is a vital point. For example, if the company is facing poor times and its annual turnover is not at all satisfactory, you must not think about negotiation. In situations where some of your colleagues are already fired, some are serving the notice period and yet many like you are retained, you must not act unprofessionally.

Thus negotiation can turn into a good experience for the employee. Restrain yourself from negative emotions like anger, frustration warnings or any foul game planning. Instead create an atmosphere characterised by faith and professionalism. Now don’t shy away; face it and ask, at least for once, so that you don’t have any regrets later. Try to get paid for what you deserve.