How to Balance a Successful Start-up with Your Family Life?

Balancing between your 9 to 5 job and a harmonious family life is in itself a challenging task. And when it comes at establishing a startup with profits rolling in, and a happy family life; the challenges are simply beyond comparison.

However, nothing is impossible and you can definitely work it out with tact and persistent effort.Work Life Balance

Entrepreneurs, especially the newbies find this 24 hour span limited for all their tasks in hand. And to squeeze in some quality family time appears to be next to impossible. However, it needs to be remembered that family, our near and dear ones are people who help us pass through some difficult times in life. So, equating both our entrepreneurial and personal lives is an art you cannot do without.

Every successful businessmen who started from a scratch can have a different and unique story to share. And again when you yourself get into this, you will have a different story to share. However, just to help you out get started, here are a few tips that can come handy:

10 tips to work a balance between startups and family:

Here are 10 tips to have a successful startup and a happy family that can come handy if you are a budding entrepreneur:

Squeeze in breaks and make sure you don’t miss out those:

Yes, breaks are something that may seem to be a complete waste of time for busy startup owners. Especially, when you have loads of work to complete, opting for a short 15 minutes break is something bizarre. However, breaks are important rejuvenating agent.break with family

A short brunch, an evening beer or any gesture will be sufficient to display that you have equal concerns for both your family and the new business venture. And thus you take one step forward to attain a work life balance. However, one thing worth noting is that don’t make promises if you cannot stand up to those.

Combined efforts – You and your family:

This is perhaps the first thing you need to do. Before you get into any kind of venture, first make efforts to know if your family is into it with you. To think that you can run a successful enterprise and also be equally attentive towards your 5 months old is unrealistic. Your family, your child and of course your business, everything remains in deep water, almost ready to sink.Combined Efforts

Therefore, talk it with your partner. Let your children and others know that it is a shared responsibility and the business will turn successful only when everyone efficiently plays their role. This brings us to another important factor. Discussing budget and finance with your family before hand is equally important. A startup may demand for few adjustments and compromises initially. Therefore, helping your family and letting them know before hand will ease them out through the phase.

Patience and Confidence:

The two mandatory skills of a successful entrepreneur. No matter how supportive your family is, if you look shaky they get all the more disheartened; leading to chaotic family life. Therefore, be prepared for some ups and downs, now that you have already started with it. Try avoid business talks at home; especially, when your partner or others don’t come from a similar background.Be Patience

Again, don’t conceal important issues as these can bring about bad consequences later. Try finding out solutions and let your family know that the problem is still under control and sooner or later it will get resolved.

Now, as your family is equally making few small and big adjustments, it is likely that they may sometimes get a little difficult to handle. They may not be in a position to accept a few things and thus shoot back. However, you need to hold on to your patience and ease their troubles to whatever extent it is possible. Be optimistic and spread the same. This will ensure pleasant family life.

Master the art of Prioritizing:

If you cannot prioritize both your personal and professional tasks, you can consider yourself out of the game. Being very organized is something that cannot be replaced. Planning a feasible to do list and sticking to it will help you to accommodate all big and small responsibilities; along with breaks that are important.Prioritizing

Make sure that your to do list is something that is achievable. If you simply plan out things that looks good and not workable, the ultimate idea of a to do list is diminished. Therefore, say what you can and do what you talk will help you bridge between personal and professional fulfillment.

Make sure you have the best team hired:

An efficient team implies half the work done. All entrepreneurs need to know that hiring proficient team members and making them feel optimistic about the job role is one their core team

Never settle for something lesser; to save a few penny. This is an investment that will surely drive profits in the near future. Thus, hire teams who can work well and thus save some time to spent with family; that otherwise would have to be used in modifying mediocre work done by less efficient team members.

Identifying productive and non productive hours:

Not all of us can work efficiently 24/7. There are spans when you tend to become less focused and prone to falters. This is what is known as non productive hours. So, try identifying these non productive hours and make them productive in a different way. Spend these hours with family and children and get energized for the remaining tasks of the day.productive hours

While you plan your to do list, try squeezing in family time during these hours and ask others if they can make themselves available during those hours.

Make friends with newer technologies:

In conjunction with hiring efficient employees for your new business, adopting advanced technologies is equally important. Technologies always make our life easier when used with a good intention. Therefore, now that you’re aiming at balancing between work and family, technology can contribute a lot.Advanced technologies

Advanced technologies can speed up the work and thus leave with time you can devote to your family. Besides, efficient technologies eliminates chances of manual error that may lead to huge confusions and loss. So to prevent a suffering business from causing adverse impacts on personal lives, use technologies and eliminate these chances of loopholes.

A short annual holiday is a Must:

Well, you may find it a bit difficult; however, a holiday, may be just a day or two is kind of compulsory to nail the balance you are striving to achieve.Holiday

It is not only you alone who deserves a break. Everyone, your spouse, children and anybody else you consider family equally need a break from their own shares of struggles and monotony. And therefore a holiday with them not only gets you closer to these special people in your life; but also rejuvenates you for all upcoming responsibilities.

Outsource your household chores:

At this point of time, outsourcing some of your business responsibilities perhaps will not be possible. However, you can always think of getting a second help for your household tasks, isn’t it?Outsource

Besides, you can always find ways of easing out these tasks. Perhaps, getting your groceries online, or to try and have someone delivering your laundry at home. There can be lots of options to minimize and ease these tasks, you just need to know what to pick from.

Saving a couple of these minutes can truly sum up to an hour or so that can be utilized, either to have a quality time with your family or to accomplish greater work responsibilities.

Take care of yourself:

Last but not the least, take care of your physical and mental wellbeing. A healthy mind and body is needed for enhancing careers as well as personal fulfillment.Take care

No matter how packed your schedule is, make sure you are continuing with your exercising routine, having a good night sleep and eating a healthy, regular meals. If you do not remain healthy, your business suffers and your family looses confidence. Therefore, while attempting to have all ends meet, do not compromise with your health.

These were ten essential tips that can help you work a balance between your family life and the new business venture. Besides, these you can still have a number of other techniques and when you get into this journey yourself, you can still discover a number of other tools.

In a nutshell, this is a never ending learning process, so now that you have read the above steps, you are capable of making a kick start. And once you get into it, there will be world to explore and learn.

Restaurant Business Teaches You Many Career Lessons

Experiences – good or bad, always leave us with something worthwhile. People who can learn from these episodes in life, grow, excel and become successful. And others who fail, keep dwelling on pleasant – unpleasant incidents from past.

Restaurant Business

Life is not a cake walk experience. Hardships are definitely a part and parcel of our lives; both personal and professional. A wrong job, a stressed relation, a continuous battle for financial growth, and all those efforts to prove our worth, are things that help us recognize, the goodness life offers us in big and small packages.

This post has been summarized to put forth some learning experiences of professionals who had started with small steps in food and restaurant business. And today, they have reached milestones in their respective careers.

These people who overcame many atrocities in life, and finally tasted the essence of success; say, that everyone needs to have a bundle of ‘first time’ experiences. It can be anything; perhaps a phase of financial crunch, a devastating heartbreak, a wrong job experience, a business venture that is dwindling or anything else.

These first time experiences teach us things that nothing else can ever provide us with. However, many of us fail to count on these first time experiences as we consider a lot of them trivial and nothing worth remembering. And this is where we go wrong.

These real life lessons shared by experts teach us that every experience; be it a small chat with a stranger at the bus stop, an irrelevant internship with a startup or a working experience in a restaurant; everything can provide us with a great deal of teachings; only if we know what and how to learn.

All of these business experts say that restaurant is a business that can help you prepare for many things in your personal and professional lives. So, let’s see what are those…

Restaurant Business – It has lots to give than to take:

It will be wrong to say, that your first job in this industry will make you a billionaire overnight. Yes, your initial years will be difficult and it is again in these years that you learn, grow and slowly progress. Here are few things that professionals learn while working in this industry:

Smile – Even when the world is frowning at you!

It is in restaurants that we come across a variety of people and their moods. However, anyone working at a restaurant is always expected to come up with a smiling face; no matter how difficult it may be at times.Smile

Now, it is not only the customers who can be unpleasant. The people with whom you work can also be equally distressing. Therefore, the first lesson learned in a restaurant business is to wear a smile at all odds and pleasures.

Very often professionals come across people who are extremely ill mannered. No matter who ever is at fault, customers always enjoy the privilege of yelling out. To cope up with these situations is definitely difficult.

However, giving yourself some time and sticking onto your job helps you to learn an important lesson of your life. The fact is, the world is full of frowning faces and we don’t meet people with smiling faces that often as mentioned before. Therefore, if you can learn to smile during distressing situations, you not only help yourself, but others around too, so that they can pass through unpleasant situations happily.

Multitasking – Something that comes naturally now:

To wear multiple hats is something that many people strive hard to achieve. And for you, a simple job experience can help you acquire this much needed skill.Multitasking

Working in restaurants involve a lot of people, a variety of table orders and to top it all, there are frequent changes you need to squeeze in even when orders are placed. Besides, the kitchen also has a lot of work to be done by you. Therefore, as you keep working in this profile, you have no other option, but to learn being multitasking.

It is not only in food and restaurant business that multitasking is an important expertise to get hired. Every industry and every employer prefers hiring candidates who can work in different profiles. Therefore, working in a restaurant somehow makes you eligible for a variety of job roles.

Presentation and preparation work miracles:

Food is not only about taste; the look and smell is equally important. While working in a restaurant, you will learn that despite of exceptional tastes of dishes you serve; customers can never be convinced unless your food is presented pleasingly before them.Presentation

The same holds true for different situations in life. You go out looking for a job appearing shabby and it is almost certain that you will not land that job. An employable appearance is equally important as an employable resume.

Working in a restaurant requires a variety of preparatory tasks that are completed before customers are at the doors. Cleaning the kitchen and dining area. Marinating chicken and vegetables long before they are cooked. Making all other arrangements to achieve a refreshing and pleasing ambiance are all tasks that are completed much ahead of time. Only when these things fall in place, rest of the tasks can be handled easily.

The same goes with exams or interviews as well. Only when we prepare well before hand, we can guarantee our success and selection in the job interview.

You learn to work in teams:

Our professional growth demands for many additional skills, besides the ones that are mandatory for the job role. One such expertise is our capacity of working in teams. Any business requires a group of professionals who can complement each other and work efficiently towards one common goal.Work in teams

Now everyone cannot be a good team player. And to get along well with others and still create your own space and identity in a workplace, requires a lot of tact. It is an art that needs to be learned slowly. One of the best places you can learn this is a restaurant.

Preparing a dish and presenting it before customers cannot be done single handedly. Therefore, knowing how to coordinate between team members and doing your own part efficiently is what you can learn during your initial years in a restaurant business.

You don’t talk ‘hard work’ you do it:

Only a restaurant business can give you the real taste of hard work. Professionals in this industry are expected to work real long hours with absolute efficiency. After a considerable period, working 10 hours at a stretch is more or less a child’s play. You get acquainted with the work load and if you have the real passion, you even start liking this packed schedule.hard working

If you are working in restaurants that are somewhat popular and serve meals in peak hours of lunch and dinner, you will be expected to somehow scarf your lunch in less than a couple of minutes and get back to work. Long breaks of 30 minutes become that one dream for you.

In short, to understand the intensity of hard work you are expected of, you will have to experience it yourself. However, one thing remains certain. Once you gather sufficient experience in this business, you will never shy away from work load pressure or over times or long shifts and so on.

The greatest lesson – You learn to value time:

Success comes to those who can make optimum use of their time. Twenty four hours are available for all of us; however, not all of us make use of our time judiciously and that is why some reach greater heights of success and some only make plans.value time

All of us know this very well that valuing time is essential; however, not all can learn and implement the same in our day to day lives. Nevertheless, working in a restaurant will definitely help you learn this most essential lesson of your life. Discipline and to do things at the most appropriate time becomes your habit.

You are late to serve the order by a minute and you have a hell lot of complaints piled up against you. You miss out switching off the oven at an accurate time and the dish gets spoiled for good. You skip your lunch during the breaks and you remain empty stomach for the entire day.

Therefore, being on time is something you learn while working in a restaurant. Remember, this is not something that can be adopted very easily. So when you have acquired this aptly, don’t forget to thank your job in this industry.

These were the six life lessons learned while working in a restaurant business. So, if you are lucky enough to have one of those jobs, make sure you are making the best out of it. And perhaps, you were not very sure of what and how to learn, this post definitely has come up to be very handy isn’t it?

Jobs for People Who Don’t Like People

For in solitude, there is peace. And in peace, thrives excellence.

Not all will agree to this; however, there are many who prefer being in isolation rather than in associations. Now isolation is easily achievable in our personal lives. If we don’t need people in our lives, we can shut doors (not literally though). 


Disappearing from social media platforms and making the minimum use of our smart phones can easily take us far from the rest of the world. However, when it comes at the professional front, being a loner could be tough, but not impossible to deal with.

Many employers nowadays, look for candidates who can add value to an existing ‘team.’ Being an effective and promising contributor to teams, have become an essential hiring credentials. Amongst the multitude of career options we come across each day, hardly do we find openings that require ‘less interactive’ candidates. And again, just because we don’t come across such jobs easily, it does not imply that they don’t exist in reality.

So if you think that you being an introvert is holding you back; especially, when professional networking is suppose to drive your career growth, you’re perhaps mistaken.

For all those loners, you just need to know, that there’s a world out there that is less crowded. The only thing you need to do is to make it up to there!

Yes, looking for such jobs and landing yourself to expected careers will not be a cake walk experience. However, doing something you love can take you miles. So, if it is about finding a job where you want to work alone, let’s work to find one.


Archivists – Bridging between extinction and existence.

People who find mingling with others a great task to accomplish, do find this job role very suitable for themselves. Archivists work in museums, auction houses or any other place that aims at preserving objects of historical significance, work of art, documents etc. that can connect all to the foregone.Archivist

Archivists are responsible in acquiring documents from past and then arranging them into systematic records. They appraise and authenticate historical documents or any other archival material.

So, going through previous records and conducting vigorous research to connect small bits and pieces of information is what consumes a major portion of their time. Besides, they may also be required to help people in gathering and understanding various documents and relevant information. For this purpose they develop catalogs and document descriptions; thus facilitating easy access to essential information by all.

Animal Care taker:

For those who prefer four legged to bipedal companions.

People who are a less of a talker, prefer silent communications. Now, communication can never be silent unless you have your four legged companions with you. Therefore, if you too fall in this category, a career as an animal care taker can be very satisfying.Animal Care taker

These professionals are responsible in ensuring all round welfare of the animals. They take care of their food, medication and places they live. Their day to day activities include bathing them, brushing, providing medical assistance at times of injury and illness. In short, they are responsible for all round welfare of animals.

Animal care takers work with kennel boarders, pet retail stores or even for pets at home. Being an animal care taker requires aspirants to have completed a high school diploma or anything equivalent. Professionals who want to move to zoos and clinics where they are required to deal with both domestic and wild animals require further education and certification.


It is in Nature that you could find solace.

Greenery is what keeps us going. It is the source of oxygen, essential nutrients, fights global warming and for some, it serves as a peaceful place to be in.
Now, not all can take care of this greenery perfectly; as it is for the entire living population. So, if you have a strong desire to save, protect and enhance this existing and diminishing greenery, botanical careers could be a perfect match for you.Botanists

Botanists are mostly hired in botanical gardens; however, they may even work with pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology firms, or government and private agencies who work for environment protection.

As a botanist, you will enjoy a lot of lone time where you will be required to study plants and their relationship with environment. They study physiological aspects and origination trails of plants.

Plant study has number of domains; such as, study for agricultural use, ecological study and research for medicinal value. To work as a botanist, every aspirant needs to have a minimum of Bachelor’s degree. Thereafter, pursuing a Master’s degree or doctoral degrees can open different job opportunities for you.

Irrespective of the domain you choose, your aim of having more of a “ME” time does not suffer.


Photography – Capturing time till eternity.

Photography is one of the most interesting career options for people who like being all by themselves. It is a vast career option involving several diversions. No matter what type of photography you are inclined to, having an eye for beauty, and a sense of capturing the same at that perfect moment, are the two indispensable prerequisites of landing this career.Photographer

Photography is something that cannot be learned; as it relates to your inner self. Something that is within, and can only be enhanced – not acquired. Yes, fine refinement and practical exposure to different lenses is definitely required when you want to land a career in this domain. However, certifications and college degrees cannot guarantee a job; if you lack those necessary skills.

Nevertheless, attending photography schools and independent art schools can give you the required exposure. Further, you can also benefit while working under an established photographer as assistant. This would only require you to spend a couple of hours with your senior, learning a great deal; while leaving you with ample time to be spend only with your camera if your wish to.

Computer Programming:

Debug to keep all buggers off!

All software programmers, introvert or not, will agree to the fact that cutting oneself off from the rest of the world is essential to have those codes coming up frequently. It is an intense job, where technical expertise along with high levels of concentration and focus are a must.Computer Programming

It is because of this reason that these computer geeks are seldom seen in groups as most of the time they are alone drowned in an ocean of codes, bugs and debugs. Many professionals, although skilled, find this job role dissatisfying because most of the time they work alone. However, for people who love being alone, it is simply an opportunity that cannot be missed, isn’t it?

Now, programming requires huge knowledge and thereby education or certification. Keeping up with latest technologies and advents is essential. Therefore, if you are a true loner, and have some technical expertise, being in such a profession will prove apt and self satisfying.


Reaching worlds that are yet to be born.

Over the ages, every change that the world has seen, counts on what writers have done to bring about that necessary change. Writers or modern day bloggers are exceptionally creative minds. They can present ideas today that get appreciated tomorrow. They can change and motivate communities and change the entire world for betterment.Writer/Blogger

Writing is an excellent career option for people who like expressing views in the form of write ups; instead of speaking or communicating the same verbally. Similar to photography, writing too is a flair that you are born with. Attending graduation schools can help you get better of course.

Today, there are various forms of writing; such as, travel writing, fashion, medical, educational, current affairs etc. Therefore, choosing any form of writing entirely depends upon your choice. Travel writings are best suited for introverts as they can travel across the globe all by themselves and present their journey for others who have not made it there.


If it was not them, we would have still been in the stone age.

The word Scientists somehow presents a virtual image before us, where we can view someone working intensely in a huge laboratory environment, surrounded with everything but another person to talk to.Researchers/Scientists

Scientist are known to be less of a talker and exceptional geeks. They love being in a different world away from the chaos; where they invent things that eventually find their way into the existing hustles and bustles of our day to day lives. Therefore, if you too want to be away from our noisy atmosphere, prepare yourself for this career option.

Scientists require huge study and educational certification. Not everyone end up having satisfactory careers in this domain. Therefore, if you really have that passion for learning and exploring anything and everything, research could be a great profession to choose.


Stepping out of the world to enter the Universe.

One of the most lucrative as well as solitary profession is to become an astronomer. These professionals spend their working days knowing more about different celestial bodies. Depending upon the celestial body, number of specializations are available.Astronomer

They are required to gather information about our solar system and various others that exist in the Universe. They also need to write thesis on their findings for the world to know. The job role requires exceptional understanding of mathematical concepts and strong foundation of Physics. Therefore, vast education and knowledge is but essential to land this job role.

Astronomers work with research centers and observatories where they are mostly alone and do not require much of an interaction.

These were eight different job roles that perfectly match career expectations of introverts. Most of these job roles have good job growth prospects in near future. Therefore, earning handsome salaries is not at all difficult; even when you do not make those necessary professional networks. Hence, opt for any of the above mentioned profession and start preparing well to land careers of your choice.

9 Smarter Things to Do During Unemployed Phase

Unemployed? Then get self employed to become employable for others.

Being unemployed for a duration can be the most terrifying state one can go through. Things are still better if you are a fresh graduate looking for your first job. However, for those who have moved into unemployment from a regular professional life; such experiences are nothing less than nightmares. And the only solution to this is a job.Unemployed Phase

However, jobs don’t just come your way; you need to prove your worth and appear employable, so that interviewers hire you for the benefit of their business.

Being jobless can bring you better job opportunities in future. Yes, it may appear as something very weird that you have come across. However, you can find number of convincing reasons that will ultimately help you realize that you do need some time out of work to identify things that are holding you back from accelerating to greater heights of success.

Self employment mentioned above does not necessarily mean that you get into startups when not employed. It rather suggests that you need to get into self learning and preparation. Use this time to explore job markets, try researching on what the interviewers are looking for while hiring. Try inculcating the same within you. Ultimately, your efforts will help you come up with expected results.

Below is a list of things that you can do to keep yourself busy during the unemployment period. Go through this and experience the difference it can bring about in your life and career.

When unemployed – Do these to earn your dream job:

Learn acing in interviews:

It’s only in that one moment that you create the impression.

Hunting for jobs is the only thing that keeps you busy during unemployment period. However, ever thought why despite of attending number of interviews each day, earning a job offer still seems difficult?Interview

Perhaps, there is somewhere you are faltering and that’s snatching away the employment opportunity. Take a break and try learning what defines a perfect interview. This is something that will not only be beneficial now. You can use this learning experience for future job interviews as well.

Perfect interviews are not made with perfect answers alone. There is a list of parameters; such as attire, body language, tact etc. that together contribute in making interviews successful. Therefore, when you are out of job, research on these factors and prepare yourself accordingly.

Once you get these things right, building impressions and appearing as the most desirable candidate will definitely become easier than you think.

A visit to the job market:

You will never find a better time than this to explore job markets. If not now, it’s never.

Job scenarios are changing everyday. Today, you may find certain expertise adequate to land specific job roles; however, tomorrow, these become insufficient. And we are not looking for short term goals, isn’t it? We are looking for long, sustained and growing careers. job marketTherefore, in depth understanding of the job market is essential. Start learning about growing job trends and expected skills. Doing this will help you identify the areas where you lack expertise and thus you now know what to prepare.

Another point worth noting is that while you are inculcating skills, make sure that you’re growing beyond the expected and not limit to average. This will help you stand out in crowd and thus become a more desirable candidate.

Know what to ask for:

Not more not less – Ask what you deserve.

Knowing your worth and then expecting desired salaries is important. Professionals many a times miss out offers just because they don’t find them promising as far as packages are concerned. And again, being underpaid for the work you do, kills your passion and focus.desired salary

Thus, now that you are not into a vigorous job life, find some time to learn what salaries are being offered to professionals of similar caliber and skills. This will help you curve out perfect answers when interviewers put salary questions before you. These are tricky and knowing exact answers will help you prevent falling into such tricky zones. Remember, job interviews go real tricky and you may end up making wrong deals for yourself.

Look for temporary jobs:

Working as a part time employee could be the best thing to do.

Temporary jobs don’t require candidates with exceptional skill set. A little less works good for them. Therefore, while you are working to land desired jobs, get some first hand experiences from temping. These jobs will help you to enhance existing skills and add many more to that.temporary job

Besides, temporary jobs also help you to meet people within industries and therefore you grow your professional network. Thus, getting relevant references is no longer your concern. In addition to this, temporary jobs could have a number of other benefits and you can learn them here.

Volunteering can open new doors:

When it comes to getting hired – Volunteering could get you under spotlight.

Volunteering has become one of the greatest job hunt tool. It is not only the unemployment phase, many employers take volunteering as an eligibility criteria while hiring candidates. Volunteering has number of benefits; both for first time job seekers and experienced professionals. These experiences provide you with work exposure where you can learn and acquire new skills. This definitely boosts your chances of landing full time careers.Volunteering

Besides, volunteering also gives you an opportunity to meet experienced veterans from your own field or industry. Building professional relationships with them provides you an insight to the industry. You may hear it from the horse’s mouth regarding job eligibility and criteria to be met. Thus, this eases your preparation as you now know what exactly you need to prepare.

Look for any certification course that could be of some help:

Anything learned is never wasted; only if you know how to use it!

Relevant Certifications can always boost your career growth and progression. There are several vocational certifications that can add value to your resume. However, many a times our packed schedules don’t leave us with enough time where we can pursue these courses. Therefore, now that you are out of work, use this time to take up those courses and complete certifications that can later come up very handy while interviewing for jobs.certification

Besides, certification courses are designed to meet present market standards and along side they also prepare you well for future job criteria. Therefore, you not only appear as a tough competition for current job seekers, rather remain completely ready to fight well with future job seekers who are still in queue.

Just because things are tough, don’t make wrong settlements:

Who said beggars can’t make choices?

One of the biggest mistakes people make during unemployment phase is that they fall prey to wrong settlements. The period of being out of job is difficult. You have a crunching wallet and the free time simply drives out more money from your pocket.wrong settlement

Just after a period of time, you suddenly have a strong urge of getting employed once again. And it is now that you make some gross mistakes. You tend to take up any job offer that comes your way. However, what is the point of being employed, if every single day you want to quit that job?

Therefore, hold on to your patience and keep trying and never settle for the wrong things in life. Persistent trials always bring happy results at the end; you just need to wait for the right time that brings right things to you.

A quick look on your savings:

Remember someone told you that a penny saved is a penny earned.

All said and done, it is money that can keep you going through this job hunting phase. Talk about research or certifications or perhaps attending dozens of interviews, anything and everything demands money. Therefore, just when you are out of job, make sure that you count on your savings.savings

Make sure that you plan out your budget involving only the necessary and indispensable things in your life. Being a little tough with yourself now, will help you go on for longer durations. It gives a sense of confidence and boost.

It is because of these reasons that experienced people always suggest that no matter what and how much we earn, saving a part of it is essential. You never know what time has to unfold in future. So, being a little prepared for tough times can help you ease through this phase.

Take care of yourself:

Last but not the least. Never ignore yourself.

Don’t allow this phase to leave some irreversible scars within you. We are all earning to lead a happy and satisfactory life. Good and bad phases come and go. However, if we allow these to leave some significant aftermaths on our lives, we live through these difficult time all through our lives.Take care

Therefore, while you are doing everything at your end to land desired jobs, make sure that you don’t be too tough with yourself. Take care of your physical and mental well being. A bit of exercise, meditation and healthy diet are equally important. Find some time to relax and enjoy with friends and family. These give you the necessary fuel required to march till the finish.

This was all about making it through the unemployment phase. Ups and downs are part of life. However, the way we deal with these make the difference between success and failures.

Hope the above mentioned suggestions will help you land your desired jobs very soon. Good luck!

Why To Take a Temporary Job?

Temping is tempting for those who have already given it a shot. However, for us who are still new to this concept; choosing a temporary job wouldn’t be as exciting as landing full time permanent employment.

Now, this is not something weird or unusual. Over the years, this word ‘temporary,’ for reasons unknown, has tend to suggest lack of stability and perhaps a short term compromise.Temporary job

Temporary jobs are no exception to this. If at all we find individuals taking up temp jobs, they do it only to suffice some urgent need of money or because they couldn’t find anything more significant to do. However, once they make themselves comfortable with these jobs, they do have a different idea to share, that definitely is different from the much familiar notion.

Temping jobs, even though not very popularly opted for; do have loads of perks to offer. Therefore, if you too are weighing all pros and cons of temporary job, here is a list of reasons that make temporary jobs a total sense to opt for.

Top 10 reasons to opt for temporary jobs:

Know these before you reject a temporary job offer that came your way:

Temporary jobs – They don’t just pay, they train:

Just freshly out of college, hunting for a permanent job is a herculean task to accomplish. In such a scenario, if you somehow come across a temp job offer, you need to consider yourself lucky. After all, these jobs train and prepare you thoroughly and in return pay you. Isn’t that amazing?!Training

Temporary jobs not only appear beneficial for first time job seekers; professionals can also benefit a great deal from these. They present opportunities to explore other avenues which may sometimes have more lucrative scopes than their present, full time jobs. In addition, they always have those tempting salaries to offer. So, why not give it a try?

They “spice” up your job life:

Haven’t you heard people complaining about monotonous work life? Many of you perhaps would be aware about a statistical report that drove huge attention a couple of years back. The report gave an exact number of young American professionals who were quitting their jobs because they were no longer being able to deal with the monotonous levels growing taller every day.monotonous job

Once you find your job monotonous, you will never be able to give your best. Therefore, bringing about some change can be one effective solution. And temporary jobs can bring about that change you so desperately need. There are several jobs that pay you for the number of hours you are working for them. Opt for any of those that match your taste and work life schedule. This will definitely bring about a change in your life that somehow enhances your full time work as well.

Saves you from vicious unemployment depression:

Unemployment phase is a living nightmare one can go through. Landing dream jobs sometimes can take a toll on our lives. Many a times, our skills don’t match up with our dreams and no matter how much we slog to land desired jobs, our expertise doesn’t support us.unemployment depression

In such scenarios, we need to understand that dreams take some time to realize and perhaps preparation and acquiring skills will help us succeed. Therefore, take some time off and prepare yourself; however, don’t fall prey to vicious unemployment depression. This will hinder your learning process. Instead, start working as a part time employee and earn sufficient that can pay your bills and leave you with ample time where you can learn and work on relevant expertise.

Who knows, there can be a permanent job around?

Employers even though may not seem to, do prefer turning their temporary employees into permanent. They say that hiring part time employees into a full time employee has several different perks.permanent job

On the first place, they are the ones who are training them and therefore work quality is known and thus guaranteed. Secondly, no expenditure on hiring processes that calls for several selection rounds that accompany huge financial spending as well as time involvement.

It is because of this that career experts suggest that applicants always need to take their temporary jobs seriously. Many a times these land you your first break in the desired field.

You can now filter your career options:

Part time jobs allow you to wear multiple hats at a time. You may opt for short term work exposure with different groups within the industry and that could help you decide the best options

Many professionals say that they had wasted a considerable time looking for correct career options during their initial professional years. Definitely you don’t want to say this for yourself after a couple of years, isn’t it?

So what’s the wait for? List out few career options you think suit your personality and choices and start working as a temporary employee within these roles. Explore all choices and this will finally help you to filter out the best amongst the ‘seems to be good options’ for yourself.

May help you achieve the work life balance:

There has been an eternal hue and cry regarding work life balance. Professionals are trying to have a harmonious balance between their personal and professional lives. However, all of those go in vain and there are hardly a few who can say that they are equally efficient at that workplace as they are with their personal life balance

There are millions of cases where people either quit lucrative jobs to make it to their families and dear ones or have a troubled family life as they are too occupied with their work load.

Now, quitting job or family cannot be an option for any of us. In such cases, to have those dollars coming in, opting for flexible time frame that is available with temp jobs is the only suggestion you can come across. So, don’t lead a bitter personal life or an unproductive professional life when the solution is just right there!

Employers are finding temporary workers more desirable:

For reasons quite obvious, temporary workers are more preferred by employers as they facilitate cost cutting. Temporary workers are made to work on a lower pay scale as compared to permanent employees and therefore become more employable with regards to certain parameters.temporary workers

Therefore, if you too can make yourself available as a temporary employee, you will definitely be the first choice for many employers there. So, go for it!

You have a strong knitted professional network:

Effective networking skills are now weighed on same scale as relevant expertise and qualification when it comes at hiring professionals.

Opting for multiple part time jobs allows you to meet different professionals belonging to varied domains within the industry. Thus, this opens you to opportunities of meeting new people and grow your professional network. If you can truly hold on to these people, you may receive a number of career suggestions, innovative ideas and of course references from these people.

You become eligible for a variety of job roles:

Career experts always suggest that professionals need to carefully opt for part time jobs and bring about variations while choosing specific occupations. This short term experience can earn you long term perks.

Temp jobs train you in a variety of domains. Working experiences always tempt employers when it comes at hiring professionals. They see their advantage in choosing such professionals as they don’t need to invest money or time training these professionals and still get quality work done from them. Therefore, if you can make use of these learning experiences, you can find yourself eligible for a mixed bag of job roles.

A close look inside your dream company:

Many professionals who have taken up temp jobs advocate that every professional who has a dream company to work with needs to take up part time employment scopes with those companies. Nothing can serve as a better insight than these temp jobs.

People pursue dream companies in the hope that they spend a considerable time or rather the entire professional span working in that specific company. They fight various odds and leave many things behind in one hope of fulfilling their aspirations.

However, there are cases where dreams appear to be bitter in reality and that leads to a lot of frustration. Therefore, before you plunge into some drastic steps to fulfill your dreams, make sure that everything you’re doing for it is worth.

This was all about choosing temporary jobs and how they are important. Opportunities; big or small, always make significant impact on our lives if judiciously used. Therefore, while making efforts in building successful careers, never let go off those temporary jobs terming them as something trivial.

Now that you have learned how important these part time jobs are, do not waste a single more moment. Just go and grab that now!

First Job Search: A Step-By-Step Guide

It is said that one cannot learn how to swim without getting into deep water. And the same holds true for job search techniques as well. No, you don’t need to get into water literally; however, to know what exactly job search is all about, you need to go out right there and learn it for yourself.first-job-search

Again, beware that you don’t just go there unprepared. This is your first job search, don’t spoil it with too many unpleasant experiences.

Read, research and opt for effective discussions before you plunge into job search. However, the question lies where, how and with whom you can get into some quality career discussions?

Now, talking with seniors from college, families and knowing what your friends have learned about job search can definitely serve as initial steps to start with. However, these are definitely not all that you can do. Rather, if with this slightest preparation you enter the job search world, crowded with similarly skilled competitors, it will take you nowhere.

This is because, while you go into these casual discussions, you may perhaps hear people talking about a series of things to keep in mind. As for examples, resumes, or the length of resumes, unique formats and so on and so forth? However, do these help you to know what a resume should truly look like; especially when it is for your first job and you have no relevant experience?

Nevertheless, merely because you don’t get something substantial from these job talks; it does not suggest that you give up on these. They do add drops in the vast ocean. At the least, you are taking your baby step towards job search. And the early you start, the better it is. Now this brings us to one important question.

When to start looking for your first job?

The best time suggested is one year before you turn graduate.

In most cases it is seen that, serious job search begins only after candidates are completely done with their college and have relevant degrees in hand. To an extent it is correct, most of the job openings require applicants to own a graduation degree at the minimum.first job search

However, once you are done with your college and have nothing besides looking for a job, it is more than possible that candidates feel a little bogged down after two or three rejections. Once you get into this vicious cycle of rejections and depression, job search becomes extremely tenacious; breeding fear and disinterest.

On the other hand, if you start analyzing job trends, market scenario, preferred skills etc. when you still have a college to attend, you feel confident while preparing yourself. You have ample of time for the same and thus can prepare well.

Start enrolling yourself with some career guidance sessions, meet career gurus who can throw light on aspects of job search techniques. Remember, following correct techniques and focusing on the right track is more important than just putting in efforts anywhere and everywhere.

Job search – The perfect plan of action:

Here are certain suggestions to help you land your first job after college. Go through these to ease your job search processes:

Only passion with relevant skills lands you perfect jobs:

Once we get into our professional lives, jobs become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, pursuing the most suitable job is important to keep us going till the end.relevant skills

Now, why do you think that many professionals don’t remain content on the job front? Is it only poor salaries and cruel bosses that make life difficult? Well, job life is definitely not easy. Every single day opens you to newer challenges. Job pressure and work load never see a descent.

However, amidst all these, professionals who manage to land jobs that align with their personalities, passion and likes, have more number of pleasant working days.

Therefore, now that you are yet to get into jobs and are still preparing, make efforts to know what interests you the most. And that’s not the end. Research on those jobs and learn what skills you need to acquire. And if you are smart enough to have made an early start, you will definitely have ample time to prepare yourself for highest levels of competition.

Resumes – The only gimmick you own:

Employers meet, not you, but your resumes. The first lesson you learn in the entire job search journey.

Creating effective resumes should be given utmost attention and focus while preparing for job search. And how do you think your resume gets impressive from the employer’s point of view? Is it only high CGPAs?Perfect resume

Employers are not very much interested in knowing about your scores. These come into play only when you possess required skills and perhaps something more. Scores without relevant skills don’t make you employable. And if by any chance you possess those skills, they should be vividly visible in your resume.

However, now that you are new and looking for first job, it is natural that you will not have skills that your employers are looking for. Therefore, preparing an impressive resume with limited skills that you possess in a manner, so as to impress employers, is definitely the task of a professional.

Hence meeting professionals who are trained at creating resumes for non experienced applicants or freshers is extremely crucial.

Board on job boards that make the difference:

It’s not about being omnipresent; it is rather being present at the right places.

Now a days, knowing about job openings has become a very easy task to perform. You sign up with job boards and they bring you all the jobs in market. However, there’s a catch!job boardsFor reasons unknown, not all job portals provide genuine jobs for job seekers. Therefore, identifying authentic job advertisements from innumerable job scams that exists within the market is essential.

Thus, before you enroll with any job portal site, make thorough research about these portals. Talk to professionals and learn about their experiences. Remember, making your resumes available with sites that have tarnished fame in market can hamper your profile up to a great extent.

Experts say that being present in any and every job board can have no significant impact on your entire job search endeavors; if you are missing out the ones that are making the big difference.

And the presence is only the beginning:

Not the presence alone, but an effective presence is what matters the most.

It’s great if you can land yourself on popular job boards that are truly helping people to land dream jobs. However, just the presence will not earn you the desired.effective presence

Every job portal provides different tools, which when used aptly can give you a remarkable presence in the job market. However, as a new job seeker knowing about these minute yet crucial aids is perhaps not easy. Therefore, when you still have time in hand, during your graduating years, keep browsing through these sites and explore them to reveal every secret that is kept wrapped.

Just being present on promising job portals will not help you to achieve the most of it, unless you are making an optimum use of these sites and tools they provide.

Virtual visits to dream companies:

Work to make your dreams come true.

Well, all of us do have dream companies; however, a very few of us end up being integral parts of those. So, if you too have some dream company in mind, make sure you prepare, keeping their requirements in mind. And the easiest way to do that is by visiting their websites and career portals frequently.Virtual visits

Once you have an idea about their candidate requirements, you can start working towards their needs. And who knows, one fine day you may present yourself as the most desirable candidate while interviewing with them.

Come through with flying colors:

Last but not the least. Remember, graduation degrees still have “big” roles to play.

Amidst all your endeavors to land first jobs after college, don’t ignore your graduation degrees and end up with low CGPA s. Interviewers may not employ you for the scores you have, if you don’t possess relevant skills. However, they may easily reject you even when you possess required expertise, if your graduation degree looks very average or mediocre. And there’s a valid reason for this.graduation degree

Graduation degrees are sometimes taken as a factor to decide between two candidates of equal potential. Although it is a rare case to happen; however, it is important that we prepare ourselves for all scenarios – good or bad.

Again, many experienced HR managers and recruiters say that while hiring freshers, they look for candidates with good CGPA s, as this shows that they are focused and dedicated to the work they are assigned with. A candidate who is unable to score well during graduation years is viewed as someone who lacks focus and a zeal to build up bright careers.

Most of you who have gone through this post may perhaps feel that implementing all of the aforementioned career suggestions would be something quite unachievable. Graduation years are tenacious. Coping up with regular syllabus, class hours, etc., consumes most of your waking hours. However, pushing yourself a bit to accomplish something that seems unachievable today can guarantee tomorrow’s success. So, keep going today for a better tomorrow.

How to Find a Right Career Path?

Opting for a right career path is as essential as choosing your perfect life partner! I will tell you why.

Although some people say that a 9 hours work shift schedule cannot have an alarming effect on our lives; it is lame. Have you ever noticed that more than half of our working days are spent either at our workplace or preparing a travel to or back from there? It is only the remaining hours that we spend with our respective families or life partners. Thus, if you want to spend each day happy and content, a right career path and perfect life partners are both mandatory.Career Path

Professionals complain about work life imbalance or less productivity or monotony in their chosen profession. Why is this so?

Perhaps, they were too busy to work out perfect career paths for themselves and have chosen a career based on one particular factor. Earning money out of your work is not enough. To earn money while you are enjoying every moment is essential. As this is how you keep improving and remain enthusiastic about your day to day work;thus increasing productivity and performance.

Therefore, today we move ahead to discuss how job seekers can find the right career path for themselves. Lets get started!

How to find a right career path?

Listed below are few questions. Provide yourself with a clear and honest answer to all these questions and nothing can stop you from choosing a right career path for yourself.

What is my interest?

It is natural that when you work on fields that interest you, it never gets exhausting or monotonous. While you are trying to figure out career options, ask yourself what fields interest you. Is it technology, creativity, finance or something else that triggers your enthusiasm?my interest

Be very honest while deciding an answer for this question. A wrong answer can deviate you from the desired track. This may take some time and therefore go slow. Give yourself sometime so that your heart can come up with the perfect answer.

What is the job profile like?

While you are yet to get started with your professional life, you may have various fantasies related to job profiles. Perhaps, you may think that an interest in music can land you jobs of a Radio Jockey. Or, organizing parties for friends can fetch you an event manager role.job profile

However, the real world is different. Besides interests and instincts, there are many things that work in the background. Perhaps, this background is equally important for landing specific job roles. Therefore it is essential that you research on exact job roles that match your interests. This will greatly help you visualize your days working in that particular domain and thus find out if you can really carry on.

What am I Best at?

I am sure all of you are well aware about the rising competition in job markets. Therefore, just to be interested and good at fields is not sufficient. You need to be the best if you need to have a successful and promising career.Best

Thus, finding your fields of interest and researching on job roles is not sufficient. You need to ask yourself, if you are sufficiently skilled to carry out job responsibilities efficiently. Try finding out if your potentialities are sufficient to prove you as the best applicant for that particular job role.

When you get a Yes for an answer, know that you have already made the right career choice and therefore on the right track. For people who feel that they need to work on acquiring some additional skills, they can definitely go ahead with it.

I am not the best – Should I give up?

Now, everyone cannot be best fit for job roles. However, not being the best fit does not mean that you will give up or compromise with your aspirations and career goals. Rather, compromising at situations can never work for future benefits. In such scenarios, the best option is finding out ways of enhancing your skills and knowledge.Should I give up

Moreover, when you already have a great deal of passion for any specific job role, getting a chance to know and explore more in this field is tempting, isn’t it?

How to become the best?

This is very easy. Know what stops you from becoming the best and work on it. If you don’t have enough practical experience, look for internship programs. There are many institutes that offer you practical learning sessions for different vocations. Enrolling in any of those cannot be a very difficult task. Besides, internship programs and volunteering experiences are also good platforms to boost your career

Well, this will definitely consume your time. However, when you appear as a potential candidate with right skills and passion for job roles before employers; they definitely will look forward to hire you.

What else can I do?

Now, even after making thorough research and preparation to land a perfect career, you may still have some doubtful areas. There are times when you cannot figure out certain issues. Well don’t leave these unanswered and unresolved. Get help from others. Perhaps, a career counselor or someone who is handling the same profile can come as a great help for you.

Be open and clear with them. Share your knowledge about the field and your expectations from the job. They are the only ones who can show you the mirror. You can also get a realistic and practical scenario of job markets from these people. Therefore, never shy away from opportunities of getting into a thorough discussion with veterans.

Although perfect jobs are difficult to land, it is not something impossible. You can surely land a satisfying job role, only if you know how to go about it. And landing perfect jobs requires perfect and befitting career paths. Your interest, education, knowledge and above all the right path that leads to your goal, are quintessential to land perfect jobs.

Again, being content at your professional front helps to attain more satisfied personal lives and vice versa. Thus, don’t just jump into any profession that appears lucrative at the moment. Instead, try finding out if this job is either a best match for you or not. If you get a yes for an answer, this job will automatically turn lucrative for you.

How to Identify and Avoid Job Scams

Job search can be extremely daunting. On one side you feel encouraged on having received an interview call relevant to your education and skills. And on the other side, when things don’t turn out the way you expected them to be – it feels highly dispiriting.Job Scams

It is natural that a few unpleasant experiences may get you very desperate to land a befitting job. And it is now that you become prone to job scams. Well this is not only true for fresh job seekers alone. Professionals who have been working for quite some time may land in circumstances where they need to look for switching options.

However, be it your first job hunting or a transition from one to another, you need to be vigilant and composed while accepting job offers. A wrong job selection can give you a real tough time.

Don’t fall prey to job scams – Here’s what you need to know:

The market trends:

Jobs that don’t exist in real, offer thousands of “perks” such as handsome salaries, huge bonus, less working hours and so on and so forth. These may appear to be very irresistible and attractive. Now such “out of the way” goodies act like baits to trap you.blind eyes

It is human nature that when desirable things appear to be very easily fetched, you some how turn blind eyes to possible loopholes. And when it comes at jobs with lucrative salaries, doubting these opportunities is simply impossible.

However, keeping yourself in line with job market trends helps you to learn about salary structures, increment policies, working hours etc. that relate to your job profile. Now anything that seems to be far too good than usual market trends is bound to rise suspicion. You then take efforts to know the exact truth related and thus get saved from falling into these pit falls.

Doubt calls that took no effort:

Well, not all jobs; but seven out of ten jobs do fall in this category. It is obvious that job seekers need to reach their potential employers and not the vice versa. Yes, if you are someone with huge experience and unmatched skills, you may receive genuine job offers quite easily without making huge efforts. Such profiles require wide experience and networking.

However, before you land such heights of professional success, it is always needed that job seekers reach their employers and request for interview opportunities. Now, if one fine day out of nowhere you just get a call or an email from a recruiter who is ready to offer you an interview chance, or for that matter an offer letter; you need to analyze it aptly before you get all happy about it . And when you know that you really have not made any effort to get a call such as this, you can be sure that there is something fishy and therefore not worth pursuing.

Recruitments don’t involve money:

Taking money from applicants is something that features fake job scandals. Unfortunately, many fresh grads fail to identify these twists and end up wasting time, energy and huge money. Cheats who tailor these false jobs charge applicants with huge money, on grounds of on job training, recruitment process expense etc. They even make it refundable after a short duration that makes it more trustworthy.don't involve money

Now, job seekers need to know that no recruitment involves money. Even when the company is a new venture or start up company, they cannot charge money from applicants. Therefore, the next time you find some opening that otherwise looks genuine, but has this involvement of money; reject it outrightly and look for other relevant jobs.

Appropriate job descriptions:

Now, job seekers need to know the prerequisites of jobs they wish to land. Every organization may have different candidate requirements; however, the preliminary skill requirements remain the same.job descriptions

As mentioned earlier, market trends remain the same upto an extent. Employers hiring for the same position need to offer similar salary packages, working hours etc. And, evidently, every company will have similar or enhanced candidate requirements; however, in no way they can look for less efficient employees.

Therefore, knowing job descriptions required for profiles is essential to know if the job exists in real or not. We sometimes get overwhelmed when job descriptions on portals appear to be quite lesser than what it actually requires. Not all of these descriptions can be considered fake; however, most of these do have some loopholes.

Incorrect email standards:

This is something very easily detectable and therefore does not cause much harm to job seekers. Perhaps, people who are new in this sinful business are not very efficient to post false job openings in a convincing manner. And therefore, people who are habitually dealing with job portals can easily locate these areas of inadequacy.Incorrect email

Any form of wrong email standards such as posting jobs from personal emails, no company location or contact details given, unusual email ids and so on and so forth are signs of attempting false job scams. Therefore, stay alert while going through job listings and don’t allow yourself to fall prey to such job scams.

Professional recruiters can never have such flaws while posting job vacancies. Therefore, any wrong email standards you see in job advertisements cannot have a lucrative job opportunity for you. So, it’s better to just ignore such postings and focus on other promising job offers.

On a concluding note, job seekers need to think several times before accepting job offers or even deciding to appear for interviews. It’s always better to rely on your network, career advisors and reputed job portals when you are looking for first jobs or change in jobs.

Rejoining Office After Long Sick Leave

Well, it is true that regular work life schedules get extremely monotonous sometimes and desperately demands for a change. However, when you are stuck in some situations, where you are not in the pink of your health and are required to type in a long sick leave application; things get really disheartening.Long Sick Leave

No matter how dull your workplace had turned out to be, being away from this place, for reasons of ill health or injury, shatters our confidence levels completely. Now, people who have been through this phase share common stories. They say that, the thought if they could ever make it back to work was something that haunted them every single day. The fear if they could not recollect their own work strategies is constant. And the worse, if their employers were to find a suitable replacement.

Well, being away from work to have a me time or to celebrate occasions with friends and family restores energy within. And although you may have some messy days initially, the happy moments spent, rejuvenates you to get back on tracks within a short period.

However, here it is a total flip case. One of my earlier post on returning to work after long leave had a number of strategies suitable for such situations. A few of them is applicable here as well. However, this post is about how employers, colleagues and the person concern can together work out this phase easily.

A come back to work after long term sick leave:

Five easy ways you can have a great come back from a long sick leave absence:

Phased/ Staged Return:

Many health care experts felt that young professionals suffered delayed recovery as they were anxious about their professional well being. Therefore, to ease this situation, many employers offer their professionals a special sick adjustment known as Phased or Staged Return.Phased/ Staged Return

In this process, professionals are allowed to resume work in the later stages of their recovery period. However, they are to work lesser hours, handle less stressful work until they are fit to get back to their assigned roles.

Every employee is essential for the company. Employers who understand and believe this to be true make such tiny adjustments for accommodating their employees and in return earn a healthy employer – employee relations for a life time.

Stay in touch:

It is very natural that when we are far away from our workplaces for long durations, all of us tend to anticipate many things that may or may not happen. Just similar to something mentioned earlier. Many professionals fight the fear of replacement and that in turn adds to their unhealthy condition.Stay in touch

To avoid such causes of anxiety, professionals need to be in touch with a few people with their organization. Colleagues in turn need to extend helping hands to keep their coworkers free from unnecessary curiosities that can help them make early return.

Besides, planning after-return work strategies becomes easier. Thus, you save a couple of hours on the first day of your return as you already know what to do and how to proceed.

Don’t haste, but upgrade:

While you are on a long leave, you are likely to get very restless during the final stage of your recovery period. Waking up every morning makes you feel that you are fit enough to join office immediately.Morning-Walking

However, don’t haste as you definitely need to take your doctor’s permission to kick start your regular day to day activities. Moreover, if you exhaust yourself just right after you start recovering, things may turn out to be worst. Instead, you may use this time to upgrade yourself differently.

A month or a two’s gap takes a mega form in your resume. This break may even hurt your position in your current company or in other job opportunities. Therefore, now that you find yourself slightly fit, you can use this time to format a new resume or to get some free online courses for yourself. Anything else that can keep you busy and motivated is what you need.

Plan out a healthy life style:

Well, this may sound a little absurd; however, this is of utmost importance. For people who had some health issues perhaps, may find the causes in the life style they follow. Irregular eating habits, poor and unhealthy diet, lack of sleep and absence of exercise are some of the prime causes of illness.healthy life style

Therefore, just prior to return, prepare yourself with following a health life style so that you do not have to relive this phase once again in your life time.

Start with small challenges:

Finally, you need to remember that you are returning after a long duration and that too after a series of medications and treatments. Therefore, do not expect yourself to have highest performance levels right from the start. Give yourself some time and look for smaller goals and aim at achieving those. This will boost your confidence and slowly you will find yourself in a better position.small challenges

Another piece of advice that comes here is that, do not forget that your employers may have some subtle questions regarding your performance quotient. In such a situation, if you take up complex projects and unfortunately fail to accomplish the task; you may kill the remaining confidence your employers trust you with. Therefore, never indulge yourself into such greed as they may turn otherwise.

Thus, this was all about how you can get back to work after a long sick leave. All those who have landed this post perhaps may have suffered or suffering from bad health conditions. Wish you a quick recovery and a balanced professional life ahead.

Do’s and Don’ts During Notice Period

All is well that ends well. Something very relevant to every phase of our lives. No matter how or where you start, a positive end of every phase is important to make the destination and the journey worthwhile.Notice Period

Switching from one job to other is a common phenomenon amongst corporate workers. No matter why and how you decide to switch from one office to other; walking out elegantly is important. However, most professionals feel that they have reached the end phase and it’s now just a matter of few more days that you step out of this organization.

So getting a little relaxed and ignoring few official norms is very tempting now. However, a careless approach may earn you penalties. You need to bid an impressive goodbye to start a powerful beginning. If things get a little rough now, you may end up in a mess.

Notice Period – End it gracefully to start anew:

The duration of your notice period depends upon the company and profile you handle. However, it may range anything from fifteen days to a span of three months or so. During this period we feel a little uneasy and impatient.serving notice period

On one side we are excited for the new job we have landed. Perhaps, that is going to earn us more money and a better life style. And on the other hand, a feeling of leaving behind some good old days, colleagues and perhaps a supportive boss you were lucky to have, occupies your mind partially.

Nevertheless, you can never ignore the fact that you are still an existing employee and company rules are applicable to you as well. Therefore, here are some tips that can help you to behave aptly during your notice period.

Do’s of your notice period:

Meet your boss in person:

Never drop a mail before your boss to inform about your leaving decisions. This is arrogant and unprofessional. Remember you may require a referral letter from him or her in your new organization. Therefore, keeping bosses happy till the final day is important.Meet your boss

Finally, when you have decided to quit your current organization and have a better job (hopefully) in hand; take the initiative to inform your boss about this at the earliest. Meet your boss in person and discuss the matter. Wait for your boss to tell you to process a resignation mail from your end.

Always one step ahead:

This is tricky. Unlike what most of us think, being more that efficient during your notice period is the best way to mark the end that may open new step ahead

Make it a point of being punctual every day of your notice period. Discuss work issues and deadlines with authorities and try achieving those at earliest. This lands you a win win situation. If you are leaving this job, as you have been denied a promotion you deserved, or perhaps your company was concentrating on down sizing man power; you could be taken under consideration now. And if you have planned this just because you wanted a change; a good referral letter may be achieved.

A seamless handover:

Now that you have already informed your boss that you are leaving, he will surely have someone to look after the tasks you handled. Therefore, take it as your responsibility to share every bit of information you have with teams and the person who will take over your job responsibilities once you leave.handover

For professionals who manage a team of outdoor business partners, clients, customers and vendors; make it a point to inform all of them about the situation. Take opportunities to introduce your replacement to them. A seamless handover, so that the company does not suffer from your absence, will be appreciated and talked about even when you leave.

Don’ts of notice period:

Do not be a bragger:

Just because you have found this current job worth leaving; not all your colleagues should feel the same. Well, no one is interested to know about the salary you will be receiving, or how nice the new office ambiance feels. Remember the corporate world is getting compact, who knows one fine day you may come across these same faces you now look down at!

Do not get shaky now:

Quitting decisions are tricky. So, do not be in a haste to make the big announcement. Remember, until you keep it a secret, the ball is still in your court.announcement

Therefore, know your reasons of quitting as it may happen that your employers may use some bait now. If you really don’t have a number of significant reasons, you easily fall prey to stuffs like this. Therefore, hold on for a while and know all reasons of quitting. Only then make these big announcements.

Do not be harsh:

No matter how bad your experience was with the company, or perhaps the boss alone, or few of your colleagues; do not opt for harsh endings. You have already spent your days here and now you are just about to move on to something better. Bury the hatchet and move on.Do not be harsh

Ending things on a positive note is important to initiate new things with optimism and positivity. Therefore, while you are on your notice period, make it a point to give your best that can add to company profits and good will.

Again, do not ponder about things that had not been so pleasant. Rather, recollect those moments when you had been successful and appreciated for your efforts. This will make you feel encouraged and strengthen you to do better in your future endeavors.