Few Signs that Prove You Have Bad Relations With Your Mentee

Someone has rightly said, that mentoring is not about molding people into your own image or reflection. Rather, it is about helping them find and frame their own unique personalities.mentee

Many of us may have professional mentors; however, not all can become future mentors for next generation. It is because, mentoring is not merely about sharing career guidelines; rather, it is just a small part of the whole process. However, the most unfortunate part is that, not many mentors have realized this fact.

Well, in my opinion I have a picture perfect image of a mentor. And therefore, I would like to share it with you.

I consider mentors to be the ones who can help me learn lessons from experiences gained. Someone who can lend me patient ears and listen to all my queries; however bad or irrelevant they are. Someone who can have that vision and foresight to help me make perfect career moves. And finally, my mentor needs to have full faith on my abilities, so much that this belief can boost my confidence and morale.

Is it a bit too much to expect? Perhaps Yes.

Although perfections are a myth and possibly it is true in this case as well; having a pursuit for the same is definitely not a futile attempt. Aiming for the stars you atleast reach the top of a tree. Therefore, try becoming a perfect mentor. And who knows, over the years you may have a few dedicating their success to your efforts taken today.

The first step towards this is to know what your mentee feels about you.

What kind of relationship do you share with your mentee? Do you have a pleasant relationship with your mentee? Or the relation has turned bad and you are still unaware?!

Is your mentee hating you secretly?

Here are a few signs that can help you know if relationships with your mentee has turned sour. Read this and don’t let this relation go worse.

Your mentee is repeatedly missing sessions:

Well, as a new joiner your mentee may have some irregular presence in sessions. That is perfectly fine, as freshers may take some time to sink into the corporate environment and accommodate all tasks on time. In such cases, you need to take those initial steps and inform them, that you are available at their convenience. However, make sure that you are not dealing with an insincere and unprofessional joiner!mentee and freshers

Now, if your mentee is suddenly missing sessions and is not making sufficient effort to cover up for the same; you need to get into some investigation. Perhaps, your mentee does not approve and is not gaining enough from conducted sessions.

You get to know about your mentee’s performance from others:

Well, it was mentioned earlier that mentors need to be patient listeners. However, if your mentees are not sharing their experiences and queries with you, Whom are you going to listen to?mentee's performance

No matter how good or bad the news is, your mentees needs to be the first one to share every professional experience with you. Whether they are doing remarkably well on their job front or are screwing up big time; you need to be informed about these stuffs. If you have mentees who are avoiding any form of discussion with you, its evident that you are in a bad relationship with them. Therefore, start working to mend it before it gets too late.

Your mentee is no longer interactive:

A mentor can consider half the work done; only when a two way communication process is generated. Now, if your mentee is not interactive enough to discuss possibilities and ways of improvement; then you fail at achieving your goals. There is another aspect to this. Well, you may have some joiners who feel a little hesitant to express their thoughts and opinions at the beginning. Thus, you cannot consider them as disinterested. Rather, it is your job to help them overcome this hesitation.mentee interactive

However, if you find few candidates to remain silent during sittings, who are otherwise reciprocal; then you have a serious issue to handle.

Your mentee is being disrespectful:

This is the most alarming sign to prove that you are definitely sharing a bad relationship with your mentee. And of course nobody wants to reach this state.

Well, it is a known fact that one of the prime responsibilities of a mentee is to respect his/her mentor. Perhaps, your mentee is also very much aware about this.disrespectful mentee

Rather, in my opinion, more than a rule it is a natural instinct that you are always courteous towards someone who is contributing towards your success. Mentors share essential information, personal experiences and provides countless and priceless advice to their junior staff; so that, they can learn and improve. Thus moving towards success.

However, if you do come across such candidates, it is unfortunate and I am scared you do not have much to do and improve this scenario. Nevertheless, you can still try and mend it. And if it still brings no improvement, it is best to get rid of such dysfunctional relationship.

Mentors play an influential role in providing diligent and enthusiastic future workforce to corporate world. Therefore, mentors need to be efficient in handling their job responsibilities.

One very prime reason that mentors fail to meet expectations is because they project themselves as second “bosses” before their mentees. However, in reality they are expected to be a guide and an advisor to them.

Again, mentors should never force their juniors to follow their footsteps. It is absolutely upon your mentees to decide about their career moves. You are only expected to prepare them for the journey and make them aware about different consequences that may arise.

Now that you have reached the end of this article, you perhaps have identified some loopholes in your mentoring technique. And realizing this suggests that half of your work is done. Therefore, you are all ready to have a pleasant and harmonious relationship with your mentee.

Are You Ready to Become a Manager?

Well, life does become a little aimless when we do not have any future targets to achieve. This holds true for both our professional and personal lives. Hopes and aims serve as important ingredients to keep us going each day.Manager

Career targets act as a necessary evil that accelerate professional growth and prosperity. The moment you get satisfied with your position, you may land in a stagnant career. And again, having professional goals is just not enough. You also need to have relevant skills to land the desired position. And if you think you do not have that expertise you can always work on acquiring the same.

Now, most of you reading this post are probably looking forward to land a more significant role in your career. Perhaps, you have been working as a team member and now aspire to become the manager of the same team. However, do you know what it takes to be a manager?

Well, I can already wish a hearty congratulations to readers who are aware about the path to be followed to land the desired profile. However, for those who are waiting for the annual promotions to be announced; I would say, nothing comes for free my friend! If you want to have that you will have to work and earn it.

Thus, to help you out with ways of accelerating career growth and advancements, here are a few tips that can come handy.

Moving from an employee’s table to the Manager’s cabin:

An aim without effort is useless. If you want to see yourself comfortably settled in the manager’s cabin, you will first have to know the responsibilities, efforts and skills that the position demands. Here are certain suggestions that can help you make this career leap easily and quickly.

Do I have the required expertise?

The first and foremost approach should be to know the daily working day of your manager. The professionals running a team of other professionals are always required to be multitasking as they wear multiple hats at a time. Now, this requires relevant knowledge and skills to carry on with their day to day tasks.manager expertise

So, if you are aspiring to land such a position, make efforts to know the various tasks that your manager performs regularly. Once you know this, you will be in a position to estimate the amount of knowledge or skill you will have to acquire.

Do I have that foresight?

To possess the requisite talent and to have the foresight are two different things altogether. Managers function as the final decision makers and therefore foresight is an elementary tool to possess.foresight

Now, this is something that cannot be practiced or earned from graduation degrees. Some people are born with this skill and the rest will have to work towards attaining it.

Knowing the ins and out about the company and analyzing different situations can help you develop a foresight about probable risks involved. Besides, confidence and belief on one’s own decision is also important to build that foresight so essential for managerial positions.

Do I share a good rapport with others?

Managerial positions need professionals who can be termed as a people’s person. Besides targets and work strategies, managers also need to understand their employee’s egos and emotional issues. Sometimes, you will have to judge a professional on the basis of potential and not performance.manager and employee

Therefore, if you want your team to perform well you will first have to develop that connection with them. Your abilities to motivate, inspire, and convince your teammates is essential to become a successful manager. If you don’t have that skill to connect easily with people around, being successful in this profile is perhaps not very feasible.

Do I have the network?

Well, no entrepreneur will ever opt for an inexperienced professional for the managerial position in his or her organization. Therefore, landing your first job as a manager is exceptionally difficult and perhaps more complex as compared to landing your first job.network

In such a scenario, having the perfect references who can introduce you to recruiters hiring for the position can prove very beneficial. Therefore, once you have decided to try and make efforts to land this position, inform some of your relevant professional acquaintances about the same. This should take place simultaneously so that you do not miss out any immediate opportunities.

The Final Word – Do more than expected:

Well, in the pursuit of knowing more about the desired profile do not ignore your current job role. If you are seen under performing you will never land the expected position and rather the current job is also at stake.Do more than expected

On the other hand, try to achieve more than expected. This will portray you as someone who has potential of handling more significant and greater roles. In addition, if you are looking forward to move ahead in the same company, good work is definitely going to impress your bosses; who are perhaps going to take the fit or no fit decision in your case.

Here, I would like to mention that attempting to land a different job opportunity within the current company is quite easier as compared to landing the same role somewhere else. And performing to impress is one of the greatest tools that can ease your task considerably.

Thus, aiming to become a manager when you are still working as an employee is not something unachievable. It only needs to have a perfect path to be followed that will eventually land you to the position you are aspiring to reach.

Knowing what it takes to land higher job roles and then working to make yourself eligible for the position is the key to professional success and prosperity. This was all about becoming a manager from and securing a flying career. Hope you have found this article relevant to your search. With this, we conclude today’s post and wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors of landing a more promising role.

Good or Bad: Romantic Relationship at Workplace

Well, Monday mornings can be extremely annoying for you, but for them the Sundays have just begun! Perhaps, few weeks ago you had seen them eying each other from across the cubicle. The next you had seen them on long coffee breaks. You may perhaps have wondered if the coffee machine was getting a little biased and serving you with the old taste of coffee; while they were finding it something very relishing that they could spent the entire day emptying a cup of coffee.romance at workplace

Finally, you had seen them entering and leaving office together and you could sense it by now. Isn’t it? To add to it, one of your gossip monger colleagues perhaps had confirmed the news that the two are dating. Okay, love is again in the air and you can have another romantic couple writing their office romance stories along with meeting targets and deadlines hopefully!

Although, we have millions of theories which stands against personal relationships at workplace; every office does has some love story gossips. Again, not all workplace romantic relations go in vain and no matter how low the success rates are some stories meet happy endings.

As every coin has two sides, romantic relationship at workplace can also be equally good or bad. Therefore, if you are looking forward to office hookups or perhaps desperately avoiding it, this post may help you count the blessings and know the ugly side as well.

Office Romance – The Good side:

No fear of dating a stranger: The incertitude of being involved with a stranger on an emotional level vanishes when you are dating someone from your own office. Well, professionals spent most of their waking hours in their workplace amongst colleagues. Noticing the subtle things in a person and deciding if you admire or disapprove of those becomes easier now. Laying your trust on that particular person is something that comes naturally and with time.

Office Romance

No time wars: Many relationships get sour as one person in the knot demands more time from the other; while the other is unable to do so. Our professional lives often take over our personal lives. The extreme workload every professional has is sometimes not understood by their partners.

However, when you can yourself witness your partners getting drowned under work pressure, suspicions, insecurity and anger has to be out of the territory. Both partners are more understanding and since they spent considerable time together, the demand for special attention or time does not arise. It is said that office relationships that materialize are one of the most compatible relationships.

No networking issues: Professionalism demands good networking. Knowing people from different domains, working in different departments is good for your career growth. When people working at different departments somehow get inclined, it leaves scopes of having common and broad networks.

Office Romance – The Nasty truth:

Unfortunately, office romance has an ugly sad side that is perhaps more prominent than the goodness it involves. Romance at workplace can really get bad leading to jealousy, office politics, suffering productivity and many more. Let’s know how:

You start hurting the sight of coworkers: This happens especially when a new joiner and the Manager hook up together. Precisely, someone from a lower profile enjoys the attention from a high profile and influential person in the office has to breed jealousy.The Nasty truth

Although the PA – Boss relationships have been there for years now, no one can negate the fact that the attention the PA gets from her boss leaves her with extreme hatred, arrogance and disregard from other co workers. In addition, any self achieved success is never appreciated or recognized by others. It is somehow taken that the work just gets done as the person has an easy access to authorities.

Your productivity drains down: Even though you may not notice when your relationship with your coworker has just start blooming, your productivity has to suffer for atleast a short span or so. It is evident that your focus is a bit drifted and undivided attention towards work is beyond imagination now. Therefore, office romance is not a very scenario as far as profits and revenues are concerned. Not to forget your salary and appraisals.

You tend to seclude yourself: When two people get too engrossed in their relationships, they are always in the mood of finding some “we” time and therefore office parties or gatherings become semi date scopes for them. Now, every company has policies where coworkers need to have cordial relationships with each other.tend to seclude yourself

Small talks with coworkers and bosses are important to grow careers. And when you start failing on these, you are negatively viewed by rest of the coworkers and thats detrimental for your future career prospects.

You are the topic of discussion: Although you may keep hushed tone regarding this; however, your personal life becomes everybody’s business now. And yes that’s very annoying as things get blown out of proportion. Mostly, these discussions are negative and it may hurt your professional and personal image.topic of discussion

Lastly, the worst thing that happens very often is that the relationships don’t work. The reasons can be plenty; however, the person you liked the most is now the cause of your anger, frustration and mental trauma. The cases where the breakups weren’t mutual but a decision taken single handedly are all the more painful.

Is working with the same person or seeing him/her every single minute easy and manageable? Perhaps No. Can you just let go your job for reasons lame as this? Something that all of us need to think about.

Well, if you at all get indulged in some romantic relationships at workplace be very sure of each and every move you make. Handle things with care so that they don’t complicate later and rather have positive outcomes.

And this world is still a good place to be in and so there’s no harm if your coworker doesn’t turn out to be your life partner ;you may find the right person somewhere far from your workplace. And that’s not at all a bad idea Isn’t?!

The Reasons: Why Your Coworkers Secretly Hate You

All of us spend a maximum span of our waking hours in respective workplaces; amongst colleagues. To be very precise, we spend around forty to forty five hours every week with our coworkers and bosses.

The feeling of acceptance is therefore imperative for a peaceful and harmonious workplace and the life outside it. Now, if you can see and sense hatred or grudges your coworkers are having against you, your professional life becomes miserable and your performance level degrades.Coworkers Secretly Hate

Even though we cannot be admired and loved by everyone around; being hated is definitely not an alternative. In an exceedingly competitive workplace environment, no one will outrightly shower praises upon you; however, if you can be cordial and carry the right approach towards people; you will definitely not be hated; if not loved by all.

Professionals who are hated by their coworkers always give ample reasons to attract such ill feeling from others. And paying a little attention to their behavior towards you, you can easily make out if you are disliked and hated by your coworkers.

So, let’s find out what makes your coworker hate you and how you can know this unpleasant secret.

Why are your coworkers secretly hating you?

Noted below are some reasons that can earn you extreme dislike from your coworkers. Read them and check if you are displaying any of these behavioral attributes:

You never follow elemental official norms:

Disobeying or ignoring rules that are meant for all is not only your boss’s concern. The more you continue with a don’t care attitude, the more you get hated by others around.don't care attitude

When they are striving hard to follow and abide by all rules and regulations, you going through an easy time is evidently envious for them. And here, they are not to be blamed.

You are a great talker and that’s all you do:

Well, if you are having a misconception that your coworkers are simply loving you for the home made muffins you bring in for them quite frequently, or for the ability to converse very well with others; just hold on for a moment.great talker

Ask yourself if this is the only thing you do. Being a great charmer can only help if you can carry on similarly with the work assigned to you. However, if you are never seen working, you are somehow disliked by other employees; even when they are relishing every bit of the cookie you have for them!

You are an annoying workaholic:

Having fun all day is not something you are supposed to do on your professional front. Having said so, occasional chit chat, enjoying fun activities with coworkers, spending lunch and coffee breaks together are equally essential. Professionals who are skipping these regularly and are seen glued to their desks, are not really liked by others around.workaholic

Being disconnected with the rest of your workplace and focusing only on your work, may be considered as an effort to prove your work to be superior and most significant. So beware and think twice before you decide to skip yet another office gathering.

You present yourself as a braggart:

The only thing that I can say to all braggarts is that, the sun shining bright, does not require external illumination to make it’s presence visible to all. When the sun is present in the sky, everyone can see and feel it.good at your job

Similarly, if you are really good at your job. Perhaps, you are best in the lot and have a solution to all problems that arise. Don’t demean your expertise by continuously bragging about it. Everyone can definitely notice your caliber. However, if you are continuously bragging about your success stories; you are lighting a candle to the Sun. What a lame attempt, isn’t it?

You lack etiquettes:

Now, this involves a number of things. Be it bad email formats, to loud chewing habits; it can be anything that presents you as an unprofessional and ill mannered individual. One of my former posts on professional etiquettes can help you to identify different wrong professional etiquettes that you might showcase before coworkers.

How do you know your coworkers are hating you?

Below mentioned are few very easy to notice symptoms that your coworkers are definitely hating you.

You never receive good morning wishes or smiles:

Well, every workplace culture has professionals wishing each other every morning and at the end of working day. It showcases one’s cordial relationship with other employees. However, if you have a number of colleagues who do not wish or exchange occasional smiles; you may consider that the milk has gone sour.

You are never invited for social gatherings/informal meetings:

Many a times, colleagues and team members either arrange for meetings over coffee or lunch, Sometimes, they go out for a movie together or a brunch on weekends. However, if you never receive such invitations, probably they want you to find out the bitter truth.

You are always given monosyllable or one liner answers:

You always receive too short replies for your “how are you?” and “how was the day?” questions from colleagues sitting in the neighboring cubicle. This is a deliberate attempt by your coworker to send you a message.one liner answers

So, get it right and work to improve. Sometimes, you find the next cubicle colleague strictly communicating through emails only. This is because he/she is certainly disappointed with you and has perhaps started hating you.

Well, in a professional environment, you will never find people telling you right on your face that they hate you. Diplomacy is a necessary evil for maintaining a professional demeanor. However, observing subtle changes in behavior are just sufficient to know that you have perhaps gone wrong somewhere and thus you have people disliking you.

So, now that you know the reasons and the signs showing that your coworkers hate you secretly; working to improve strained relationships will definitely not be an impossible task to accomplish.

What do Successful People do During Their Lunch Break?

What do you do during lunch breaks? Is it something like you grab a sandwich in one hand and handle your phone with the other? Or you just swallow down a burger while working at your workstation? Or perhaps you skip these breaks frequently so as to manage your work load?Lunch Break

Well, any of these methods of spending your lunch break, bring no good to your professional life. Moreover, unhealthy food or ill timed lunch breaks will prove detrimental to your physical well being. And thus, when you slowly become weak and fragile, your work definitely suffers.

Therefore, proper utilization of lunch break is vital for your professional as well as personal growth. Now, when you come across people who have proved their worth and have reached remarkable heights of success, you will find one thing in common. They are all capable of making optimum use of their lunch hour span.

Therefore, if you are looking for some ways of making a productive use of lunch breaks; knowing about the ways and methodologies of successful individuals can prove beneficial. So without much delay, lets find out ways of spending lunch breaks perfectly that can ultimately help us in yielding desired and fruitful results.

How is lunch break utilized by successful people?

The foremost thing you need to remember is that, since it’s your lunch break, proper and timely food has to be your top most priority. Once you are done with this, only then you can look forward in engaging yourself into any of the below mentioned activities:

Make a quick review of your day’s work:

Lunch breaks mark the end of your morning hours or the first half of your work day. Perhaps, you have prepared a complete nine hours work schedule and have set your daily targets. So, once you are done with your lunch, make a 10 minutes quick review of your day’s work.Time for Lunch

If you have some other immediate issues to address, make some changes in your priority list and bring about some adjustments for both existing and new tasks in hand.

Or else, if you have been a little sluggish all through the morning, these 10 minutes of self assessment will help you gear up and work efficiently to reach your targets.

Resolve issues and build connections:

Sharing a meal together provides you scope of spending some quality time with people around. Therefore, this activity is good for making optimum use of lunch time.lunch with coworkers

Perhaps, a few days back, you just had a small tiff with any of your colleagues. However, since then you did not find appropriate time to talk it out with him or her. So, in such cases, lunch breaks can provide you the required opportunity. Invite your colleague to have lunch together and then discuss the situation or do everything possible to sort the clumsy mess.

Well, if you are lucky to have no such strained relations within office, you can still use this span to connect with new people and build professional networks. Now, you already know how important and significant these professional networks can be to your own career growth and progression. So don’t miss these opportunities.

Visit the lawn outside:

After lunch, going for a walk outside office refreshes both your mind and body. Greenery is very soothing for tired and exhausted eyes. So, when you have spent a considerable time sitting in front of your monitor and had enough of brainstorming hours; spending some peaceful time with nature, effectively rejuvenates your mind and body.Visit the lawn outside

Thus, visiting the small lawn within your office premises can work out a great deal for you. Rather, this is one of the best ways of fighting afternoon sluggishness at workplace. And thus retains your productivity throughout the day.

Prepare a to do list for your personal life:

Well, you have a life outside this office and attaining a balance between professional and personal life is quintessential for your growth, prosperity and peace.to do list

So, you can use this short span of time to list out some essential duties to be performed by you; once you reach home after office. Moreover, continuously concentrating on the same task may prove monotonous and you may finally lose your interest in work.

Therefore, it’s better to use lunch breaks to give yourself a temporary break from your professional day to day tasks and use it to wrap up or organize some essential personal activities in hand.

Get hold of a daily journal:

Using your lunch hours to get connected with rest of the world is a very good practice. Successful people always try to keep themselves updated with recent developments and things going in and around the world. Therefore, once you are done with having a healthy and satisfactory lunch, use the remaining time to have a glance on the latest news and updates.

Take a 15 minutes nap:

Well, this is something that you need to practice only when you are dead tired and cannot push yourself to work for another couple of hours.nap

Find an isolated space and close your eyes and take a 15 minutes nap. When you wake up after this, you are definitely going to feel energetic and relaxed. However, if you can go on without taking this nap and get involved in other activities, it’s always better and therefore suggested.

Lastly, all successful people enjoy their lunch to the fullest. Rather, they enjoy every task they need to perform and this helps them to accomplish those whole heartedly and come out with best results. The above mentioned five ways of utilizing your lunch break efficiently can prove beneficial; only when you can enjoy a healthy and satisfactory lunch.

Therefore, never skip lunch breaks to accommodate tasks in hand, if you really aim at becoming a very successful professional in future.

How to Earn Respect at Office

What is it to be respected at workplace? Well, since there are no stereotyped definitions for this, all of us have different opinions. Below are certain assumptions about respect at work. These are opinions taken from people who have had an illustrious career in specific industries.



Now, can you relate yourself to any of these cases?

Case 1: Is “terrorizing” your tool to earn respect?

Mr. Jerry Wilson, Senior team lead, served at a top Software Development Organization for 16 long years. He had seen this organization grow from a small scale business to one of the leading software companies in state. For all these years, he had managed numerous teams and it was his farewell meet, when he had to learn a harsh truth about his professional tenure.terrorizing

One of his coworkers while delivering a farewell speech shared at a light note, that they felt so terrified in his presence, that they would skip meals or any job of utmost priority, only to complete tasks assigned by him.

This came as a real shocker for Jerry as he always believed that people respected and liked to work with him and hence, showed highest performance or efficiency levels!

Now, its not Jerry alone who has this misconception. There are many who are of the opinion that terrorizing subordinates is the best way to earn respect and get the work done. However, this is wrong and being in Jerry’s position is the worst thing that can happen to any professional.

Case 2: If you are invisible you’re far from respect:

Lets take another instance, Miss Lucy James, is working as a Nurse in the OPD department of her hospital for the past five years.invisible

She likes her workplace as her coworkers are good with her. They laugh at her jokes, wish each other every morning, bid goodbyes at the end of the day. In addition, she is never chided by her superiors, or for that matter, never asked to make any improvement on the job front or make any contribution in decision making, despite her five years of experience.

Now, this is tricky and most of us do not realize this fact. So ask yourself if you too are working in a similar work environment? If yes, you need to know that you no longer exist in that workplace; let alone earning respect.

You are respected on the job front only when your work is counted. You are noticed by your superiors, asked for suggestions or ways of improvement. Your ideas are at least given a thought if not implemented. If all of these are missing, you need to know that perhaps your presence or absence is making no difference. And when others around sense this before you, they somehow start disrespecting you.

Case 3: Do you count high salaries to be a sign of respect?

Mentoring new joiners for around 8 years now, Miss Annie is extremely confident and content with her professional life. She believed that she was highly regarded at her workplace as she made huge contributions in developing careers of her trainees and thereby providing the company with efficient workforce.high salaries

In addition, she was probably one of the highest payed employee in her organization and that confirmed her assumptions.

However, when one of her former trainees deliberately skipped her name from the long thanksgiving note which he delivered, after he won the Best Performer award for the third consecutive time, she was seriously taken aback.

Well, if you are not being appreciated or winning praises from your coworkers, subordinates and superiors; you need to know that they do not respect you for the work you do and the contributions you make. There can be numerous reasons for this behavior from their side and you need to figure it out yourself.

Whatsoever may be the case, you need to know how to earn that respect at your workplace. However, before you learn this, you need to eliminate these above mentioned tools or opinions about respect at work.

How to earn respect at workplace?

Do not be demanding, but be deserving:

Well, it is lame when people force others to respect them. Everyone knows that respect is earned and not demanded. Again, every professional; no matter what role or designation he/she handles, is definitely entitled to be treated well and respected by everyone around.deserving respect

However, it is only when professionals become too demanding that they even loose the minimum respect they deserve. Now, if you wish to go beyond the minimum, you will again have to work for it.

Be perfect on the professional front and see how you slowly rise up to a different level where people look up to you as an inspiration and example.

However, let it be natural; for if you force people to notice and appreciate your work, you demean yourself and the work done.

Share your success with others around:

Its natural that if you want your subordinates and team members to owe their success to your efforts; you need to do the same.success share

This is a core requisite for professionals working in a team. No matter how great your contribution or how insignificant their efforts are; when you are working in a team, you need to share the success with everyone involved. And again, if you are a leader, you ought to give out the lion’s share to your team; only then you can earn their respect.

You need to prove your worth all the time:

Well, if you get stagnant with your current profile and make no efforts for advancement, you cannot have employers trust you for more responsible and significant roles.prove your worth

Therefore, continuous efforts to enhance your knowledge and skills so that you are noticed by everyone, is essential to earn respect from others. Success and talent is always respected. Therefore, when you can continuously prove your worth and appear as a treasure for your organization, you will definitely be respected.

Know how to Respect yourself:

Well, this is probably the most important of all. Someone who is not respectful of oneself, can never earn the same from others.

Being confident about your abilities, to be content and not proud of your accomplishments and keeping your own words, are signs that you respect yourself as an individual. Again, when you can empathize others around and be a patient listener to them when required, you project yourself as a good human being. Thus, respect comes naturally to you.

This was all about what is respect at workplace and how to earn it. Hope you have found this relevant to your search.

Are You a Good Employee?

Grading our bosses on a scale of ten is a very spontaneous task. We are always quite prepared with our grading scales when it comes at ranking our bosses on various factors. He/She may earn just 5 on motivating team members or may earn just 3 and a half at appreciating or inspiring others at work.

However, the question is, how many of us have thought about our own performance as employees; or for that matter, our professional mannerism?! Not many I guess!Good EmployeeYes we cannot deny the fact that we do come across difficult bosses, who solely aim at tormenting us; however, there are many employees as well, who somehow appear to be very annoying and thus attract ill treatment from others.

Now, not only should an employee have a cordial relation with his/her boss; getting along well with everyone around is essential. Again, it is unfortunate that many employees fail at establishing both these relationships simultaneously. And some are further miserable and fail at building any of those contacts.

Well I have shared number of tips on building cordial employee – employer relationship or dealing with a tough boss. However, this time I am glad to share few tips that can help you know yourself as an employee.

The following section discusses certain parameters on which you can rank yourself. This can help to know if you are really good as an employee; or it is just a false assumption you have about yourself. Perhaps, it is the first time all of us are going to do it at will; as most often we have our bosses ranking us on parameters.

Now, personally I remain very enthusiastic when doing things for the first time and if you too feel the same; you are definitely going to like it. Therefore, lets get going..

Are you a good or bad employee?good or bad employeeBefore we get into this exercise, there is this one thing that you need to be very sure and confident about. You need to be very honest while rating yourself on all the below mentioned criteria. Yes rating oneself with poor grades is difficult; however, only when we are true to ourselves, this exercise can help to bring about some positive and substantial changes.

Unreliable/ Irresponsible:

As a professional, you need to know all your responsibilities and account for anything and everything under your domain.Irresponsible

However, employees sometimes behave very irresponsible and their superiors or coworkers find it difficult to rely on them. Being late to office or failing to reach deadlines repeatedly, evidently show that you are no longer an employee worth retaining.

Therefore, just look back at your performance graph for the past couple of months. If you think you have fairly accomplished your tasks in hand, there’s nothing much to worry. And if the case is not so, try improving as quickly as possible.

I am the best:

Well, its good if you’re a highly skilled performer. However, don’t suffocate others by blabbering your success stories all the time.i am the best

This is a very common scenario in corporate houses. Repeated achievements or appreciation from superiors cause employees to rise up high above ground levels; so much that they find every other worker less competent and not fit for job roles. And unknowingly they cross lines and demean coworkers and subordinates.

Such behavior is annoying for some people. Moreover, many get demoralized when looked down upon. And when your employers and HR managers notice this, they may be a little disappointed with you, despite your impressive performance.

Desperate Wannabe:

In continuation to the previous case, a similar category with slight deviation is the “Desperate Wannabe group.”Desperate Wannabe group

Well, they are the people who somehow don’t appear as the best workers with highest productivity and remain somewhere around the above average group. And that perhaps is just fine. However, they are not very happy and somehow try to convince people to honor them as the Best in category.

In this wannabe approach, they very often come up with two strategies. They either display and exaggerate their winning stories quite a number of times. Or else, they get into unhealthy competition with professionals who earn greater appreciation.

Finding flaws with everything someone else does and not concentrating at your own tasks or responsibilities is the worst trait an employee can showcase.

So are you that jealous kid inside who always points fingers at competitors? Try finding out.

Excuses outnumber success stories:

Well, it is quite natural if you are sometimes not in a position to do some assigned task or complete it within a stipulated time. However, if this “sometimes” becomes “all the time,” you need to mend your ways.

Your excuses of not doing a work in hand need to be genuine. Situations that go out of your own control or are inevitable can be understood. Any employer will definitely realize and needs to assent it.laziness

However, if you are delaying or avoiding work just out of sheer laziness, you are definitely gonna have a tough time ahead.

Again, the irony is, many professionals do not, or don’t want to realize that they are piling work without reason. Whatever business they bring to the organization, they are happy and content with that.

Therefore, if you really want to be spared, think if you are working with your best potential. If you don’t, your employers will definitely do it and walk you out till the exit! Therefore, get to know your true potential before its too late.

These were four broad parameters to know if an employee is good or bad. Scoring low grades is good here. So, if you are grading yourself on a scale of ten; scoring less than five is a good news for you. And therefore, congratulations to all who have managed a low score in all the above parameters. You are definitely a good employee.

How to Adjust at a New Workplace?

No matter how vast your professional experience is; or how many employers you’ve worked with, getting into a new job is daunting.

Yes, professionals who have been working for number of years, may feel a little more confident and prepared as compared to their less experienced counterparts. However, they just can’t deny the fact, that they too feel, a little unsettled for a couple of days. And for those who do not possess long working experiences, the situation is further difficult. Perhaps they spend few months in getting acquainted to the new environment.new workplace

However, the point is for how long can you stay unprepared?!

It’s all about portraying the best of your abilities before employers. And that starts from the first day itself. You spent a complete month in settling down and there’s your coworker ready to grab or rather snatch the spotlight that could’ve shone upon you.

So do you think that before landing a new job you need to make some preparations? The answer needs to be Yes.

Can you not just go back to the time when you were “preparing” to begin your professional life? Or the day you landed your first job? Or, the first day at work? You had “prepared” for all these, isn’t it? Then why not now?

So lets gear up and learn how to handle new jobs and their related problems.

Know how to adjust to a new job and new problems:

Well, getting into a new job definitely brings fresh problems to sort out. It is a new platform and even though you may use previous experiences to resolve many issues here; that’s not enough. You still need to learn many things and traverse through a world; completely new and unexplored. And more importantly, you need to do be quick. So an easiest way to go about it, is to read these tips below:

Prepare like its your first job ever:

New job is very similar to your first job. And if you can retain few of your traits as a fresher; you will just land yourself in your employer’s good books. Handling problems will not be that difficult.first job

You definitely remember the first day of your professional life. If not all, do maintain a similar approach now as well. After all you are a new employee in a new workplace.

Frequent visitors perhaps have read my blog entitled Things to do on the first day at work. Those who have not can still do it. Therefore, not going into much detail; some key points that you need to remember are; being punctual, keen at learning new things, never hesitate while seeking help etc. This will definitely help you to impress your new employers.

Once you have build that impression, handling problems at new workplace will not be very difficult.

Get over it:

One primary reason that professionals find adapting to a new workplace extremely strenuous is because they are unable to wrap up their previous professional life.Get over it

Perhaps, you definitely made a good position there. You had a good friend circle, a supportive boss and efficient subordinates. However, it is your past and obviously your own decision to switch.

Therefore, just get over it and start afresh. You will definitely reach the same position only if you try. And the day you start working towards it from scratch, you will definitely make it. Who knows this new workplace and job will take you to highest levels of success; much more than what you expect.

Know all your tools:

All said and done, you will need to perform well. And the sooner you showcase your skills, the better it is!know your tools

Even though you have qualified all interview sessions and thus earned this position; you will have loads to learn and adapt to. Therefore, during your initial days, try to know what else is needed to handle all responsibilities efficiently.

For this purpose, you may talk to your superiors elaborately. If you are too lucky to know that there is nothing in this list; don’t be in a hurry to celebrate. Brush up all that you know and remain focused. Remember, you will be under high supervision in the first few weeks and if you can impress all with your spell bound performance, you have nothing much to worry about!

Small and Quick wins:

Initially, do not begin with a quest of conquering the whole world. Look for small easy and quick wins.small winsSay you get started with a small project and complete it before scheduled time. Or else, if you have been assigned to manage a small team of professionals, try motivating them so that you can yield better results together. They may atleast find you better than their previous boss. And that’s definitely a small and significant win.

Now, these early achievements are not only important to create impressions. They are equally important to boost your confidence and keep you going in your new workplace.

Well, when you are trying your best to sink into a new workplace, don’t strain yourself too much. It’s just fine if it takes a little longer. New things are awkward and transitioning is definitely a process that consumes time. Only when you are not trying to justify your own decisions you may land yourself into bad water. Therefore, start from the first day itself. And trust me you will never have to look back.

Challenges are a part of life and until you are ready to take some calculated risks; you get stagnant in that old monotonous life; be it professional or personal. So now that you have walked a few miles forward; don’t look back. Things may be a little rough in the beginning; however, if you can hold on, you will definitely achieve all that you want.

How to Spread Holiday Spirit at Office

When everyone around is busy making holiday plans for Christmas, employers and managers are having a difficult time motivating their employees to remain focused at the job front. Managers may warn employees about tough consequences for being inefficient at the job front. However, that does not help; as employees feel free to quit jobs after receiving their yearly bonus – leaving vacant positions! In addition, you may not have a crowd of applicants during these festive seasons, who can refill these positions immediately.Holiday Spirit at Office

A sufficiently difficult situation..You cannot let seasonal changes hamper your business. What next?

There is one very easy and effective solution, that works well in such scenarios. When you cannot allow your workers to take a week off, to have fun with their friends and family;help them enjoy the holiday span in the office instead. Thereby, you make them happy and have some work done in return.

So spread the holiday spirit at office. This is how you can go about it:

Exchanging gifts:

Well, after paying handsome Christmas bonus to all your employees, I certainly don’t suggest you to send gift items to employees, just to keep them motivated.Exchanging gifts

However, you can atleast have your HR managers to host such events for your employees, where they can exchange gifts with each other. As gifts are an important part of Christmas plans, this will help them to keep up with the holiday mood.

This practice also has an added advantage. Huge corporate houses, having millions of employees, fail to knit a close professional bonding between all their workers. People mostly remain connected to others working in the same or related departments and remain complete strangers to others working in different profiles.

When employees exchange gifts amongst all employees within the organization, they get a chance of initiating conversations with people they have not been very familiar with.

Gift your office with a new look:Gift your office

That does not necessarily mean renovation. Well all of us decorate our apartments during Christmas and New year. Having perfumed candles, X mas trees, ribbons and balloons to beautify our homes is a part of our holiday activities. Therefore, you can get your employees to start decorating their work stations a week before the big day. However, make sure that they don’t spend half the time decorating.

Have some fun filled activities:

Since everyone is in a merry making mood, the work environment needs to be slightly less stressful and relaxing. Therefore, in between regular tasks, assignments and targets, you can spare some time to enjoy some fun filled activities with your employees.fun

In addition, these activities can work as a platform for workers to display their hidden talents. And who knows, you can also benefit out of these talents someday.

Themed food:christmas food

Your office canteen has some regular food items and beverages available for employees. However, since holidays are all about chocolates, cakes and muffins, make some changes in your office canteen menu. Take suggestions from your employees to add some new dishes and beverages in the menu. Work to make the most delicious sweet dishes easily available for your employees. You can even extend the break timings by a couple of minutes or so, to allow them to relish all new and exciting delicacies available.

Play some music:Office-Christmas-music

Music is always relaxing and since it is important to have all your employees relaxed during this period; as this is how they can be kept motivated, you can play some soft holiday music within office premises. You can also divide employees in small groups who can take charge of selecting tracks and playing them throughout the day.

Work out a perfect deal:

What about a deal that talks business? A deal that is beneficial for both ends. Think about making some changes in the work policy. Perhaps, paying slight incentives for working during holidays or perks; such as, paid leaves can help you get the work done. Yes it involves little investment from your side. However, if few dollars can get work done worth millions – you ought to work out the deal.

Have a small Christmas Party:christmas-office-party

After all said and done, nothing can replace a Christmas party and therefore, don’t skip this from your list. Arrange a party with the DJ and a giant Christmas cake with a free flow of wine. Take this opportunity to thank your employees who diligently work for you. Choose this day to announce best performers and other annual rewards for your employees.

Spread this cheer beyond office:

Happiness begets happiness. Therefore, it is a wonderful idea to do some good that expands your happiness and can make this Christmas much more meaningful. You can plan some donation for help homes or anything similar that can help the society at large. When you see people happy and content for something very small you have done for them, your happiness grows and multiplies like never before. Just Try it!beyond office

Well, when you are not in a position to change the situation, its better that you change your approach towards the scenario. Yes, it is difficult for your employees to focus and retain their levels of performance, when everyone around them is busy making merry and enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Thus, when strict work policies and corporate environment does not serve the purpose, just get a little flexible and see how things just fall into place. The above mentioned ideas are some ways you can spread festive cheer in office and have nearly all your employees, attending office during this festive season. Moreover, when you are spending some cheer moments with your workers, you are in a position of generating an office family environment!

Few Tips about Office Party Etiquettes

As we are all approaching the end of this year; Christmas eve celebrations, corporate dinners, company gatherings and parties are around the corner. The celebration last year was a huge success and you just cannot wait for the annual party this year.

On the other hand, Joseph has ample reasons to get horrified by this word “Office party.” Perhaps, he had screwed up big time at the event last year and one more party is definitely going to be devastating for him. He just got rid off those horrible nightmares and planning another one will be too difficult for him to handle.office party

It was a bright winter morning last year. Joseph woke up very happy as he was to attend an official holiday gathering at one of the best party destinations in town. He took out his best party outfits, as he was overly excited to meet his colleagues in a brand new avatar; different from his regular professional look.

He had also decided to eat a little less at lunch as he wanted to make space for dinner and free drinks that were to follow. All was pretty fine with his planning. The only problem with it was that he focused more on the word “party,” than on the word “office” and therefore could not draw a line between casual parties and office party.

He partied to the fullest. Drank gallons like fish and ate as though it was his last meal. He perhaps got too casual with his team lead; who, however, was not very comfortable with his “too friendly” approach. The next working day was something he never wants to remind himself; however, it still remains afresh in his mind.

Almost, everyone in office came up with similar questions asking him if he was doing well after the party. He witnessed people starring and exchanging looks that were inertly pointing towards him. His team lead desperately maintained a one arm distance from him. Joseph was just out of his hangover and realized that attending the party was a suicidal attempt. He wanted to know about his many blunders in the party.

He gathered all his strength and courage to talk to one of his colleagues, who was more of a friend. The story narrated to him was so disappointing that he felt like banging his head on wall. After knowing all his blunders, Joseph is in a position to present his follies as “things not to do in an official party“ for all those who are prone to getting carried away with the thought of corporate parties, similar to him.

All about Office party Etiquettes:

What do I wear?

Don’t commit the same mistake as I had done;’ says Joseph. While you will have a strong feeling to take out the best outfit from your closet for the occasion – you need to hold on. The best thing you could do in such a situation is that choose something that is less casual and nearly professional.What do I wear

If you are given a dress code, it eases your task. This time you are required to strictly follow the stated standards. Dress in a manner that can enhance your professional image and project best of your personality. If you have maintained a professional image that was adored and respected by your colleagues, do not let this one party spoil it.

What and to whom should I talk to?

Well, this is very crucial. Although, employers strive to develop harmonious and pleasant workplace environment; things do not turn out to be that good every time. Employees do end up carrying grudges against each other and these become the biggest topic of discussions, or rather gossips at office parties.

office party talk

Turning deaf ears and keeping your mouth zipped is the only solution to such situations. Getting involved in such stuff can project you in a bad frame.

Again, do not be very choosy while talking to people. You need to be cordial and friendly with everyone. Exchanging smiles, greeting and complementing others is a nice gesture you can display in an official party.

Participate actively:

Take these parties as one of those opportunities to display your hidden talents. Perhaps, you are a good singer, or someone who is good at playing some group games, or have an extensive collection of jokes; share them with others and spread happiness. This will surely work to enhance your professional image, projecting you as a fun loving and jovial person.

Set personal tax rates on free alcohol:

Joseph considers too much alcohol to be the craftsman of the above mentioned regretting episode of his life. Yes it is true that all so very desirable alcohol brands appear to be beautifully arranged just for you. However, you need to restrain yourself before loosening up a bit more than what is required. If you know your capacity, restrict yourself to that amount only. For those who don’t know, its better you take no more than a glass or two.

Know the guest list:

For us who are very close to our family, we look for opportunities to spend some quality time with our children and spouse. Attending parties without them may be a little depressing for us; however, if the guest list does not include family members, you need to attend alone. Neither bring your youngest kid along, nor stay away from the party. It is a matter of few hours and you can definitely manage.guest listThese were few tips that can help you portray yourself with best party etiquettes. You can also figure out some other strategies to add to this list. Hope you found this blog interesting and relevant to your search.