What are Blue-Collar, White-Collar, Pink-Collar Jobs

When and how the practice of uniform at work started is less known. But it is something that is still prevalent in almost most of the countries around the world. As uniform came into the work scenario, a system also came into existence whereby identifying working individuals according to the color of their collars worn at work became easy. The color of a collar was so methodologically selected that it became a reflection of working individuals’ occupation. In the United States, occupations are divided into semi-skilled and skilled categories, based on which the blue collar, white collar, and pink collar are worn according to the work one do.All Collar Jobs

Blue Collar

The term blue-collar was first introduced in 1924. It was used for trade jobs since workers used to wear clothing that were rugged to bear the work environment and can hide the dirt easily. The clothing preferred by the working class was cambric shirts and blue denim that were inexpensive, but long lasting. As the texture and color of the clothing had the potential to cover up the dirt, oil, and grease, it became an obvious choice.Blue Collar WorkerWorkers in blue color are usually paid hourly wages and are hired for manual work. They are even hired for projects and their salary varies depending on the chosen field, specialty, and experience.

Blue Collar Education Requirements

The is no formal education requirements for blue-collar workers. They may or may not be a high school graduate. However, depending on the trade chosen, some kind of basic training along with a certification or license is necessary to work in the profession. Some industry also prefers providing training to workers on the job if the person is interested in learning the trade job.

Blue Collar Industry

The blue-collar was usually worn by workers in manufacturing, mining, construction, firefighting, and mechanical maintenance field. To put in a simple manner, people who exert lots of physical strength in their work choose this color. Workers even had the name of the company they are working for embroidered on it. Some companies prefer their logo and the person’s name printed on the front pocket of the shirt. They may work as a mechanic, electrician, plumber, construction labor, machine operator, etc.

White Collar

White colored collars or white shirts were typically worn by office workers. Since white is an attractive, cool, and respect-generating color, it was mostly worn by workers who worked with a computer on a table and lots of files. Since there is no manual work involved in the job, there is no fear or worry about the clothing getting dirty. The practice of wearing white was started in the beginning of the 20th century. It was an American writer called Upton Sinclair, who created this expression in 1930. The white-collared workers are usually skilled members of the organization who are trained and experienced to handle management work.white collarWhite Collar Education Requirements

As the white-color collar is used by management professionals, a degree in relevant field is necessary. Since there is no manual work involved and most of the work is done with the help of the computer, working knowledge of the computer is must in this profession. But not all white-collar people work in the office only. Some also have to work on the field and provide direction to others. For example, engineers and architects will work on construction sites. They may not do any physical or manual work, but stand there and get the work done by workers. Therefore, the experience of working both in the office and on site is necessary in this occupation.

White Collar Industry

As business management is a critical aspect that ensures longevity of an organization, the white-collar profession is available in all types of industries. Without management, it is impossible for a business to run. The white-collar workers generally work in a management position or in professional jobs. They may be a manager, administrative consultant, engineer, or a lawyer. Wherever applying knowledge, logics, analysis, and management and engineering principles are necessary, white-collar workers are hired.

Pink Collar

This term is the latest out of the three and was introduced at the end of 1990s. It was created by Louise Kapp Howe for women workers who were in the service industry such as nurses, school teachers, and secretaries. It was meant to distinguish between non-professional office staff and white-collar job. Though it was initially used to refer to women workers, many men workers are also seen in this profession. The nursing profession is one such example where you can see nurses of both the genders in hospitals.Pink Collar Job

Pink Collar Education Requirements

When the term “pink collar” was coined, it was traditionally meant for women workers. The motive behind using this term was to differentiate between female-oriented and blue-collar jobs. In those days, women mostly used to work as a baby sitter, day care worker, house nurse, or a florist. These types of jobs didn’t require much of an education. However, with the growing time, things have changed. Now a pink-collar job require a high school education or a degree program depending on the occupation chosen. For example, if a female has chosen to become a teacher, she has to complete a degree in Education and be certified. Similarly, a secretary needs to hold typing, shorthand skills, and computer skills. However, there are jobs in the service industry that doesn’t require any education, such as a waitress job.

Pink Collar Industry

Job for pink-collar workers are booming according to the 2012 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many health care sectors have mushroomed in the recent years that need nurses. Job opportunities are also growing in the education field where teachers are needed. Moreover, the service industry such as hotels, resorts, and saloons are also in need of female workers who can help them in serving customers.

The terms used for types of collar jobs in the United States of America has helped in differentiating working individuals according to their job types. They tell us that if a person is wearing blue-colored clothing, then he is one who does manual work. And when one is seen in white clothing, then he is a typically a management professional. On the other hand, a pink-colored clothing is for individuals in the service industry.

Unsung Heroes of USA

Some occupations may not be looked upon with great respect, but they touch our lives daily in many ways. In fact, without those activities, it will be tough for all of us to survive. Just imagine what could have been if no one has not taken the occupation of farming, distilling water and packaging, installing and maintaining cables and electricity lines, and road building.Unsung Heroes of USA

The food that we take daily in order to stay healthy and alive, the water that we drink, and the road we travel on, and other daily utilities that we enjoy would never have been possible. It’s time that we take a break for a few moments, think about and thank them who thought about pursuing these occupations. In the wake of our Independence Day, let us all pay homage to those unsung heroes of USA who are touching our lives on a daily basis.


We need food to eat and stay alive. But we ought to consume a good portion of food that are produced in farms. Most of the eatables are produced in farms and then polished in food plants and made available in the open market for us to purchase. But without farmers, the farms would be of no use.Farming

There has to be someone who could work in the farms, perspire and do the farming. This activity is done by farmers who either work on their own farms or for food manufacturing companies that grow, package, and sell their own brands of food. As per the figure displayed by the American Farm Bureau Federation, there are near about half-a-million of farmers employed. This means one farmer works on the farm in order to feed 654 people. Without farming, it is impossible to live.

Operators, technicians, supervisors, managers at water and waste water treatment plant

How many of us have thanked these workers whenever we turned the faucet for a glass of drinking water? None of us. In this age where we all strive for self contentment, there is hardly any way we give a thought to these simple, but vital things. Today, we are lucky to have water that is cleaned at the water treatment plant and transported to our home through a series of connected water pipes.Water Treatment Plant

The clean water that we drink in our homes is the efforts of those people who work in the water treatment plants. They constantly monitor, clean, and test water samples before it is supplied to our homes. There are about 113,370 people working in different US cities to ensure that citizens of America drink clean water.


Educators are the teachers, principals, and coaches who guide us right from our kindergarten days up to our graduation and becoming a professional so that we contribute towards for our family and the nation. Without educators, it would be impossible to have a civilized society and a progressive nation.Educators

We should also thank the US government for making one teacher available for every eighty people, which is a good ration compared to other countries in the world. We are always indebted to our teachers for they have prepared and guided us in taking up the profession we are in.

Construction laborers

A roof over the head with four walls around is what we all aspire to. Even though we have the money, we cannot build a house on our home. Constructing a house needs engineering skills and hard labor. Thanks to the construction laborers who work in any weather conditions to build a shelter for us that we call it a home.Construction laborers

These construction workers have the skills to build accommodation and bridges for us. Without their skills and hard work, we wouldn’t have a shelter. As the need of houses is growing with the population, there are currently 1 construction labor who works for 242 people.

Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers

Much of the comfort that we enjoy at homes is because of electricity. There are many devices that run on electricity that we use daily. To allow us easy access to this vital necessity, several hands work behind the scene to install and repair the lines that carry electricity from the power station and deliver it at our home. To ensure a continuous supply of power, these electrical workers inspect and monitor the lines daily.Electrical Workers

Even the telecommunications workers do the same thing, but with cables that are used for phone communications. There are around 238,922 line installers and repairers in the electrical and telecommunications field who works day and day for us.

Discarded food and waste material collectors

Imagine a scene where scavengers are having a feast on refuse lying on the streets. In that circumstance, will it be possible for us to walk or drive, or even breathe because of the stinking rotten food piled up on the street? A recent survey by a prestigious university has revealed a startling fact. According to which, each person in US throws away minimum five pounds of trash daily.Waste Material Collectors

If there is no one to collect the trash, the streets would be full of garbage. Moreover, it will also raise health issues. Thanks to the refuse and trash collectors who keeps our streets and neighborhood clean. The study also shows that there is 1 collector for 2,412 people.

Law-enforcement team

Police officers and patrol officers are the vital part of the law-enforcement team that ensures our neighborhood is free of crime and there is peace. They respond to our calls whenever there is a crime or emergency situations. The safety of the community depends a lot on their work.Law-enforcement Team

These officers monitor areas noted for criminal activities and apprehend criminals to restore faith of people in law. We have 1 officer working for 479 people.


Safeguarding our properties and our loved ones from fire requires skills. The firefighters bear the skills to protect us from the destructive power of fire. They are trained to operate firefighting equipment. When called to stop fire from spreading and causing havoc, they put their lives in danger and rescue people and animals trapped in the fire.Firefighters

There are even incidences when these brave firefighters have lost their lives in the line of duty. We salute to those martyrs and to the devotion of all those serving the US citizens. Behind every 1,028 people, there is 1 firefighter.

Ambulance Drivers

Emergency situations can arise without knocking. It may occur at home and at places far away from the city where there is no immediate medical help. Under such circumstances, the driving skills of ambulance drivers come handy.Ambulance Driver

These drivers are not only skilled in driving fast, but also capable of taking the victims to the nearest hospitals in time. They move fast, think fast, and save lives. Some are even trained to provide emergency medical treatment. There is 1 person working to help 1, 214 people in emergency situations.


No doubt doctors save lives. But they cannot do so without the help of nurses. These nurses are the helping hands, eyes, and ears of doctors who work shoulder-to-shoulder with them.Nurses

They are, in fact, the lifeline of the medical industry without whose service the entire industry would fall down and there would be many casualties. Since lots of people are taking up the noble profession of nursing, there is a good ratio of 1 nurse to take care of 113 people.

Truck drivers

All types of consumer goods produced in one corner of the state or country have to be delivered in the market for consumer purchase. The responsibility of delivering food, medicines, and utility items is managed by truck drivers. Some experienced drivers also drive heavy trailers and take goods from one state, city to another. As per a survey, 1 truck driver works for 168 people daily.Truck drivers

These are the unsung heroes of USA who took to their occupations not just for their own living, but also to help others. They may not be highly paid and the work they do is not regarded like other high-profile occupations, still the fact remains that we cannot lead our lives the way we do in the absence of them. So, think about them and thank them daily, at least once.

How Volunteering Helps to Grow Career

Volunteering is not just about giving back something substantial to the society at large. It is not just a mode of thanksgiving; it has to be something more significant, than what it simply appears to be.

Yes, it is a moment of pride and extreme satisfaction to see people benefiting from your selflessly rendered service. However, is that all you can get out of it? Though this feeling is incomparable to any monetary comfort that you can earn,you cannot just entirely ignore the monetary quotient. Isn’t it?volunteers

Well, it is not about being self obsessed with your personal goals and aspirations. It is a human tendency to remain more connected and interested in activities that pay us with something significant. And, if it is only the sense of pride and satisfaction for you; then you are already there!

Well for those who are looking forward to something more, you can really go ahead in asking what else volunteering can earn you. And you can do it without any sense of guilt within.

Volunteering can do a lot to boost up your career beyond expectation. As a matter of fact, there are various occupations and industries that make volunteering mandatory to land desired job roles. It is one of the qualification criteria as decided by these industries. One for example is the medical industry. Besides, different legal professions and academic jobs prefer hiring candidates with volunteering experiences.

Again, if you are in a profession that does not demand for volunteering experiences, you can still opt for one as it has much to offer you. At the least, your employers can mark you as a person who is interested in various activities or someone who remains on toes to help others.

Here are top four ways of how volunteering helps to grow career:

Volunteering is an opportunity and if you really wish to use this chance to escalate your career graph, then you will really need to do some homework. Research on organizations that offer platforms for volunteering services. You then need to choose the one that matches your skills and fields of interest. Once you are there on the right track, this experience becomes highly advantageous for your career development in the following manner:

Improves your resume:

All of us know that resumes are the doorways to interviews, that eventually may lead to landing expected job roles. Therefore, it is very important to craft impressive resumes.resume and volunteer

Now, if you are a fresh grad looking for jobs; spending a few months in volunteering services can help you stand out in a crowd. While most of your counterparts have spent time simply looking for job openings; you in addition, have utilized the time in learning concepts and enhancing skills. Knowing this, your hirer definitely looks forward to learn about your potentialities.

Again, if you are an experienced professional who is currently out of job, as you are looking for newer prospects, volunteering in your fields of interest can help you acquire skills needed for your aspired job profiles.

Exposure to newer prospects:

If you are having a second thought about your current job and looking for a switch; however, you are not very sure about your skills or profiles you want to follow – volunteering can help you to a large extent.Exposure to newer prospects

When you are not at work, engage yourself with some volunteering groups. There you can explore different skills that were perhaps unknown to you earlier. If not this, you can develop fresh expertise while working as a volunteer that can make you eligible for a completely different job role.

Again, if you have already decided on your future career path and know the profile you want to work in, volunteering can work a great deal. You can test yourself to find if you are really eligible for the job role and then decide on quiting your current job.

Helps to build a professional network:

To have a promising career is not only about having the required expertise and being at your peak of performance. Having a good rapport with influential and experienced professionals within the industry is also an important factor.professional network

If not the only, volunteering does serve as one of the ways of building a good professional network. Getting involved in such services will introduce you to different people who are their in the field for years. Building a good relationship with them will help you to get some essential pieces of information that others are not in a position to learn.

Personal growth and development:

Working for a specific cause that can make a small contribution towards development of a group of individuals or the society as a whole can boost your confidence to sky touching limits.Personal growth

Perhaps, you are aware that employers do look for professionals who are capable of working in a team. Therefore, if you are yet to start your career, you can brush up your team spirit by getting involved with any volunteering services. Working with different people who have come from different walks of life can definitely help you to develop your skills as a team player.

Again, when you are moving out of your monotonous professional and personal lives, to do something meaningful; it definitely has a great positive impact over you. When you are happy, you are more energetic. Your creativity flows and ultimately you are doing considerably well at your job front.

Well, this was all about how volunteering experiences can help you grow a promising professional life. Now, that you have reached the end of this article, you need not have any second thought about taking up any volunteering job. Go ahead and choose a voluntary service that can work to boost your career in the near future. With that we can conclude this section and hope you have found this article useful and relevant to your search.

I’m a Night Owl, Give Me a Job

Perhaps you have tried a million times to rise up with the sun and awfully failed, as you dozed off within a couple of hours. Your parents must have told you that “early to bed and early to rise” is the only way to become successful in life. You had reminded yourself million times that you need to wake up early tomorrow. And alas, that “tomorrow” never came.night owl

And today, when you are done with your graduation and heading towards building a promising career; there is a thought that keeps haunting you. Yes, this is not about getting the desired job or making preparation for interviews or writing impressive resumes. Amidst all these, you have an additional worry. “ Will I be able to perform efficiently in a 9 to 5 job?” So true isn’t it?

Well, despite all your futile trials in all these years, you were not that successful in transitioning to a morning person. So, do you really think, that a single job can change your biological clock? Think about it…Perhaps you may have different options that do not need you to change!!!

Now, most of us are having a misconception that waking up early or sleeping late is all about habit and practice. However, this is not true. Talking science, it is your genes that make you a night owl or morning lark. Even if you practice, you will be just good at work during the daytime. However, you will remain far from your actual potentiality; that is huge.

What’s the use of your job if you are not in a position to explore all possibilities. Why not take up jobs that do not need you to compromise with your sleep hours. After all, you are more efficient and productive after a “good day’s sleep.”

If you are a night owl – listed below are a few lucrative jobs for you:

Now, you may find it a little annoying when a morning person is always appreciated for following “the perfect” lifestyle. For us, who are not known for the same reason, do find our lifestyles perfectly perfect!

You may call it a biased approach; however, night owls have different reasons to win praise. Scientifically proven, night owls are known to be more creative, have longer periods of productivity and greater levels of general IQ. And if in case you need to work during morning hours, you can still adapt better than someone who finds working night shifts tiring.

Thus, can you have any employer who can say “NO” to such efficient nocturnal employees? Well, I don’t think so…
And this is not all. You as a nocturnal employee may earn more and face lesser competition working in your preferred shifts.

So, moving ahead to discuss some lucrative job scopes for night owls, here is a list of few professions:

Protection Workers:

The most common and easy to land jobs for night owls is working as a protection worker. When the rest of the world is fast asleep, you can work to keep them and their properties safe and secured. There are various positions under this category. Some of them being – Security guards, police officers, fire fighters, etc.Protection Workers

If you are someone who can be extremely alert during night hours and have a commendable physical strength, opting for any of the career options in this category will be beneficial. The minimum qualification needed is a high school diploma; while some may require higher levels of qualifications. However, all job roles in this category will require specific training and certification.

Pastry Chefs and Bakers:

Did you know, those were the hands of a night owl who prepared that mouth watering pastry you had for brunch? Pastry chefs work in slightly different setups as compared to other specialized chefs who are working in the same hotel. You must have noticed that pastries that are served for breakfast are different from those served after dinner. And the former is prepared by chefs who stay up all through the night to serve you soft, fresh and delightful pastries in the morning.Pastry Chefs and Bakers

Therefore, if you consider cooking to be one of your hobbies; working as a pastry chef can be really rewarding. However, you just need to get some formal training and specialization from some reputed culinary institute to land this job profile.

Health Caregivers:

If we are to list some jobs that hold huge responsibility, professions in the healthcare industry can perhaps top the list; along with national defense services.Health Caregivers These professionals are expected to remain available at every single minute, irrespective of their assigned shifts. However, sometimes it becomes extremely tenacious and exhausting to the bone. For a person who is in a habit of waking up at 6 in the morning and sleeping at 10; keeping alert during night hours may be difficult. And this difficulty can have some serious consequences. However, you can substitute the professional during these difficult hours as this is the most productive period of your working day. Isn’t it?

There are various career opportunities under this category. Some include – Nurses, doctors, surgical staffs, paramedics, etc. Since this profession demands 100 percent efficiency, employers do not force professionals to work against their biological clock. So, they look for professionals similar to you who can manage night and graveyard shifts.

And the best part of the story is – you may make some additional income as compared to the ones who work in regular shifts!

Explore your Creativity:

Now creativity is something that comes naturally to you. So, do not be unfair in not using your creative skills to the fullest. Take some time to find your areas of expertise. It can be anything – writing or graphic designing or anything else. Once you have discovered this, you can be sure of making something big and substantial in life.Creative job

Oh!! Aren’t there too many career opportunities for all nocturnal adults? Yes indeed. Again, this is not the complete picture. There exists a number of other career opportunities for night owls. Some are popular while some are new and not very talked about. You just need to research and land articles like this to know more about similar jobs. Wishing you all the best for your job hunting,, this discussion concludes.

Soft Skills Required for Doctors

When you are suffering from minor cold and fever, the doctor’s advice and prescribed medicines work well for you. However, think about those, who are themselves or have relatives suffering from some fatal diseases? Are medicines the only way to ensure quick recovery?

When people are suffering from serious and prolonged illness, they tend to get disheartened. They lose their inner strength and hope. And this retards their recovery.doctor

Again, it has been scientifically proven that the rate at which patients recover from such health conditions, primarily depends on their mental state and willingness.The more they are optimistic about their recovery, the faster they get healed.

In fact, there have been cases where people regain their complete mental and physical well-being from lethal health conditions, just because they had that sheer determination and strong hopes.

Now, not everyone is born with such high levels of confidence and optimism. So, what can be the next alternative for them? Definitely, there are means to instill the same within the sufferers. And, who do you think can help patients acquire such vital attributes that are mandatory for their betterment and welfare?

Certainly, they are the doctors who are working with a team of other health care professionals, who can together re-establish the lost hope and faith within suffering patients.

The medical profession is assumed to be one of the most noble professions. They are said to gift people with second lives on earth. However, the greatness of this profession not only depends on their scientific expertise and magical hands of healing.

It equally depends on the patient’s “feel factor.” The more confidence and emotional stability, the patient can experience under any doctor’s supervision, the quicker is the recovery. And thereby, greater is the “Nobility” of this profession.

Therefore, in order to throw light on some imperative qualities required for this profession, today’s discussion encircles soft skills required by doctors. To begin with, the first that appears in the list is:

Patience for Patients:

Patience does not only imply consistent trials until desired results are achieved. Rather, it includes wider aspects.

Physicians, by virtue of their knowledge can very well anticipate causes and severity of any physical disorder. However, the patients and their kin will definitely not know the same. Extreme anxiety may lead them to throw some irrelevant questions on doctors. They may also be very repetitive in their queries.Patience for Patients

It is here that many professionals get annoyed and lose patience. They may behave inappropriately with suffering people who are already under distress. This gets very disappointing for the sick ones and may even work as a hurdle in the treatment process.

Therefore, doctors who are in this habit need to curb it out from their system as soon as possible to enhance their own professional responsibilities.

Accepting Criticism:

Every single day of our professional lives is different. Some are rewarding while others are distressing. Now, precisely talking about this profession, criticisms and appreciations come together.Accepting Criticism

It may so happen, that while dealing with some critical cases, doctors may face some setbacks in the treatment process. For instance, the patient may not respond in the desired manner to some particular therapy process. The situation may get all the more critical or worse. It may even lead to some other complexities.

Whatsoever, health care givers do face a lot of negative criticism in these cases. It is unfortunate that here these professionals need to shoulder the entire mishap. Providing excuses, no matter how genuine they are, needs to be avoided.

These professionals are expected to overlook their own distressing conditions and sympathize with the patient’s family.

Self Reliance:

Every job role has its own share of challenges and rewards. And again, things are slightly more prominent when it comes to the medical profession. Any new case that they come across, needs to be dealt with a unique approach, and have different risk factors associated. Thus, this makes it very challenging.Self Reliance

Therefore, it becomes very essential that these professionals have full faith on their own skills and knowledge. As they lead a team of other professionals, their confidence has an equal impact on other teammates as well.

Again, a person who appears to be more confident appears to be highly reliable from the patient’s point of view. Therefore, believing in one’s own self and motivating others towards the same is another prime skill that doctors are expected to have.


When you are into the health care profession, it becomes extremely important that you treat all patients with equal eyes and show no discrimination on any personal considerations.Unprejudiced

There are various bad habits that lead to serious health issues. You, as a physician may perhaps be completely against such deteriorating practices. However, you cannot display your dislike every now and then. You can advise patients to restrain; however, you cannot term them as guilty.

Effective Communication:

Great communication skills are important for every profession, and so it is for this. Be it describing medication dosage to patients or surgical procedures to teammates, excellent communication is of prime importance.Effective Communication

It is very essential to mention here that, while dealing with complex scenarios, doctors may need to explain both pros and cons of certain treatment procedures to patients and their family. Here, they will need to discuss situations aptly without concealing any information.

However, it must be kept in mind that while they are on their way to present information with utmost clarity, their words do not shatter the patient’s confidence and desire to go through difficult procedures and gradually recover.

Landing a promising career in the healthcare profession is not everybody’s cup of tea. It requires exceptional caliber and knowledge. Besides scientific knowhow, interpersonal skills also play some crucial role on the job front.

While you have successfully completed your formal education in the relevant field, do not hesitate to walk some extra miles. The above-mentioned are few of the skills that are essential for this job profile. Work to inculcate them in you and be sure of having winning experiences in your professional life.

10 Current Growing Occupations with Certifications that Surely Boost Hirability and Pay Scale

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment rate in the nation decreased from 5.70% in January, 2015 to 5.50% in February, 2015. Many new jobs are created in the present year. Candidates try their hard to impress the hiring authorities with their degrees, references, work experience and certificates. It seems that certification is the new ‘in-thing’ to create the differentiator factor for oneself. It is likely that a person with required qualifications and additional certification will get more preference than one without a certification.Growing Occupations with Certifications

We list here some of the top ten growing occupations with certifications that offer good salary.

1. Dental Assistant: A dental assistant works in a dentist’s clinic and serve dental patients in a number of ways. These professionals educate patients on oral hygiene, help dentist during dental operation and other treatment procedures, schedule appointments, maintain official record etc. A dental assistant must be a graduate from an accredited program at vocational schools, community colleges, dental schools, technical institutes or universities; or he needs to do a high school diploma course. With any of these qualifications, he can go for the Certified Dental Assistant exam conducted by the Dental Assisting National Board. He must go through on-the-job training. The pay scale of such professionals ranges from $24,220 to $48,350.Dental Assistant

2. Website Designing: This is an interesting job that pays well. Since hundreds of websites are opened every day, jobs will always flourish in this sector. You can work full time or part-time. If you are experienced in web designing, you can add weight to your resume by opting for a certification course. There are various types of certifications like front-end, back-end, beginner and advanced. You have to pass an exam for having such certifications. A website designer earns an average salary ranging between $40,000 and $70,000.web-designer

3. Court Reporter: Courts will always be there in human society and hence there will no dearth of jobs for the court reporters. The median salary of a court reporter is $53,034. The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) provides certification courses for these reporters. If you want to become a Certified Registered Professional Reporter, you must pass a written test. Along with this, you need to successfully complete a three-part skills test.court-reporter

4. Manicurists and Pedicurists: Also known as nail technicians, manicurists and pedicurists are well-paid professionals working in spas and salons. They need to complete a state-approved nail-technician or cosmetology program. After completing this program, they must pass a state exam to get licensure. This is required in every state, except Connecticut. According to the reports of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, this sector will grow by 16% in between 2012-2022.Manicurists and Pedicurists

5. Massage Therapist: As more and more people are heading towards massage parlours or centres to de-stress themselves, there will be ever-increasing demand of massage therapists in the health and wellness professions. You must be a high school diploma and complete a training program at a massage therapy school. Once you graduate from an approved program, you need to get a license and for this you have to pass an exam. The most common exams are the exam administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam. The median pay of a massage therapist is around $38,000.Massage Therapist

6. Skincare Specialists or Estheticians: As specified by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a skincare specialist must be licensed by his or her state. An applicant completing a state-approved training program is eligible for a license exam that is conducted in two parts- a written exam and an oral test or practical exam based on learned skill sets. The expected growth rate through 2022 is 40%.Skincare Specialists

7. Surgical Technologist or Operating Room Technicians: These professional help surgeons during surgical operations. To become a ‘Certified Surgical Technologist’, you need to get a certificate through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. In order to have the certification, you need to pass an exam after going through an accredited formal education or military training program. The median pay of a surgical technologist is around $42,000.Surgical Technologist

8. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians: Better known as health information technicians, these professionals discuss patient related information with other important persons like physicians and insurance personnel. The median salary of such a technician is $35,000 approximately. As most employers prefer technicians with certification, you should gain the certification of Registered Health Information Technician. For this certification, you need to pass an examination conducted by the American Health Information Management Association. You can also go for certifications like Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) which are offered by the American Academy of Coders and the National Cancer Registrars Association.Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

9. Audio and Video Equipment Technician: The employment growth of this profession is 14% through 2022 as projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They earn a median salary of $42,000 approximately. You can go for any of the 8 certification courses, a broadcast networking certification and two operator certifications offered by the Society of Broadcast Engineers.Audio and Video Equipment Technician

10. LPN and LVN: LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse and LVN stands Licensed Vocational Nurse. There may be slight difference in the roles and responsibilities of both the types. The main difference is in their names: LVN is used in the two states of Texas and California; while the rest of the states use the term LPN. Courses for LPN and LVN are designed to prepare the candidates for passing the NCLEX-PN which is required to practise in all states. The average salary of LPNs and LVNs is $41, 550. The hiring rate of these nurses is 25% which is much faster than national average for all jobs.LPN and LVN

Other occupations with certificate courses boosting good pay and hirability are systems security, car mechanic, phlebotomist, heavy and tractor-trailer driver etc. Thus to earn the best job with greater pay scale, to get promoted  or to increase their salary candidates are going that extra mile and completing certification courses.



Few Tips for Searching RN Jobs

Searching for a job is no child’s play. Having required educational qualification and experience is not enough for getting a good job. Interviewers will call you only if they get to know about your talent in the right way. In this age of tough competition, where the fear of unemployment kills the confidence of even the best candidate, it is essential that you know the right way of searching jobs so that you don’t miss out on the best opportunity. This is true about any job. If you are studying nursing and planning to apply for jobs in the relevant sector, you must know certain tricks and tips for searching jobs. After all, all your hard-work, experience, goals and skill sets are meant to provide you the best job opportunity.Nurse

Who is a Registered Nurse?

A Registered Nurse works in hospitals (both medical and surgical environments), home health care services, physician’s offices, support services, government and educational institutions. The typical duties of a RN include taking care of a variety of patients, administering wound care, medications and treatments, performing various diagnostic tests, consulting with physicians and reporting about patient’s behaviour, making important decisions regarding needed actions etc. These professionals also provide healthcare counselling and education.

How to search for RN jobs?

If you have the required degrees, relevant work experience and want to work in healthcare, you may start preparing for getting your dream job. And the first step of getting any job is the search for the particular job. You may be aware of the easiest and one of the oldest ways of job search- submitting online applications and emailing resumes to the prospective employers. Will this much effort land you your preferred job? No.

You should be doing something more. Read on the following effective tips that will set you apart.

  • Identify your goals: A nursing graduate can not apply for a post which a nurse with 10 years of experience or more can apply for. This means that the career objectives differ at different stages of your career. Thus it is imperative to set your short and long term objectives. It will help you save time and energy. You know which jobs to shortlist. Selecting jobs that match your career objectives, salary expectation, preferred location and work schedules will surely make you enjoy the process.
  • Create your cover letter and resume: A resume does almost 50% of the work in getting you your dream job. Advertise about your talents and skill sets that are relevant to the job you are applying for. This is a powerful weapon that must strike the right chord. Once the hiring authority goes through your resume, they should shortlist you for the interview. You must attach a cover letter with your resume.

Here you must note the difference between your resume and cover letter. Your cover letter should be written in a subjective way to explain how you can excel in the particular job, how the present company culture appeals you. A typical cover letter is written in a 3-4 concise paragraphs about how you meet the criteria for the job so that the readers feel an instant eagerness to refer to your resume. A resume, on the other hand, contains sequential information about your educational qualification, work experience, dates of employment, skill sets, contact number, address etc.

  • Search for the right kind of jobs: Hunting for the right job should be a disciplined process. If you are searching on the Internet, type keywords related to your preferred location, degrees, specialization field. For example, you may be a RN with a specialization in neo-natal intensive care. You will get necessary results in lesser time, if you enter ‘neo-natal intensive care’ in your keyword while searching. Thus you can avoid unnecessary details also.
  • Use connections and networks: Make connections so that people get to know about you and your talents. During their courses, nurses are placed in practical clinical settings which are great ways to establish contacts. Talk to the employees, learn about their profiles, make friends with some really good people so that they can refer you to their employers in the future. You can also ask for letters of reference from them. Don’t forget to send thank-you notes to these people.

Besides these, here follows some more steps of networking:

=> Search for online discussion forum and make active participation. Post your ideas, share your knowledge and experience, if any. Though these conversations, you may get to know people. Join professional groups and participate in seminars also. You can get information about vacancies in hospitals and other settings from these people.

=> Attend nursing career fairs and conventions.

=> Along with other friends or candidates looking for RN jobs, conduct some social service program. Invite your professors, trainers, physicians and other nurses of acquaintances. Talk to people and highlight yourself during these programs.

=> Along with other friends or candidates looking for RN jobs, conduct some social service program. Invite your professors, trainers, physicians and other nurses of acquaintances. Talk to people and highlight yourself during these programs.

=> Buy some good business suit that make you look top notch. During programs such as those mentioned above, looking good will surely create the best possible impression for you.

=> Create simple business cards for yourself. Offer these cards to important people and don’t forget to obtain their cards.

  • Be disciplined and patient: A job hunting process may appear as exhausting and meaningless after sometime, especially if you are not getting expected interview calls. You must not lose hope. Make a new beginning, be disciplined and you will find your hard work paying off surely.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts in their national data that the job opportunities for registered nurses are going to increase by 26% by the year 2020. Registered Nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will have the best job opportunities. Although there will be availability of jobs, you must prepare yourself for the coming times in order to avoid fierce competition. Newspapers, online job portals, friends can give you information about vacancies and openings. But it is your effort that matters most, at the end of the day. Certainly you need to change your job finding strategies as the older methods don’t fit in the modern world anymore.


Go for Health Care Jobs After Bachelor’s Degree

Healthcare is an industry that is fetching and will continue to fetch more jobs in the coming times. With a bachelor’s degree in healthcare you can choose from a number of careers. When we think of health care, images of doctors, nurses and the like pop up in our minds. But behind the scenes a good number of professionals are working so that we get the best service. Not just in hospitals, these people work in other settings, no lesser important than hospitals and contribute in the development of the organizations.Health care jobs

The healthcare industry is expanding and many new jobs are added so as to cater to the needs of the patients in a better way. Studies reveal that the Americans will spend nearly 4.5 trillion dollars on health care in the year 2019. Thus the scope for different healthcare jobs is widening. If you desire to become a part of this industry, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in healthcare. You can work with different healthcare providers, healthcare suppliers, policy organizations and insurance organizations as specified by the AUPHA (Association of University Programs in Health Administration).

Below provided is a list of some jobs that require you to have a bachelor’s degree in specific areas:

  • Healthcare Consultant: A consultant, as we all know is an individual or a firm possessing specialized knowledge or skill sets that another party e.g. any company or organization needs to achieve some specific target. Similarly healthcare consultants use their knowledge and skill sets for the benefit of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare consultants also known as “healthcare business consultants” specialize in many areas like accounting, billing, finance, marketing, healthcare standards, insurance etc. First a client hires a consultant and informs them about the problem area. The consultant researches, examines the present condition and submits a written report and discusses the same in a meeting. These professionals may work for permanent positions in the healthcare related business. Or they can work temporarily even from home. Both large and small companies hire them. Along with a bachelor’s degree, such a professional needs to have brilliant communication and stress-management skills.

  • Physician Assistant: Physician assistants (PAs) are not Medical assistants. PAs play an essential role in total treatment process. They work under the guidance of the surgeons and physicians. They have different duties to perform- recording progress of patients, interpreting X-rays and blood tests, taking patient histories, making diagnosis etc. As advised and delegated by physicians, the physician assistants provide therapeutic, diagnostic and preventive services.
  • Medical Perfusionist: If you have a bachelor’s degree in perfusion, you can become a medical perfusionist. Medical perfusionists are certified by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion. The job profile involves them to operate bypass machines and other equipments that are required to control a patient’s blood circulation and respiratory functions temporarily during the operation process.
  • Health Educator: As the term suggests, a health educator educates patients, families and communities regarding different health issues, ways to prevent those and how to maintain healthy lifestyles. They choose a health topic for a certain group of similar individuals who become their target audience and teach them regarding the different aspects of the topic. For example, they may hold programs or seminars for senior women who may be at the risk of cervical cancer. For an obese population, they may conduct programs on the benefits of exercise and proper diet and the harmful effects of binge-eating and sedentary lifestyle. Thus the approaches to these two programs will vary. So the health educators need to be well-read and effective communicator.
  • Radiologic/ Diagnostic technologist: Doing a bachelor’s degree program and passing a national certification examination thereafter will fetch you this job. With the aid of several imaging techniques, a radiologic technologist takes images of a patient’s body. A radiologist then interprets these images. These professional can get job at private, government and local hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and physician’s clinics. They can earn a decent salary in between $38,570 and $78,440.
  • Radiology or Diagnostic Imaging Director: As radiologists and the technologists perform different imaging exams like CT scans, MRIs and ultrasound, there needs to be someone who will see whether they perform rightly and all standards are met. The imaging directors are entrusted with these duties.
  • Medical and Health Services Manager: Like every business, a health care service also needs good management for its smooth running. And thus there is the need of medical and health services manager. There are two broader types of managers- generalists who are directly or indirectly related to managing a whole system; specialists who handle one or more clinical departments. These professionals are functional in supervising good healthcare delivery.
  • Transplant Coordinator: Transplant coordinator must have a bachelor’s degree in a medically specific area. Sometimes they may be registered nurses also. They can work in both administrative and medical procedures related to organ transplantation. Patient care, pre-transplant procedures, post-operation care etc. are some of the major job duties of these professionals.
  • Dieticians and Nutritionists: Almost all dieticians and nutritionists require a bachelor’s degree in food service systems management, foods and nutrition, dietetics, clinical nutrition or related fields. If you have a bachelor’s degree and are a licensed and registered practitioner, you can earn a median salary of $47,000. To earn a Registered Dietician Nutritionist credential, you need to go through a dietetic internship program besides having a bachelor’s degree. The main roles of such professionals include providing an effective and well-thought out food and nutrition programs to the patients, educating patients about healthy eating habits, planning meal programs in hospitals, cafeterias etc. You can choose whether you want to become clinical dietician, consultant to clients or organizations, management dietician.

These are some of the well-paid jobs that you can have with your bachelor’s degree. Besides these, some popular options are sales representative in pharmaceuticals, biological technician, product manager, registered nurse, EMT and paramedic and substance abuse counsellor.