How to Find a Right Career Path?

Opting for a right career path is as essential as choosing your perfect life partner! I will tell you why.

Although some people say that a 9 hours work shift schedule cannot have an alarming effect on our lives; it is lame. Have you ever noticed that more than half of our working days are spent either at our workplace or preparing a travel to or back from there? It is only the remaining hours that we spend with our respective families or life partners. Thus, if you want to spend each day happy and content, a right career path and perfect life partners are both mandatory.Career Path

Professionals complain about work life imbalance or less productivity or monotony in their chosen profession. Why is this so?

Perhaps, they were too busy to work out perfect career paths for themselves and have chosen a career based on one particular factor. Earning money out of your work is not enough. To earn money while you are enjoying every moment is essential. As this is how you keep improving and remain enthusiastic about your day to day work;thus increasing productivity and performance.

Therefore, today we move ahead to discuss how job seekers can find the right career path for themselves. Lets get started!

How to find a right career path?

Listed below are few questions. Provide yourself with a clear and honest answer to all these questions and nothing can stop you from choosing a right career path for yourself.

What is my interest?

It is natural that when you work on fields that interest you, it never gets exhausting or monotonous. While you are trying to figure out career options, ask yourself what fields interest you. Is it technology, creativity, finance or something else that triggers your enthusiasm?my interest

Be very honest while deciding an answer for this question. A wrong answer can deviate you from the desired track. This may take some time and therefore go slow. Give yourself sometime so that your heart can come up with the perfect answer.

What is the job profile like?

While you are yet to get started with your professional life, you may have various fantasies related to job profiles. Perhaps, you may think that an interest in music can land you jobs of a Radio Jockey. Or, organizing parties for friends can fetch you an event manager role.job profile

However, the real world is different. Besides interests and instincts, there are many things that work in the background. Perhaps, this background is equally important for landing specific job roles. Therefore it is essential that you research on exact job roles that match your interests. This will greatly help you visualize your days working in that particular domain and thus find out if you can really carry on.

What am I Best at?

I am sure all of you are well aware about the rising competition in job markets. Therefore, just to be interested and good at fields is not sufficient. You need to be the best if you need to have a successful and promising career.Best

Thus, finding your fields of interest and researching on job roles is not sufficient. You need to ask yourself, if you are sufficiently skilled to carry out job responsibilities efficiently. Try finding out if your potentialities are sufficient to prove you as the best applicant for that particular job role.

When you get a Yes for an answer, know that you have already made the right career choice and therefore on the right track. For people who feel that they need to work on acquiring some additional skills, they can definitely go ahead with it.

I am not the best – Should I give up?

Now, everyone cannot be best fit for job roles. However, not being the best fit does not mean that you will give up or compromise with your aspirations and career goals. Rather, compromising at situations can never work for future benefits. In such scenarios, the best option is finding out ways of enhancing your skills and knowledge.Should I give up

Moreover, when you already have a great deal of passion for any specific job role, getting a chance to know and explore more in this field is tempting, isn’t it?

How to become the best?

This is very easy. Know what stops you from becoming the best and work on it. If you don’t have enough practical experience, look for internship programs. There are many institutes that offer you practical learning sessions for different vocations. Enrolling in any of those cannot be a very difficult task. Besides, internship programs and volunteering experiences are also good platforms to boost your career

Well, this will definitely consume your time. However, when you appear as a potential candidate with right skills and passion for job roles before employers; they definitely will look forward to hire you.

What else can I do?

Now, even after making thorough research and preparation to land a perfect career, you may still have some doubtful areas. There are times when you cannot figure out certain issues. Well don’t leave these unanswered and unresolved. Get help from others. Perhaps, a career counselor or someone who is handling the same profile can come as a great help for you.

Be open and clear with them. Share your knowledge about the field and your expectations from the job. They are the only ones who can show you the mirror. You can also get a realistic and practical scenario of job markets from these people. Therefore, never shy away from opportunities of getting into a thorough discussion with veterans.

Although perfect jobs are difficult to land, it is not something impossible. You can surely land a satisfying job role, only if you know how to go about it. And landing perfect jobs requires perfect and befitting career paths. Your interest, education, knowledge and above all the right path that leads to your goal, are quintessential to land perfect jobs.

Again, being content at your professional front helps to attain more satisfied personal lives and vice versa. Thus, don’t just jump into any profession that appears lucrative at the moment. Instead, try finding out if this job is either a best match for you or not. If you get a yes for an answer, this job will automatically turn lucrative for you.

How to Identify and Avoid Job Scams

Job search can be extremely daunting. On one side you feel encouraged on having received an interview call relevant to your education and skills. And on the other side, when things don’t turn out the way you expected them to be – it feels highly dispiriting.Job Scams

It is natural that a few unpleasant experiences may get you very desperate to land a befitting job. And it is now that you become prone to job scams. Well this is not only true for fresh job seekers alone. Professionals who have been working for quite some time may land in circumstances where they need to look for switching options.

However, be it your first job hunting or a transition from one to another, you need to be vigilant and composed while accepting job offers. A wrong job selection can give you a real tough time.

Don’t fall prey to job scams – Here’s what you need to know:

The market trends:

Jobs that don’t exist in real, offer thousands of “perks” such as handsome salaries, huge bonus, less working hours and so on and so forth. These may appear to be very irresistible and attractive. Now such “out of the way” goodies act like baits to trap you.blind eyes

It is human nature that when desirable things appear to be very easily fetched, you some how turn blind eyes to possible loopholes. And when it comes at jobs with lucrative salaries, doubting these opportunities is simply impossible.

However, keeping yourself in line with job market trends helps you to learn about salary structures, increment policies, working hours etc. that relate to your job profile. Now anything that seems to be far too good than usual market trends is bound to rise suspicion. You then take efforts to know the exact truth related and thus get saved from falling into these pit falls.

Doubt calls that took no effort:

Well, not all jobs; but seven out of ten jobs do fall in this category. It is obvious that job seekers need to reach their potential employers and not the vice versa. Yes, if you are someone with huge experience and unmatched skills, you may receive genuine job offers quite easily without making huge efforts. Such profiles require wide experience and networking.

However, before you land such heights of professional success, it is always needed that job seekers reach their employers and request for interview opportunities. Now, if one fine day out of nowhere you just get a call or an email from a recruiter who is ready to offer you an interview chance, or for that matter an offer letter; you need to analyze it aptly before you get all happy about it . And when you know that you really have not made any effort to get a call such as this, you can be sure that there is something fishy and therefore not worth pursuing.

Recruitments don’t involve money:

Taking money from applicants is something that features fake job scandals. Unfortunately, many fresh grads fail to identify these twists and end up wasting time, energy and huge money. Cheats who tailor these false jobs charge applicants with huge money, on grounds of on job training, recruitment process expense etc. They even make it refundable after a short duration that makes it more trustworthy.don't involve money

Now, job seekers need to know that no recruitment involves money. Even when the company is a new venture or start up company, they cannot charge money from applicants. Therefore, the next time you find some opening that otherwise looks genuine, but has this involvement of money; reject it outrightly and look for other relevant jobs.

Appropriate job descriptions:

Now, job seekers need to know the prerequisites of jobs they wish to land. Every organization may have different candidate requirements; however, the preliminary skill requirements remain the same.job descriptions

As mentioned earlier, market trends remain the same upto an extent. Employers hiring for the same position need to offer similar salary packages, working hours etc. And, evidently, every company will have similar or enhanced candidate requirements; however, in no way they can look for less efficient employees.

Therefore, knowing job descriptions required for profiles is essential to know if the job exists in real or not. We sometimes get overwhelmed when job descriptions on portals appear to be quite lesser than what it actually requires. Not all of these descriptions can be considered fake; however, most of these do have some loopholes.

Incorrect email standards:

This is something very easily detectable and therefore does not cause much harm to job seekers. Perhaps, people who are new in this sinful business are not very efficient to post false job openings in a convincing manner. And therefore, people who are habitually dealing with job portals can easily locate these areas of inadequacy.Incorrect email

Any form of wrong email standards such as posting jobs from personal emails, no company location or contact details given, unusual email ids and so on and so forth are signs of attempting false job scams. Therefore, stay alert while going through job listings and don’t allow yourself to fall prey to such job scams.

Professional recruiters can never have such flaws while posting job vacancies. Therefore, any wrong email standards you see in job advertisements cannot have a lucrative job opportunity for you. So, it’s better to just ignore such postings and focus on other promising job offers.

On a concluding note, job seekers need to think several times before accepting job offers or even deciding to appear for interviews. It’s always better to rely on your network, career advisors and reputed job portals when you are looking for first jobs or change in jobs.

Lessons to Learn After Being Fired

“Sometimes, when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.” ~ Unknown

No word is apt to describe the “I was asked to leave feelings.” It is heart rending. A job that you had earned is simply snatched away from you. Your ambitions seem to shatter and your life appears to lack focus. Your are left with no plan B as all your future plans are simply impossible now.Being Fired

So, is that all you can do? Will brooding help you feel a little better? Perhaps No.

Yes you have been fired; however, this does not mean you will remain unemployed for the rest of your life. The job that you just lost can help you retain many others that are yet to come your way.

There were reasons and you need to know them:

Even though it is very conveniently said that sometimes we are simply clueless about the mishaps taking place in our lives; it is not true. Nothing happens without a reason. Sometimes, we perhaps fail to identify those, while there are millions of times when we don’t want to see and accept bitter facts.reasons

However, today if you want to flip change the situation soon, reasoning out the “Whys” are crucial and perhaps the only path available.

Therefore, the first step after you have received the distressing news, is to dig out reasons behind. Perhaps, it is your work that was deteriorating, or else you failed to present yourself in the best professional demeanor.

There can also be reasons where the company is suffering from financial burden and therefore has adopted to harsh means of cost cutting. In such situations, blaming yourself or doubting your own caliber is not required. Therefore, learning the reasons of dismissal is important to take relevant steps.

Things that you can learn only after losing a job:

Never take things for granted:

Once professionals get a little comfortable with their daily job responsibilities, it is very natural that they start taking their jobs for granted.granted

In the beginning, when things are new for us, we tend to be more cautious. We put in extra efforts to ensure that everything is perfect. We try to adopt to new and effective ways of accomplishing tasks. However, eventually when perfection is not very difficult to achieve, we become a little sloppy. And the irony is we don’t even realize it!

It is in such situations that we risk our chances of being employed with our current organizations. And when things go really bad, we are asked to leave.

Therefore, one such experience will help us learn this important truth of our lives. The next time, being comfortable will not make us careless on the job front.

Be the right fit and don’t try fitting into:

Adjustments and adaptations are important for our professional and personal well being. However, there’s a limit to it. You cannot push yourself to adjust with everything around. If you do so, one day you are destined to be left empty handed.Be the right fit

Today when you have been informed to find your way through the exit, it is time to think if you really fit into this position. You can force yourself to fit in; however, it will always be different from the exact fit.

Therefore, getting fired from a job helps you to know that choosing jobs according to interest and choice is essential to sustain on the job front.

Beyond expectations is what is expected:

Many professionals believe that accomplishing regular tasks is what makes them employable. However, one fine day when you receive your termination letter; all your beliefs get fired

Today, with the rising competition, doing just what is assigned, brings no good. Working beyond imagination and surprising bosses with your unmatched caliber is what keeps you going and accelerating on the job front.

It’s time for some serious homework:

Professionals should never wait for the 11th hour to realize that their skills are no longer sufficient and rather have got exhausted for future use. Otherwise, such unfortunate situations become inevitable. Eventually you appear to be less useful for the company and one fine day you are asked to leave.serious homework

Therefore, experiencing bitter situations can help you understand that upgrading skills is one core requisite to remain functional and effective on the job front for years to come.

Thus, now that you have lost your job, use this gap to brush up skills and simultaneously acquire more knowledge; so that you never come across these situations for the second time in your entire professional life.

Every cloud has a silver lining. You just need to try and figure out the good things a difficult situation can bring about.

Losing job is definitely an undesirable scenario to be stuck in. However, now that you have already landed yourself in such tough circumstances, you will have to work it out smoothly. The aforementioned tips can help you deal with things aptly.

Nothing in this world is constant. Therefore this phase will also pass by. Don’t loose hope and things will definitely change for the better. When you try to mend things, they definitely get better.

Jobs Without a Degree, Yes It’s Possible

Being a little ambivalent on your graduation day is natural. On one side, you feel accomplished on earning a college degree and on the other side you are worried about escalating unemployment rates. Can I land a lucrative job? Is my college degree sufficient to earn me desired jobs? Or will I have to spend a few more dollars on some additional certification courses, internships etc.? Something that haunts the mind of every fresh grad.Jobs Without Degree

Well, things remain as good as ever for the ones who can land jobs as soon as they complete graduation. However this ratio is almost negligible as compared to those who struggle for longer periods to land first jobs; let aside desired profiles.

Another very discouraging scenario you are more likely to come across is that, you witness many professionals who start earning early in life; even when they do not have that college degree, on which you had spent four vital years of your life. How do they manage? Well, perhaps a one year diploma course or certification has helped them to land the profile you are still struggling to reach!

In today’s market trends, practical experiences on the job front are mandatory to land aspired profiles. Irrespective of the degree you possess, getting onto some platforms that can provide you with such practical exposure is mandatory. Therefore, a wiser decision from my side would be to start looking for these opportunities early. And if you let go of your idea of graduating to pursue something that brings quicker rewards – it is definitely worth it.

Can you land jobs without a college degree?

And the answer is Yes. A high school diploma and certification can land you jobs that are equally good when compared to the ones that you receive after college degree.

Below is a list of jobs that do not require a degree:

Electrical Technicians:

These are professionals who assist engineers in developing electronic equipment used in IT industries, medical sectors, construction companies or other components that can be used in different domains. A few years of experience can land you a position parallel to engineers.Electrical Technician

An associate degree of two years in related technical background can land you this job. Electrical technicians have huge job scopes that can earn them handsome salary packages.

Auto Insurance appraisers:

These professionals are responsible for assessing vehicle damage and estimating repair cost. They are required to study insurance claims and then decide the amount of money required to be paid by the insurance company.Auto Insurance appraiser

A high school diploma along with a six months certification course may land you this job. However, a driving license is mandatory for the role. As an auto insurance appraiser, you are more likely to have field duties along with fixed office hours.

So, if you are someone who does not enjoy 9 hours of desk work, you can definitely look forward to this profile. Along with a good combination of field and desk work, this job also offers lucrative salaries to professionals.

Technical Support Specialist:

Technical support specialists are professionals responsible for maintaining error free computer networks and communication equipment within organizations. They are the ones who look after maintenance, repair, installation and assembling of computer and hardware components. Some are also trained in software programs and can assist or work in parallel with software programmers.Technical_Support_Specialist

The minimum qualification that can land this position is to have a high school diploma along with relevant certification or diploma courses. Many universities also provide an associate degree of two years on related subject. Technical support specialists have huge job scopes and therefore is a good profession to opt for.

First line supervisors:

First line supervisors have huge career scopes in almost all industries. They rank amongst the fastest growing jobs in Transportation Industry. Production industry also hires these professionals in abundance.First line supervisors

Every industry has different line of work specific to needs. However, the primary line of work remain the same that includes supervision of subordinate staff, assigning work and reviewing work of field staff.

A high school diploma and industrial experience may eventually land you this position. However, technical education of a year or less may also make you eligible for the role.

Machinery Mechanic:

Machinery mechanics are hired by manufacturing industries that deal with machinery and automobile parts. High tech machineries are always required for manufacturing and production industries. Professionals who are capable of handling maintenance and repair of these machineries, ought to have great career prospects.Machinery Mechanic

A minimum of high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to land this position. However, a strong practical hands on experience in using various machineries is essential to land this job role. The projected job growth presently for this position is comparatively lower. However, a few years of experience in the industry is sufficient to earn you handsome salary packages along with a sustained or stable career.

These were five lucrative jobs that can be landed without a Bachelor’s degree in hand. A minimum of high school diploma, certifications, GEDs are sufficient to start earning your living in one of the most satisfactory manner. Now, this does not necessarily mean that pursuing a Bachelor’s degree is simply not worth it. If you really want to go for a graduation course and have suitable circumstances, you can definitely opt for it, as knowledge in any form is never wasted.

However, if you are in a situation where a Bachelor’s degree is not very much feasible, do not consider your career to get doomed. In addition to the above mentioned jobs, there are plenty of jobs that don’t really need a Bachelor’s degree. You only need to find those career opportunities for yourself.

Why to Share Lunch With Coworkers?

Share lunch with coworkers and boost your productivity. Yes, this may sound bit of an exaggeration; however, this post can give you plenty of reasons that make this concept a perfect sense.

Skipping lunch and doubling work is a common scenario in today’s corporate environment. Grabbing a burger for lunch while you are still at your desk, rushing to complete the day’s work, seems to save a lot of your time.Lunch

However, going for lunch with coworkers can earn you some long term perks. And thus, you do need to have some time away from work and spend the same with colleagues. This ensures that the perks keep coming your way easily!

Eating Lunch and Growing Careers:

If only you knew that having lunch with colleagues can create such an impact on your career advancement, lunch would have been an important segment on your daily schedule.

It’s never too late. If you have not learned it before, you can do it here.

Lunch – As a relaxing agent:

A lunch with your coworker can make you feel a little relaxed; apart from the nutrition value that is already existing.

relaxing agent

After having worked for half the day, our brain seizes to come out with new innovative ideas. Therefore, a short break from the task in hand is vital to get back with greater zeal and focus. Talking to coworkers about things other than work, tends to refresh your mind upto a great extent.

However, care needs to be taken that lunch breaks don’t turn out to be gossip sessions. Only when you have healthy discussions with your coworkers, these lunch breaks will have a positive impact on you.

Lunch Hours and Connectivity:

Now, you are perhaps aware that professional network is essential to grow career. Lunch hours are a suitable time to build these connections.Lunch Connectivity

Especially, when you are new in the workplace, making optimum use of these lunch breaks to get acquainted with the place and its people is something that you need to do. And it would not be wrong to say that this is something that is expected of you as a new joiner.

Lunch to mend relations:

Professional success comes to those who can have pleasant relations with coworkers and bosses; apart from relevant skills.Lunch relations

All successful people make optimum use of their lunch breaks. And here it does not suggest that they keep working the whole day. Rather, they use lunch breaks to mend sore relations with colleagues. Discussing complex professional issues in a more casual tone can be best accomplished over a lunch.

So, if you are having a tiff with your coworker and don’t know what to do; use some consecutive lunch breaks to resolve issues.

Building trust on lunch conversations:

Trust, faith and reliability are vital for a healthy professional life. To be assigned with significant job responsibilities or to get promoted to higher levels, winning the trust of your coworkers and bosses is vital. And this again is not built in a day.

Lunch break conversations highlight your personality, your choices and principles. This can help you to have one or two strong connections within your workplace. Sharing ideas or areas of interests with right people can open new doors.

So, never skip lunch opportunities with coworkers if you want something more challenging on the job front.

Sharing lunch can make you happier:

Ultimately, the place where you spend most of your waking hours needs to be pleasant to be in. Some friends, a few jokes to share, some discussions regarding bosses are essential to keep liking the place where we work.Sharing lunch

Lunch hours are the best time to nurture such happy moments within office. Establishing some kind of friendship with coworkers can make you feel a little happier and wanted in your office. It can give you a simple but substantially important reason to continue with the work even when things tend to get a little monotonous.

Now, every one of us is completely aware of how professional relationships are important to grow careers. However, our work load pressure, targets and deadlines somehow compel us to overlook these peripheral yet essential aspects.

It needs to be understood that success has many different factors and harmonious relations and good will amongst the people you work with is an essential requisite for accelerating careers.

Long term results are always better than short term achievements. Ignoring lunch hours or other scopes of mingling with your colleagues can save you some time to reach somewhere near to your daily work targets. However, in the long run you end up in a situation where you have no professional acquaintances who can guide you through future career paths.

Above mentioned are few advantages of sharing lunch with coworkers. There can be plenty of other benefits as well. And once you start practicing it, you can explore the wonders it can create.

Choice is Yours: Start-ups Vs Big Companies

Huge business houses and brand companies have always remained on the top of our career goals. Well, who doesn’t want to associate with the top-notch companies in town? However, are we missing out something substantial if we have not yet managed to pave our way through these companies; what are known as professional status symbols!? Something we need to think about.Start-ups Vs Big Companies

Now, if every fresh grad was to aim for these already established companies, perhaps we would not have as many business houses as we have them at present. There had been someone who started these companies from scratch and their efforts have contributed to the growth and success. Therefore, startups are simply but essential today, to have a large-scale business houses tomorrow.

Again, being a part of a small startup company has its own downsides. And not all is good with working in a large corporate either. So, any stereotypical answer in favor of startups or big companies simply doesn’t exist. Each has its own share of pleasures and discontent, and it is up to us on what to count on.

What can a startup offer you?

Being a part of any startup company has loads to give, only when you know what you need to look for. Here are a few experiences startups can bring forth.

An impeccable learning experience:

Young entrepreneurs who are making efforts to take their small establishments through a long-way of prominent industrial presence; fight a tough time at procuring sufficient workforce for the purpose. Therefore, they aim at making optimum utilization of the available manpower. This opens doors for professionals who opt for startups. They have a chance of getting practical hands-on experience in anything, and everything related to the business.learning experience

Therefore, working in startups, if you can project yourself as a quick learner and an enthusiast for anything related to the business, reaching milestones in your career growth is an obvious outcome.

An opportunity to enhance your skills of accountability:

In a startup, it is quite obvious that professionals are required to wear multiple hats at a time. You very well know that if you fail to accomplish your tasks, you immediately face the bitter consequences. Perhaps, you take home lower salary for the month or worse, you don’t get paid at all.enhance skills

Therefore, you have no other option besides acting responsible and being dedicated every single minute of your working day. This skill acquired not only takes you to a greater success level in this current company but also plays a significant role in every phase of your life.

You are made to feel important and prominent:

A work well done is sure to earn you deserving appreciations. Many professionals working with established corporate houses find themselves lost in the crowd. They strive hard to drive appreciations from authorities and end up in vain.

A lack of prominence in the workplace is considered one of the reasons that trigger professionals to take their quitting decisions. However, start ups aim at retaining their workforce and therefore, never fail at appreciating efforts undertaken.

A word worth noting is that if you can remain content with verbal appreciation and a feeling of being an integral part of the company, start ups are the best place to be in.

The many advantages of working with big companies….

All said and done, big companies, despite many of its downsides, offer attractive perks that are simply irresistible. It is because of these that an entry into big corporate business has earned such a high level of priority amongst the workforce.

The CTC – well, there’s lots more:

Established organizations bear half of your personal expenses, and I will tell you how every organization has different employee benefit policies that promise to offer some perks against a set of predefined conditions. Corporate tours at company expense, medical allowances, structured salary and leave formats, bonus policies and so on and so forth.well CTC

However, nothing comes for free. You will definitely have to work for these additional benefits and only when you achieve the targets you have an opportunity to enjoy those mentioned above. Unlike startups that see lesser immediate rewards against long and tedious working hours; established companies offer quick rewards for achieving some incredible targets.

An attractive resume to flaunt:

Having the name of an influential employer or a giant organization on your resume is seen as a greater achievement by a few employers if not all. The company’s good name and reputation add value to your career graph taking it to a greater height of success. The work responsibilities are thought to be more complex. You are seen with a greater reliability and skill when you have one of those brand names on your resume.

Team spirit:

Established business organizations have a competitive work culture environment. Professionals are grouped in several teams where they work towards common goals. When we are working in teams, we are open to new ideas and work strategies. A transfer of knowledge takes place seamlessly here. Besides, every team has veterans who can share their wide experiences that turn out to be very useful in determining our career path.

A look at the downsides:

Well, you cannot just enjoy the goodies without experiencing the negative side. Both startups and established groups have some cracks that you need to know. This section aims at presenting the not so good side of both.


Startups have a huge risk associated with their business as compared to bigger enterprises. What if the product or service you aim to offer is not used by customers? On the other hand, an established business has a continuous flow of customers and a renowned product or service that does not need publicity from the scratch.Startups

Besides, working in startups requires a huge conviction and optimism that many don’t possess. Fresh ventures face preliminary failures that can break the morale of people who have invested time, money and energy. And even if they kick start their business, it takes a huge time to draw rewards comparable to the efforts it took.

Big Companies:

In companies where there are teams that handle projects that are fragmented on a number of modules, you get to do or learn a small part of the total business you are probably working for. Unlike startups, where you get to learn the ins and outs of the entire business; large companies offer you an opportunity to know only a part of it.Big Companies

Besides, these companies fail to deliver appropriate and timely appreciations to their workers and thereby making employees less interested on the job front.

Well, there can be loads more to add to these above-mentioned factors. A perfect job is a myth, hence professionals need to opt for the one that can drive out maximum job satisfaction. Therefore, choosing between startups and big companies is entirely your call. The information provided in this post may help you to take apt decisions.

Tips for First Interview by First Time Manager

Well, for job seekers, interview sessions are a daunting experience. And to have that interviewer bombarding questions on you just one after the other, wanting to be on the other side of the table is simply irresistible. However, it is important for you to know, that the grass only appears to be greener on the other side. Even though it may appear to be, Interviewing a number of applicants and choosing the perfect candidate for the position is not a very simple task to accomplish.First Interview

Interviewers are responsible for providing a diligent workforce to the company they work for. Failing this, lands them in an answerable position questioning their own professional stability and sustenance.

Browsing the internet, we come across thousands of tips that can help job seekers have a successful interview experience. However, today we intend to discuss some interviewing tips from the interviewer’s perspective.

A first time interviewer is equally nervous as the interviewee who appears for the selection process. Therefore, to aide them with some effective tools, here are some suggestions that may come handy while conducting an interview session for the first time.

Conducting perfect interviews – An interviewer’s guide:

Taking an opportunity to ask a first time interviewer about a day he dreads the most; amongst the two given options as follows – a day as an interviewee and the first day as an interviewer ; I couldn’t land a prompt and easy answer.perfect interview

Now, some nervous look on the face of the applicant is bearable; however, when you are the one taking interviews, having that anxious look is just not permissible. Therefore, here are certain tips for all first time interviewers to have things fall on the right place from the first day itself.

Know what you need to know:

Interviewers must know what exactly they need to look for in candidates. The job description technically enlists all skills required by the candidate. Therefore, the applicants who line up for the selection process possess a similar level of qualification and skill set. However, not all can be the best match for the need to know

There are a few things besides the academic qualification that are important to perform well on the job front. These are never mentioned on paper; however, are important from the job aspects and company work culture.

Therefore, before the interview, you need to understand the job role for which the hiring is being conducted. Apart from the obvious skill requirements, knowing the subtle things that the position may demand for is crucial in deciding on the perfect candidate.

Ice Breaking approach:

Well, as both of you are a little nervous; initiating the interview with an ice breaking approach is beneficial not only for the candidate but also for you. Ask for a brief introduction and note down the essential characteristic and mannerism the candidate showcases. This will help you while taking the fit and no fit decision.introduction

You may also give a brief introduction regarding the company as well as the job profile. This will help you to get a little relaxed before initiating the core interview session.

Script your interview session:

Now practicing for an interview is not only an applicant’s responsibility. You as a recruiter can make notes of what and how to go about the entire process.Interview session script

Visualize things on how you will carry out the process after the ice breaking session. List out your first set of questions as well as the answers you need to look for. You may even note down the points you cannot compromise upon. This will help you to make quick and easy decisions while choosing between two similarly skilled individuals.

When you have a certain plan already worked out, being very systematic during the process flows in effortlessly. Moreover, you can get the most out of the discussion without requiring to stretch the interview for long hours. And finally, when you have examined the applicant from all aspects; you remain more confident regarding your decision of either letting to go off or holding back to a potential candidate.

The Salary talk:

Well, the salary talk is something that will have to be carried out with one or two professionals who have proved themselves to be the most suited candidate for the job role. So, the good thing is you go through the entire process for just once or twice as compared to the entire interview process that has a number of candidates to choose from.Salary talk

However, now you don’t have a huge crowd and therefore if a potential candidate doesn’t turn up to join your company the entire money and time spent on recruitment process is wasted completely. Therefore, negotiating to convince is important.

Salary is an important factor from the employee’s point of view. And again, the company cannot suffer the financial burden to retain potential employees who are equally expensive. Therefore, highlighting the good part of the salary talk such as perks, allowances the company bears and other facilities offered to employees in an attractive and manner is important.

However, it is important to mention that salary talk is something slightly complicated and working out the best deal with a perfect candidate needs experience. You may take help from seniors in the team and when you start with it right from the first day, you will surely gain the required experience to nail it later in the future.

Finally, conducting an interview session should not scare you or the applicant in any manner. An interviewer plays a very important role in providing the company with future workforce who can take it to greater heights of success. Therefore, be alert, focused and confident every working day of your professional life. The tips mentioned above may help you to get started on the job front. Following and practicing these tips will make you an excellent interviewer and an asset to your company.

How to Apply After Declining a Job Offer

Think before you leap. Well, who doesn’t know that, isn’t it? However, sometimes we do falter. One such instance in this regard would be to want back a job offer you had once declined.

How to Apply

Well, if not many there are a few professionals who kind of regret after having rejected a job offer. They desperately wish for some magical change of events, where they could mend their own decisions and get back that interview offer once again.

No matter what you think or expect, the point is, how feasible it is to earn an already declined offer? To be honest, yes, it is difficult. And there are plenty of valid reasons that make it a little complicated.

What is there in the mind of the employer?

Rejections are hurting. Be it an applicant who was denied the job offer, or an employer whose offer got rejected by a potential employee. Both are discouraging and painful.mind of the employer

The employer who had offered you a position was perhaps a little offended to have received a rejection from your side. However, now that he/she comes across a clarification from your side, where you are requesting to have the same offer back, it makes them go a little skeptical about the situation.

Some may feel that the candidate is immature and impulsive. You may also be viewed as someone not very steady and confident regarding your own decisions. And the rest can say that you do not possess clear career goals and professional targets.

Whatever may be their line of thought, any of these traits are not desired by employers. So, in such a situation, convincing them to see you as one of the most suitable candidates and a great employee to hire is evidently a tough job to accomplish.

Reconsidering a declined job offer – Steps to follow:

Well, every problem has to have a solution. You will only need to find the exact key to the lock. Even though it is difficult, there are ways to mend the damage. Below are a few tips that can help you resolve the problem:

Act before it’s too late:

If it took you more than a week’s time to learn that you have just made a wrong decision, you can consider the job gone forever.competition in job market

Well, all of us are aware about the growing competition in the job market. Thousands of candidates line up to interview for a single position. In such a situation, if you just let go an offer that came your way, it can be easily grabbed by others. Therefore, being prompt at informing your change of mind is crucial.

It’s like a now or never situation. And if you’re lucky to know that the position is still vacant, you may work it out and perhaps land the job as well.

An email or a phone call:

I say both. The situation is so critical that relying only on one of the approaches will perhaps not yield results. Make a personal call to the hiring manager and explain the change of situations that is helping you to rethink about the offer. Also inform that you have perhaps dropped an email for their consideration. email or a phone call

There should not be a long span between the email you have sent and the call to be made. In fact, things should be almost simultaneous. This is because if the recruiter was to receive the mail and not a call instantly, it could be considered as another immature act. Worse, he/she could even skip, and ignore the mail completely.

Conversely, if you have already informed that a mail will follow the conversation over the phone, the person may check the in-box almost immediately. An absence of your mail or a long delay in receiving it can be annoying for the hirer. You may get rejected even when the job is still available or the position continues to be vacant.

Approach to convince:

Don’t just start narrating your stories of why you had rejected the offer and what made you reconsider the same now. Before all that, just know if the position is still open. Only when you know that the company has not made its hiring decision; you can go ahead.Vacant

Now, there’s one more thing you need to consider. Were you grateful enough, while rejecting the job offer? For if you were too rude and unprofessional; knocking the doors will not make any difference. So it’s better you don’t try it.

Well, if you had the right behavior, then, you can still try your stars. First, try to know if it was a preferable time to talk as it could involve a couple of minutes. Second, state your reasons why you were unable to accept the offer then. Don’t give reasons such as salary or company profile. It may appear that you have too high expectations that were still not met and perhaps a desirable profile will have you quit almost instantly. Third, explain how things have changed now and you are more than happy to at least try in getting back that offer.

Lastly, don’t sound too desperate to work things out. Don’t portray yourself as someone who needs to get hired at any cost. This may make your employers doubt your employable quotient. Be patient and wait for things to take their own course of time. If it has to be, it will, eventually. So don’t haste unnecessarily.

Therefore, as a concluding note, I would like to say that, don’t be in a hurry to say NO. Your words are important. Once said it cannot be unsaid. You can only wish and try to modify the outcome it brought. Thus, holding back before you spell out yes or no shows your wisdom.

Nevertheless, if at all you have stuck yourself in such a situation, just get back to this post to determine what and how things could be brought under control. Hoping that you never make wrong career decisions in future, this is all about how you can get back a rejected job offer.

Choose a Career According to Your Personality

All of us start working at an age when we already have our own individuality. An outlook towards life, an opinion about things and an attitude towards the external environment. A few important things that determine our personality. Adapting to things or situations is important. However, the question is, to what extent can you attempt to fit in a place that has no resemblance to your inner self and conviction?Career According to Personality

Letting go off your credence to earn a penny more, is that worth it? Yes, perhaps it can buy you a better lifestyle. Perhaps, the luxury becomes affordable then. However a job that you don’t consider to be a great work – can that make you happy? Perhaps No. Well, counting the perks you earn can simply help you to be pretentious about feeling good and happy about the job. However, deep down, when you are alone, in a moment of confession, there’s something that tells you that “no this is not where I belong.”

Although, you may not realize, but pursuing a job that doesn’t make you feel good and satisfied cannot be carried out with the utmost efficiency. You may force yourself to reach targets at the cost of your personal life, health, true potential and perhaps your work quality as well. And this may make you a performer but not a consistent long term player. On the other hand, a job that you love will never take a toll on other aspects of your life, and even if it does it will never be felt.

So, how can you choose a career that suits your personality? Below mentioned are some vital issues, knowing which can help you land satisfactory professional life. The first among these is:

Know yourself to love your job:

An elementary mistake that all professionals make is to take career decisions on the basis of someone else’s success rates. Two people possessing similar skills do not make them suitable for exactly same job your job

Today, having a knack in maths does not make you a mathematician alone. You have plenty of job scopes related to the subject and yet every role is different from the other. Being a writer does not mean that you become an author writing bestsellers after every two years. Your passion in writing can make you a copywriter, social media writer, marketing copywriter, creative writer and so on and so forth. So, what’s that one thing that appeals to you the most is what you need to know.

Once you find that, getting into a profession that you will enjoy as well as earn is not very incredible.

A bad workplace does not demean your job:

Now, this is tricky. Annoying coworkers, a long and difficult commute to the workplace, an insatiable boss and incapable team mates adds to your professional agony. However, do they make your job role less significant in anyway? Conversely, can an exceptionally friendly office environment and supportive boss earn you job satisfaction? Think about it.bad workplace

Professionals need to realize that workplace and career goals are in a way related to each other; however, they do not have a proportional relationship.

You may land yourself in a place where the environment is hostile, and yet it offers you a scope or an opportunity to learn and grow. What should be the course of your action? Well, the choice is yours. There are ways of dealing with a bad boss or a difficult workplace. Escaping from the place for situations that can be handled well is not a wise decision. On the other hand, if you can pull yourself for a few more days and explore all those things that the place has to offer – you not only come out as a fighter but also a winner.

Nevertheless, if you are someone who can thrive well in a supportive and friendly environment only; forcing yourself to continue in a difficult workplace in the pursuit of learning something new is pointless. You will never learn anything out of it and rather may end up in a state where you neither have mental satisfaction nor professional fulfillment.

Can you really love a job that pays you less?

Well, it has been repeatedly mentioned that financial satisfaction may not drive self fulfillment. However, salary packages are not something that can be ignored altogether. After all, the primary reason that we attend colleges, opt for further studies and go through interview sessions is to earn a handsome a job that pays you less

Therefore, if the salary you are earning discourages you and makes the job futile, you definitely need to switch to another job that meets your salary expectations. However, if a low salary job is offering you some learning experiences then you can skip a few pennies to learn something that can earn you dollars tomorrow.

This is again something that depends on your choice and attitude. A money oriented person will find job satisfaction when the work can earn him expected salaries. On the other hand, a person who sees the job role and responsibilities above money; will never be in a position to feel good about profiles that don’t meet their choice despite of heavy packages it may offer.

Finally, not everyone can land dream jobs. Certain willingly made adjustments are necessary to be content with the profession you follow. However, the question is for how long and to what extent you can adjust with unexpected or undesired circumstances?

Well a job of choice does not mean that you do not have to make adjustments. It only suggests that the adaptations can be easier and subtle. Therefore, knowing your inner self, your capabilities of dealing with the external environment, your definition of financial stability are important to determine a job that will suit you and keep you happy.

This was all about choosing jobs that suit your personality. Hope the above discussion was found useful by you in some form or other. Wish you all the very best in your search for a perfect job.

Yes, Wrong Job Also Teaches You a Lot

And the moment when you realize, that perhaps you have landed a wrong job, it feels terrible and your entire life seems futile and aimless. You curse that moment when you had decided to opt for this organization or the job profile. You are unable to decide your next course of action and find yourself stuck in that situation!Wrong Job

However, if you could relax for a while and think about the situation, you will notice that perhaps some part of it is still under control. And if you wish, you could even dig out some positives from the condition that seems unpleasant now.

Therefore, now that you have learned that the present job is not a very good match for you, brooding over will not help. Instead, try finding out what you can actually earn from these repellent experiences.

So, in order to assist you through this phase, I have provided a list of few things that you can learn from your wrong job experiences. Read them and see how knowing these stuffs can enhance your career growth prospects.

Things you can learn from a wrong job selection:

Here are a few things you can earn from landing yourself in a wrong job role:

You finally know what you don’t want in your life:

To know exactly what we want in our lives is crucial to remain focused on our goals. And here, if we don’t even know, what’s that one thing which will make us happy; concentrating on targets and then achieving goals becomes impossible.don't want

However, most of us remain a little confused while taking these decisions, isn’t it? We have plenty of options and filtering the best from these is difficult. Now, if you know what exactly you don’t want in your life, it kind of shortens the list of things that you think you want to do. Thus, a wrong job can help you identify the things you don’t want to do and thus gets you closer to your goals.

You learn the act of coping up with unhappy situations:

Job satisfaction is somehow a far fetched dream for many in the global corporate world. There are a very few professionals who are truly satisfied with their job. Not everyone of them have landed unexpected and wrong jobs. However still, remaining happy with the job or the salary or the workplace, every working day, is a rare situation to come across.act of coping up

Yes, for you the case is different. You already know that the job role is not a good fit for you and somehow it’s good. In no time you will be moving on to a more desirable job. However, till then, when you are coping with this job in hand, you acquire the skills of surviving through some bad situations – a tool that will help you sustain through many ups and downs that may arise in your future years of professional life.

You may try and develop essential skills:

When you are not liking your job, learning new things and acquiring skills is something you will never want to do. However, do you think that just skipping into a new job is the only solution? Yes it may bring you temporary relief, but many future hurdles are a possibility too.skills

Not spending a considerable time in one job may prove you unstable on the job front. This may not be very pleasing for your future recruiters. Therefore, instead of focusing on the exit door all through the day, concentrate on new things that you can learn from this job. This will surely help you later some day, when you are all set to handle an appealing job role; besides, making things less stressful now.

You have scopes to explore fresh avenues:

When professionals have their ultimate aim as thriving in their current organization, they think about ways and means of excelling every day. Therefore, even though they spend around eight or nine hours at their workplace, they devote the entire span of 24 hours in formulating strategies of better performance and implementing the same.explore fresh avenues

However, this is not true in your case. You already know that you need to switch and therefore time after work is all yours. Do not compromise and let your work suffer when you are physically present at your workplace. And when you are done with the day, try looking for other jobs, required skills and move on at a suitable time.

Taking some wrong decisions and landing yourself in unfavorable conditions such as a wrong job is not the end of your world. And also be confident that you are not the first or the only person to have walked these rough terrains. It is only about how you deem these situations. Having a positive outlook is the only way to push yourself out of this mess.

Therefore, when you know that you have landed a wrong job, you definitely have to look for a more befitting role. However, as a professional you know that fetching jobs is not something that can happen at once. So till then when you are working in a less suitable profile, try focusing on things that only a wrong job can earn you.