Part Time Job: Supplement to Current Income

The job scenario is changing. Gone are the days when you have to slog for 8 hours daily and 40 hours in a week from morning 9 to 5. With flexibility creeping into the work schedule, people have an option to work part-time. Even employers have taken this changing trend in their stride and are welcoming employees who want to work for the limited number of hours in a day. Working part time is a best option to supplement your income.Income

Though productivity as compared to full-time job is less, employers don’t mind because they don’t have to pay you more. There is definitely a change in the pay check when you work for full time. But then the reasons to work part-time will always vary. Moreover, there are a limited number of professions in which you can work for part-time.

Who should take a part-time job

Part-time jobs usually require you to work for 35 hours in a week. These jobs can suit anyone who is in need of extra money either for meeting day-life expenses or for improving lifestyle. As reasons are myriad and vary from person to person, you can find one partner in a couple doing a job for half the day. While one partner is working for a full day, the other can return home and take care of children. Part-time jobs are also suitable for students working in high schools or colleges. By taking a part-time job, they can easily cater for their education without relying on their parents or any external financial assistance. Many restaurants and eating joints are in need of people who can help them with customer service. So they can attend their schools and colleges during the day and work in the evening. Further, there are some retirees who are struggling in meeting daily living expenses as they cannot survive on their pension alone. They, too can opt for a part-time job.Part Time Job

As the economy is still in its mending stage, full-time jobs are on the downslide leaving no options for skilled professionals to look for part time jobs. This type of situation is faced mostly by people who are looking for entry-level and mid-level job positions. Other professionals take part-time jobs in order to improve their skills and collect experience so that their resume can stand apart in the crowd of job applications. This also helps them in changing their profession, in case they no more relish the present career. Above all, part time jobs are best for those who give priority to flexibility. Such people are those who are less concerned about the job perk and who think family life is more important than anything else.

The gig economy is fueling the part-time jobs

As it’s getting difficult for organizations to sustain business for a long time, they are more focused on contract-based or temporary positions. This means, they are able to hire people for short-term assignments and let them go once the project gets completed. Moreover, employers are ready to offer options for people to work either daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis. The gig economy has also brought in a new change wherein working professionals can bid for a job and complete it on their own without using the company’s resources.Bidding for Job

The trend of bidding for a job had started with the growing popularity of the internet. Hundreds of writers, programmers, and designers from across the world are called in to bid for a short-term project. While the trend has caught with the employers from different field quickly, services like transporting goods and people from one place to another, and offering valuable insight to decorate a home or an apartment has taken the front seat.

If you are confident about your skills and can contribute to the success of clients, the gig economy can help you in getting a part-time job. Moreover, you will have the freedom to select the type of work as per your skills and as much of work you feel you can complete at the stipulated time. This way, you can be your own boss and start own a part-time business and mint money. In case, you are lacking the resources to work on your own, then a traditional part-time will be perfect for you. You can decide when to come to and leave the office provided the employer see you as a master of your trade.

Options to select multiple part-time jobs

One of the best advantage you can have for yourself opting for a part-time job is that you can do more than one job at the same time. Though it will not be easy to move from one employment place to another, you can enjoy your paycheck at the end of the month. If you are skilled to work for many jobs at once, try to locate employers who are at a closer distance to each other. It will help you save commuting time and be in a better position to have control over your work and domestic life.Multiple Jobs

However, you need to assess yourself first. Since different jobs require different skills, you have to hold the capacity to deliver the job. You must have the instinct to take new challenges and excel over them. Selecting a temporary job needs focus and commitment. Know your limits and take the decision wisely. When you see yourself incapable of meeting the challenges of multiple part-time jobs, it is better to let go the opportunities.

Assess your time and part-time scenario

A recent statistics on part-time jobs in the USA has shown a dramatic decrease in the last five to six years. Even though, the drop is significant, the number of jobs prevailing in the market are enough to motivate you for a part-time gig. Before taking a leap, understand that you will be receiving a paycheck that can bother you, especially, after seeing your peers on the same job drawing better wages than you. Further, you have to calculate how much time you will be spending on the job.Assess your time

Though money may not matter you at present, but in the long run it is the only thing that will come to your rescue when you are in deep trouble. So, try to weigh between flexibility and benefits and observe carefully which one appears heavier than the other. Besides lower wages, there will also be a cut in the traditional benefits such as medical facilities, and home rent allowances.

What skills and qualities you will need for a part-time job

There are limited fields for a part-time career. What you will be asked to do will largely depend on the job position. However, the most common skills and qualities necessary for any job is communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills. Another personal traits such as dependability, reliability, and abilities to exert extra efforts are also looked for.skills and qualities

In case you have eyes on converting your part-time job into a full-time career, adaptability and patience are highly recommended. Furthermore, in the limited working hours, you have to prove your worth. You have to develop a mindset that will allow to take initiatives and go that extra miles in order to accomplish the given tasks in time.

What type of part-time jobs you can start

As the growth in the economy has given more purchasing power in the hands of consumers, several retail stores are sprouting up each month. Even in your area, you can find several retail stores dealing in electronics, grocery, lifestyle, and other utility products. If you feel you can handle customers patiently and help them in selecting a product, and giving a product demonstration, a retail sales associate job is best for you.what type

Par-time jobs are also available in the food service industry where you can work as a food server, bar tender, or a waiter. Several fast food joints hire people to handle the evening rush. And since maximum people go out for lunch and dinner, there is no recession in the food industry.

You can take a part-time job as a writer or an editor if you are good in English and grammar. There is also an option to work as a freelance writer since many companies want writers to post blogs on their products and services and also maintain their social media accounts. The writing and editing professions are best if you are dreaming of becoming self-employed.

If you love driving, than there are many options to work as a part-time driver. You can work for a single family or with a cab service agency. Even some companies hire drivers to transport their executives from the office to their guest rooms. Even schools would be happy to hire you as a driver for picking up and dropping off children.

Part time jobs are best to balance work and life for those who are happy with lower wages and lesser benefits. It is also best for people who are looking for honing their skills and thinking of a career change. Further, this career is good to supplement your current income if you are good at doing multiple jobs.

Few Ways to Earn a Promotion

Every morning, walking across your manager’s cabin to reach the diagonally opposite small cubicle of yours; you do wish to own that well furnished cabin one day and make yourself comfortably seated on the chair.Earn a Promotion

However, stares and wishes will take you nowhere. If you want to climb up the corporate ladder, you will have to work and earn it till the top. Working out promotions is no different from landing first jobs. Rather, it is perhaps tougher a task to accomplish.

The professional world is different. All of your competitors are ought to be performing at the best of their abilities. Reaching deadlines and troubleshooting problems are prime ingredients that only add to your sustenance in the same position. If you are looking for a leap, you need to prepare yourself for the long jump.

Therefore, for all readers who are aspiring to get promoted to some higher professional designations, this post has everything to get you started.

Perform beyond expectations:

The first step to curve out the path to your promotion, is to appear as someone who is exceptionally skilled for the current job role. Your managers need to feel that the job role has somehow become too easy for you and therefore you need to be placed in a more challenging environment!beyond expectations

Now, on a serious note, ignoring current job tasks in a pursuit to learn more about the aspired position is not a very efficient tool for the purpose. Rather, remaining focused on the present job role and performing much more than what is expected is something that needs to be your initial step towards the desired promotion.

Learn about the position:

Now, earning a promotion is not that easy. You will definitely have to put in a lot of effort to reach that position.Learn

Aspirants need to manage their current job role and also learn about the desired position SIMULTENEOUSLY. If you want to be promoted to higher designations, first try learning what are the things you will need to have, so as to be functional in that position. Before you march towards your manager’s cabin, try finding if you are ready to land that position.

Try finding out the skills and expertise you will be needing. In the process, you will somehow come to know about things you still have to learn and acquire. Thus, when you finally request your managers to consider you for a promotion, you can definitely present the acquired skill set that makes you the most employable candidate before them.

Make sure that authorities know you:

Not being effectively visible amongst authorities is the greatest hurdle faced by many professionals working in big corporate houses. Not having a good connection or access to authorities can snatch away the promotion you truly deserve.authorities know you

In an organization employing thousands of employees, it is not only your work performance that can keep you in the lime light. You need to have something more to be noticed and somewhat popular amongst authorities. And here is where your networking and interpersonal skills come to play.

Therefore, having a good rapport with authorities; so much that they can atleast have your name on their minds whenever a vacancy arises, is equally important for internal hirings.

Is the position a good match for you?

The position you are aspiring for, may seem to be very lucrative; however, if you do not like the job role, you will never be able to perform at the best of your abilities. And when you don’t work, you don’t earn.position

Therefore, don’t just get carried away with all the perks the role may earn you. First analyze the profile aptly and try finding if you are truly going to enjoy the work. Careers need to be chosen according to personalities. If you can handle roles that somehow relate to your own personality, tasks in hand can be accomplished very easily.

Let people know your plans:

Now, once you are done with all your preparation, don’t miss to inform relevant people that you are preparing to move above the career ladder. This is again very important for internal hirings. If authorities are not aware about your choices and areas of interests, it is very much evident that they will never talk to you about hiring.let people know

Remember that if you don’t make the call, others will! So, once you are decided to try for a higher position, start preparing and let relevant people know that you are aspiring for landing the position and making equal efforts to make yourself eligible for the same.

These were five important tips that can earn you a much awaited promotion. By now you may have perhaps understood that career acceleration is not driven by skill and perseverance alone. A professional attitude where you maintain cordial relations with coworkers and bosses, strong networks and doing the right thing at the right time, are equally important.

Thus, now that you have learned about how to pocket a promotion, just go for it and make the best of the opportunities that come your way.

Few Tips About Your Job, Income and Savings

“Savings work when you don’t.” This was what grabbed Clara’s attention when she was just reading a regular fashion magazine. Clara, a business analyst by profession, was waiting at the airport for her flight to take off. She managed to take a break from work and planned for a vacation in Orlando.savings

This one liner, that was perhaps a tag line of an ad campaign ran by some investment agency, was sufficient to drive her into some introspection. “Do I need to check out my savings account?” “ Am I doing enough to secure my future?”

Clara goes back to her days when she had just started. She was only 18 and savings was not something that was bothering her then. After a few years, she landed herself in a suitable position that was earning her just fine. Her monthly income was sufficient to pay her bills, rent, maybe a theater sometimes or occasional coffee with friends. However, despite all those things her salary could buy, somewhere deep down, she always had that urge of earning slightly more. Perhaps, that was how she could make those cafe parties a regular affair, or could move into a well-furnished apartment.

Perchance, this was what pushed her to work towards greater success, that she is now enjoying. Anyone, who has known Clara, is proud of her. She has indeed moved a long way now!

Yes, she is earning loads; however, no one knows what the future holds to unfold!!

Clara suddenly realizes that it’s high time she should make some careful decisions. Savings need to be her next call. However, now she was already on her way to Orlando, where she has paid for an exotic vacation. Nevertheless, Clara decides to make some research on saving techniques that she is going to follow once she returns from her “planned” trip.

While Clara was researching on these techniques, she made a note of whatever she found important to her context. This is what her laundry list read:

Needs Vs Luxuries:

In one of the online articles, Clara found that the primary step towards savings is to know your areas of regular expenditure and how much money is retained after spending on the same.Needs Vs Luxuries

For many of us, who are earning loads similar to Clara, do not keep track of our expenditure. We tend to spend first and make plans for savings later. However, this is something totally opposite to what we should actually do.

The golden rule is – make plans for savings first, and the rest will follow. When you have a limited amount of money to spend, you will kind of “see” the things that you actually need and the ones you can skip very well. Thus, you know the difference between needs and luxuries.

It is saving and not starving:

Don’t you think that whenever we have decided to bring about a significant change in our lives, we are somewhat over enthusiastic about executing such plans?

And the stronger we resolute, the quicker we quit. Therefore, the catch is you need to go slow. Do not make plans that are far from realization.

As for example, if having a Raspberry fool pastry on Sunday evenings is a must for you; so much that you cannot go to bed without it, just don’t plan to eliminate it from your system. Trust me, you will fail utterly.

Do you want to know what happens if you get so rigid, just when you start?

You may skip those raspberry desserts for a couple of days. And then when you cannot restrain yourself from tasting it; you end up having five at one go. This is true…

Therefore, to avoid such mishaps, carefully decide on the things that you seriously cannot do without and then, do not get harsh on yourself to eliminate those from your life. To explain it further, we come back to raspberry dessert.

Think , if you are allowing yourself to taste these irresistible desserts on Saturdays and Mondays as well; when you had planned it for Sundays only? If yes, then you can restrict it to just once in a week initially. Who knows one fine day you may not even have that urge to taste it at all!!

Clara finds that her visits to the herbal spa saloon, once a month is analogous to raspberry deserts used as an example here. Now you need to find yours!!

The 30 days plan:

The day you receive your salary, do not get overwhelmed to spend it. Instead, open a notebook and make a few columns – Income, My needs, I can skip, and Savings Target.The 30 days plan

Now, every time you spend on any item, make sure to make an entry in the notebook. Note, if this was something that was listed under needs section or things you could skip, jot the amount you have spent on it. Finally, at the end of the month, you are there with the remaining amount of money. Is it close to the amount you had set as the target? It’s great if you reach your target. If not, there is nothing to feel sorry about. The next time you will definitely be in a better state.

This is a very good practice advised by many economists. And the only way to experience its usefulness is by practicing it. So all the very best in your mission.

Clara is now quite satisfied with her research and feels that she is all set to make saving plans. However, there is one thing that she wants to add to this list. And this comes from her own personal experience.

Clara had started to earn quite early in life. And today, when she looks back, she sadly realizes that if she had started saving right from the beginning; perhaps, she would have become a millionaire by now.

Therefore, her advice to all young professionals is that saving is not something you start when you are somewhere in the mid of your career. Rather, the early you start – the better it is. With age, there are things that you cannot exclude from your expenditure list. It could be anything – medicines, gadgets, commodities that you have made yourself addicted to. However, when you are young, you have a better control over yourself. You are more energetic to work harder, and you are comparatively smarter than your older self. Hence, start saving right from your first job.

As they say, saving a penny is earning a penny. So, save your penny today for a better tomorrow.