How Men and Women React to Success & Failure at Work

There are many differences in men and women both biologically and fundamentally. The changes in them are congenital. How they react and behave in a particular situation is totally different. If you observe both these genders since their childhood, you will realize that each of them interpret messages differently. Even their behavior is influenced by myriads of factors with no similarities. When men and women go through their development phases, each gender starts developing its own set of thinking. They may have the same liking for sports though, but their reasons of participation in the activities are totally contrasting.Men and women at work

For example, boys are more inclined towards manly sports whereas women toward feminine sports. The former ones, taking an active part in any activities with the feeling of dominating opponents. The latter ones consider sports an opportunity to build relationships. Boys become aggressive while competing and do not hesitate in getting into conflict with opponents. Girls, however, stay calm and are nice to others, even their competitors. The masculine genders love to take control of the activities they are participating. Despite being competing fiercely in the sports, they follow the orders of their team leaders. Boys learn to develop and meet goals while indulging with sports activities. Girls learn to collaborate.

Based on the thinking and reasons of participation in various sports, we can easily form an analogy with the workplace. The differences between them has a major impact on the way we take our work.

1. Team Concept

When both men and women have totally different outlook towards sports participation, how can they hold the same view when it comes to working as a team. For men, working in a team is being answerable for the tasks assigned to them. They are only concerned about finishing off the given tasks. They will not take time to learn how is the other team members doing. Even they complete their tasks much ahead of the scheduled time, they will hardly take any initiative of helping others and enjoy the spare time pursuing their personal interests of hobbies.Team Concept

Women are not generally like men. For them, being a team player means working collectively with the team members, and providing help to someone who is struggling with the given tasks. What the women learned during their development years are implemented by them at the workplace. They feel a team culture is one that shares ideas with each other, resolves conflicts, and works collectively towards achieving the goals.

2. Taking credit for success

Success is the ladder to climb high up the hierarchy of an organization. This mantra is very well imbibed by men. When men achieve success, they don’t hesitate to take credit for that. They also gloat over their skills and talent applied for the achievement. Every good beginning and happy ending is all because of their skills and talent. Others don’t even have a say or contribution in it. This is what they believe. They have a deep yearning inside them of becoming a hero and when the opportunity comes knocking, they don’t fail to grab it. On the contrary, when success eludes them, or they fail, they try to pass the buck to others. They go to any extent in framing others for the failure and saving their own back.Taking credit for success

On the other hand, when women succeed, they point towards the team work. They give credit to the entire team and never shy away from asserting or attributing success to the team. Any good results for them is because of the contribution of all. And when they fail, they take the onus and boldly accept the responsibilities for failure. They may even take the blame on themselves and say that they haven’t given their 100%.

3. Problem solving

Men and women have their own ways to solve problems. The former tend to seek for solutions personally. For them, providing a solution to the problem is like reserving a birth for the next promotion. They go to any length in resolving the issue and prove their competency. This gender sees a problem as an opportunity to grab power and control over others. When authority is bestowed upon them, they are ever ready to take and implement any type of initiatives.Problem solving

Women take a different approach for solving a problem. First, they gather input for the solutions from their colleagues, ponder over it for a while, and then offer the solution. They are never bothered about losing or gaining authority over others. Moreover, they love the whole process of getting involved in the solution seeking process.

4. Liking for the processes

Women enjoy each and every process to get closer to the goals. They never miss even a single step though the goals elude them. They love being a part of the whole process and less focused towards the goals. These working class is more inclined towards what goes into the process rather than the goal. Liking for the processes

Working at their own pace and learning every ins and out of the processes are things women love the most. Men, however, stay focused on the goals. For them, the processes matter the least and reaching to the set target as soon as possible is the priority. They are motivated for the goal and apply total energy for attaining it.

5. Hierarchy & relationships

Men have high regards for hierarchy and set their eyes on the top most slot. They are comfortable in following the orders of the higher authority and see themselves in that position in the near future. These working class love to work in an environment where there is a set hierarchical system. Following a standard protocol is what men believe the most and abide by it. For they knew once reaching the top of the hierarchy will generate the same kind of respect for them in others. On the contrary, women develop a tendency to pay heed more to relationships than hierarchy. It’s not that they don’t follow orders or behave as per their own will. They only apply what they have grabbed and experienced throughout their development years. Women enjoying sharing goals and building an understanding among their colleagues.

These behaviors and attitude of men in the workplace are enough to conclude that the way they grow and learn things during their childhood, makes a huge difference in how they see success and failure at work. Success for women is not primary. They love to build relationships with colleagues and help them. Men are flexible to accept any authority and following the company’s protocol. But their aim is always reaching to the top slot of the hierarchy.

How to Become a Star in Your New Office

So, you’ve joined the new office and are clueless as hell as to how to get along with everybody? It is quite a task to become popular in your workplace in a very short time. Moreover, it is also difficult to get used to a new environment and new colleagues in a jiffy. Unless you are an extrovert, you are in the new office due to your contacts, or you simply take to people as plants do to sunlight!become a star in the new office

Getting along with new people and fresh work concerns looks extremely daunting to a reserved person just like getting acclimatized to a new country is.

However, becoming a star employee isn’t too much of a task if you’re passionate and interested about your new work. Work becomes play when you do what you love. However, few of these thumb-rules could help you become a hit among your co-workers and colleagues. What’s more, you can surely get noticed by the top-end managers too:

Bond with people, but don’t flatter them!

Make your seniors know how badly you wished from your college times to work in this organization. But know your limits while doing so. Do not indulge in flattery and needless buttering.Bond with people

People can tell flattery from genuine praise. Go light on the sweet words. Be precise and to the point. This will save time of both the parties from getting wasted on undue sugar-coated words.

Invite colleagues for coffee:

This tip is the best way to get to know your colleagues better. Furthermore, enjoying coffee with your team members is also a nice way to break the ice between you

Inviting colleagues over weekend is also a great way to spend time with people whom you’d be working for the years or at least months to come. Getting to know the temperament and attitude of the people you work with is as useful.

Be the problem-solver and not the problem-creator:

Just as it is important to be in the right place at the right time, it is also important not to be the reason for problems in your workplace.Problem Solver

Try as far as possible to neither be the problem-creator nor the person responsible for the problem. Be the proactive person, ready to be the on-site trouble-shooter. Assuming responsibility for solving the problem rather than adding to it or being a passive onlooker is unwelcome and unsavory too.

Likewise, try to be the go-to-person in the office. This could be your shortcut to becoming popular among everyone in the office. Being in the shoes of a problem-solver could make you the keeper of everybody’s issues and problems in life. This could in all likelihood make you a one-stop solution for every relationship and life problem.

Improve your communication skills:

Work-life is a polar opposite of college-life. Grades and not communication mattered in the academics to be rated as a star student. In the work-life, communication and performing your duties well is what matters. Good interpersonal skills and being a master of all trades matter in work-life.communication skills

Strong interpersonal skills are helpful for the employee to know his colleagues and bosses in the new office in a proper manner. Being able to communicate with both the parties is what helps keep smooth communication and ultimately helps each employee to execute his duties well.

Ask your seniors or colleagues when in doubt:

Clear your doubts and the questions clouding you about any issue related to work. It is better to ask and clear the doubts rather than assume things. As it is rightly said, “It is better to ask and clear your doubts, rather than come across as dumb by keeping quiet.Ask your seniors

It’s completely okay to ask questions about the many things one doesn’t know related to the office owing to being new on the job. Again, not knowing every darn detail is absolutely normal being a freshman in the office.

Meet your deadlines on time:

It is absolutely essential to follow this tip to the tee for gaining status of a star employee in the office. Employees who follow deadlines and are people who take their work commitments very seriously are always priced by their bosses.Deadlines

Likewise, set targets and see that you adhere to them, come what may. Trying to make your boss’ life easier by following the deadlines, and submitting reports on time may help making the boss’s work easier. Just doing your work properly and precisely in a mistake-free fashion guarantees you get noticed by the bosses.

Organize activities in the office:

Organizing recreational activities in the office whenever the need arises is akin to a stress-buster. Doing so only helps in diverting one’s mind from the tiring work. Also, taking off a few minutes from work helps the person to return to work with a refreshed mind and body.Office activities

Making others participate in such activities could help bring out the hidden talents. And also help you show off your event planning skills.

Do not waste your time in unproductive activities:

There are perhaps countless times that you have decided to start working on something and it doesn’t really gain initiation because some other activity takes up your attention.Unproductive Activities

Similarly, do not while away your time in meaningless gossips about anybody or anything which isn’t related to your work. Instead, focus all of that attention on completing your work and gain the satisfaction of having completed your work efficiently.

Make use of pen and paper for recording details:

Even if you aren’t a pen and paper person, get into the habit of taking down details in meetings and training sessions. Committing everything to memory isn’t feasible as everyone doesn’t have an elephant’s memory. To top it, committing things to memory may only cause you to forget tiny details, which may or may not be really that important.Paper Pen

Recording details on a notepad allows you the liberty to refer it in the future, if necessary.

Maintain a positive disposition:

It is important to maintain a positive and happy persona howsoever difficult the work gets. After all, no one likes to work with a sad person, ready to crack up even under pressure.Positive

They say, “cry and the world will leave you, smile and the world smiles with you.” A sunny disposition helps you conquer the world and also keep the world in a joyous mood. Maintaining a positive and happy mood in the office is directly proportionate to the work the boss is able to squeeze out from his employees.

Be willing to put in efforts for the company:

Chipping in to help the company in times of its’ need is a very important trait an employee can inculcate. Doing the tasks irrespective of his own job description is a very valued characteristic any employee can have.

This quality helps the employee to heighten his credibility and worth to the company. He would be looked upon for being valuable to the company over a person who just does what is expected of him and packs off for the day. Putting in efforts more than what are required could also improve chances of promotion for the employee.

Starting a new job is just like exploring an exciting theme park. You get to learn new aspects as you progress further inside. Being able to shift the useful information from the useless ones is paramount while doing so. Becoming a star employee shouldn’t be the sole aim of any employee. Being able to function properly and to be of value to the company irrespective of your job description is important. It is not only important that you deliver what you are expected to but do a bit more of what is expected of you. Ultimately, you will get noticed if you perform well.

How to Work with a Younger Boss

With age and experience comes authority. It also provides power to coordinate and control the younger workers. However, the power equations have changed these days. Power is mainly in the hands of less experienced, and newly minted management graduates fresh from the Ivy League Schools. Gone are the days when boss meant, a senior aged person grunting at his juniors for getting the work done. The numerous startups mushrooming in the IT sector have also contributed to a trend where younger people are leading the older ones. Such a trend is bound to kick in clashes and differences in opinions among the leader and the people he leads.Younger Boss

The folks in the company who are extremely senior have a hard time dealing with a change in leadership. They are getting instructions from people half their age, getting orders from people who have lesser experience or even skill-sets less superior than their own.

In such circumstances, it is extremely important to have a free-flowing dialogue with the concerned bosses to have a satisfactory work-life. This also helps the senior employees develop a good rapport with a younger boss. At times, the younger bosses can also learn the ropes from the older fishes. Learning to deal with a boss, who probably could be your son/daughter’s age is beneficial to both the parties.

Know and appreciate his or her capabilities:

Do not harbor doubts about the person who is your boss just because he is younger to you. Harboring a grudge or preconceived notions about his or her capabilities will not help in any ways.appreciate

Doubting the leadership abilities of the younger boss and judging whether he or she is fit for the job is but natural. Age in no way can completely decide one’s caliber to become a boss. They have been appointed as the boss because they possess certain skills, qualifications and the ability to lead people from multiple age-groups. Just because the boss is younger by age doesn’t mean he won’t make an efficient manager.

Speak out your mind:

Speaking out and expressing your thoughts on the issue of power shifts into the younger hands is necessary to unburden you, even partly. Having pep talks with colleagues at work or with your spouse could help you understand the situation. They could also give you ways to deal with the issue more objectively.Speak out

Such pep talks will help you to maintain a stable mental make-up, but also won’t harm your productivity. Bottling up your feelings and frustration over having to report to a person very much younger to you can otherwise be taxing.
A healthy discussion with friends, and spouses who have undergone similar issues also helps.

Evolve with the technologies:

The electronic age today is all about 5G, automated technology, pings, email communication and all things tech. It is a bit daunting for the senior folks to get comfortable with the use of new technology, since they have used generic things all their lives.Evolve with the technologies

Using the instant messenger services, referring to digital calendars, using online planners for appointments and reminder purposes is seldom the cup of tea of the senior folks. The condition is exactly opposite in case of the younger bosses. They prefer to communicate with their colleagues through a simple ping instead of going to the desk personally. Communication through video-conferencing with people in offices on the other side of the globe is a thing they can do with a click.

Thus, putting in efforts for getting a hang of the technology doesn’t harm either. It will only help you in connecting with your younger boss, in a better way. Remember, making use of technology also indirectly translates to increased productivity because of time saved using other modes.

Share useful information with the boss:

The senior workers are an asset to the organization due to their invaluable experience in their work and also their experiences in handling unsavory situations and people. So, being senior to the newly appointed boss who is younger in age, you need to give him certain helpful information which he doesn’t pose and you do. Dispensing information not only underlines your seniority but also increases your respect in the eyes of the younger bosses.Share useful information

Giving him information about a certain client or a similar situation and how you handled it, will certainly help. However, do not take this as an opportunity to sing paeans about your indispensability to the organization. Be precise. Something like this could be apt: There was a similar glitch few years back relating to XYZ client, who is extremely fussy about the work. We had handled it this way and this was the outcome.

Contribute to the company’s growth utilizing your experience:

Having seniority in the organization owing to your age and experience gives you an edge over the bosses who are considerably on the younger side of age. Having talks about life-in-general and the life outside the office will help you develop a rapport with the boss who is the age of your son/'s growth

Your age also means that you have a trove of life-lessons and experiences as products of the mistakes you committed. Sharing profound real work-life experiences with your boss could probably shape their world-view. Such open chats also widen the horizon of the younger people in power.

Don’t generalize younger people

The senior workers tend to classify the younger ones in particular stereotypes. Looking at the latter type with the same frame of mind is quashing your mind. It is necessary to understand that not all younger bosses are arrogant, surgically attached to their gadgets, or have inherited the position just because they belong to a particular family.Don't generalize

The younger bosses do lack experience, but are in no way are novices in the field. They are intelligent individuals and it is unfair to reject their ideas, just because they are coming from a person who’s younger in age. Their ideas could possibly have fabulous outcomes too.

Never resort to derogatory remark:

The young age of the person in the boss’s shoes doesn’t give you any license to make him look bad or the opportunity to insult him. Avoid phrases like, “This isn’t your cup of tea,” “You won’t understand all this…,” “I would have done this had I been in your place,” so on and so forth at all costs. Remember, the bosses even though very young, are intelligent individuals and not kids. Trying to make him act according to your instructions is insulting to their abilities. It is the indirect responsibility of the experienced folks to guide the younger bosses. Share your knowledge, but do not over-emphasize your point. Pressuring the bosses into accepting any particular idea from the seniors is a no-no.

Focus on the skills you have:

Instead of fretting over the fact that you have to report to a boss younger in age and experience, choose to focus on the skills you possess.Focus on the skills

Focusing on the plusses is anytime beneficial than wasting time thinking about petty and unwanted things. It is important to feed your brain positive stuff to be able to properly focus on work. Remember, having achieved seniority in your career, you are the one in a winning position. Just concentrate on your work and better things will happen automatically.

Be the go-to person for the boss:

The boss being a younger one in age will always be in need of some valuable pieces of advices. Learn to dole out advice, suggestions and possibilities to him/her on the basis of your wide experience.

There are chances he/she could accept any of your ideas/suggestions and may appreciate you.

Learn to respect your boss:

In this context, albeit the boss being a person having very little experience of handling people needs to be treated with reasonable, if not utmost respect. It is a give and take relationship where your vast experience aides him in his work and his new ideas impart a fresh outlook to the work.respectBeing able to respect the boss despite a huge difference in your age is a matter of pride. Respecting his ideas and authority also helps him to function smoothly as a boss.

Learn to let go

Seniority and holding a superior position for years together entitles a sense of belonging in any senior employee. The dedication and their drive for perfection makes them tolerate nothing but work done to perfection. They want nothing but work which is flawless and is completed in time.

On the other hand, bosses belonging to Gen-Y are 30 something and extremely aggressive, fiercely ambitious and even prone to mistakes. That said, they also have different immediate goals and priorities to be focused on.

Learning to be able to switch off from work after the work-hours is essential to lead a balanced life. Learning to enjoy and savor the finer moments of life, instead of being immersed in a laptop screen at home takes away the joy of living. No work will ever be able to replace the joy of time well spent with your loved ones.

The senior employees bring their vast experience to the table which makes them invaluable to the organization. Whereas, the younger bosses help to get a fresh perspective to the work with their new ideas and academic talent. Both are different sides of the same coin. Ultimately, it’s not the age of your boss, which really matters, it’s how he or she manages a team that really does. What is really important for both the senior and the boss is to be able to keep all differences aside and maintain a healthy work environment.

Workplace Productivity Killers

Workplace productivity is nothing but measuring the efficiency of employees. It not only helps in detecting how skillful and valuable employees are, but also in evaluating their performance monthly, quarterly, and annually.

While putting in efforts and utilizing work hours aptly are imperative to enhance productivity, it is also necessary to keep honing up one’s skills. Since organizations are formed to make profits out of their business, they will never give a second thought in firing non-performing employees.Workplace Productivity Killers

Moreover, the management can easily detect such employees by using the productivity parameter. Therefore, the employees should try to adapt themselves to the changing needs of business so that they can prove their value to the organization and secure their position in the organization.

To stay with the organization longer, it is absolutely necessary for an employee to be productive and identify the elements that encumber them. Identification of such elements and ironing them out of their schedule ought to be carried out by employees regularly. By adhering to this practice, it will help them in accomplishing daily target.

This helps him work on them and thus improve the amount of work and target completion in the whole day and subsequently in the ensuing weeks. This and will indirectly translate to improving productivity.

Taking stock of bugs which interfere with everyday productivity is a small step towards increasing work efficiency on the employee’s part.

Following are some of the workplace productivity killers:

Overuse of a cellphone

Whoever invented a cellphone would never have thought that it could also hinder production. People have skirted away from the actual purpose of the invention, which is to use it during an emergency. Today, rather than using it for meaningful conversation, it is more used for unnecessary chatting and logging in to all sorts of apps and games.Overuse of a cellphone

People have got so used to this small electronic device, that they never realize that overuse of cellphone is eating away their productivity. If employees stay away from this device during work hours, they will never face any issue.

The internet

A treasure trove of knowledge, but also a distraction.

The internet has become an office equipment for any big or small company. It is used for internal and external communication as well as running a product campaign on social media.The internet

Despite its many benefits, it has also become a source of distraction due to the ocean of information stored in it. If employees stay connected to their social media account and waste time in chatting, surfing through unwanted websites, and digging in personal emails, productivity is bound to decline. Hence, employees should use it for work-related purpose only if they don’t want to get a harsh memo from the HR.

Online shopping websites

The internet has offered lots of convenience to people, one of them is online shopping. Many online shopping websites have mushroomed over the years for providing the users with ease of shopping from home or anywhere. While online shopping does save time and a few dollars that people spend on fuel to reach the brick and mortar stores, it also eats away a good amount of time surfing through the website pages.Online shopping

Browsing through multitudes of pages to find the right product for gifting a loved one or even buying for one’s own use consumes a lot of precious work time. Time wasted on such useless endeavor in turn gets reflected in the poor work quality.

Engaging in gossiping

Employees wasting time by the water cooler talking about XYZ, gossiping about somebody’s personal life, discussing details about new or existing employees, backbiting derive nothing in terms of productivity. It only harms the reputation of the gossip-spreader. If such information falls on the ears of the bosses, it creates a negative impression of that person. On the other hand, the person who is the subject of gossip only gets free publicity.Engaging in gossiping

Indulging in gossiping thus reduce productivity and also increase harboring of negative feelings like jealousy, negative competition, grudges in employees’ minds about their co-workers.

Social media

Logging into Facebook for wishing a classmate or acquaintance, or checking your Instagram feed is harmless. But letting the social networking sites interfere with your work-life is uncalled for. While social media can be a boredom-buster, it could also eat up into a lot of time of your work-hours.Social media

Besides, it is also possible for the boss to monitor the employee’s online activities and know whether he’s spending excessive time socializing on Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat or Twitter. Even worst, he could probably be standing right behind you when you’re criticizing him on your Facebook account.

Talkative co-workers

Chatterboxes are co-workers who are notoriously infamous for being loudmouths who want to talk about any and everything on the planet. What annoys more is sharing of their boring life details with you.Talkative co-workers

Dealing with such a coworker with diplomacy is the key to maintaining amicable relations and also not coming across as a blockhead. Giving an ear to a co-worker in the break time to hear out their rantings about their personal life or problems is fine to a certain extent. Instead of pretending to be busy, make them understand the fruitlessness of rants and complaints.

Ask them to focus better on their work in hand instead. If such chats find their way into your work environment, then be prepared to lag behind in your targets and work. Talkative workers often stray the concentration of the employees.

In the same vein, nosy co-workers are also a big headache and another addition to the productivity killer list. They are extremely inquisitive and won’t shut up till you tell them everything about the date you went on and the meeting with his or her parents. Dealing with such co-workers is an add-on to your job. You cannot really avoid it even if you change the job.


 Accept it or not, temperatures in the office affect your productivity.

The temperature in the work environment does affect work productivity of an employee in an entire workday. The temperature in the office should be such that it is fine for everyone. Neither should anyone be feeling stuffy and nor like one is sitting in the polar regions.Temperature

High air-conditioning not only lowers the productivity of the employees, but also could be affecting their health. Studies show that the colder office environs are linked to a lower productivity rate.

Frequent Meetings

It is important to limit the number of meetings until absolutely required.
Team leads and the people who have employees reporting to them should avoid the temptation to call meetings for any trivial reasons.Frequent Meetings

Meetings should be called only if absolutely necessary and for seriously important issues only. Calling frequent meetings only hampers employees’ productivity and focus on the work.

Frequent breaks

Tea break, coffee break, smoke break, lunch break….the list of breaks in an entire work day is mind-boggling and endless. Employees on their part should limit their breaks in order not to waste time. Such breaks not only take your mind off the work, but also contribute in wasting your time thus hampering productivity.Frequent breaks

Instead, short breaks with a definite time span must be incorporated into the employee’s schedule. Employees ought to know what time to return to their work station. Breaks need to be carefully scheduled.

Recreational games

 A productivity killer in disguise.

Many IT companies have various in-house games for the employees to help them refresh from the everyday monotonous

A pool-table, a place for table tennis, an enclosure for playing squash all sure are games planned for employees to up their productivity. Unfortunately, such games only reduce the focus of the employee on his work and increase the sense of competition among workers.

The games are undoubtedly great ways for the employee to tune in out of work for sometime and to rid him from his work stress. Since the employees get engrossed in playing them, there are chances they could forget about their work for a while. Recreational games are seen to have become productivity killers as they take the employee off the work for a lot of time.

Faulty ergonomics

Harmful for the human body in the long run.

Faulty ergonomics causes the productivity of a person to reduce substantially, which means the person isn’t really comfortable the way furniture, workstation, and other necessary things are designed and installed. Moreover, it also leads to back injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, wrist injuries, numbness, etc.Faulty ergonomics

All in all, trying to combat productivity killers ought to be a team process. Discussing the elements that are acting as encumbrances with each other can fetch a solution. The employee needs to identify and try to work on overcoming those elements that kill the productivity in the workplace. Doing so will increase the person’s productivity by leaps and bounds and make him more valuable to the organization in the long run.

How to Become Your Boss’s Favorite?

A lot can be done when you remain in your boss’s good books. The opportunities may double and certain privileges just come to you very easily. However, paving the way to the top of your boss’s favorite list is not that easy a task. You need to work to earn it.

Boss's Favorite

Being likable is something that makes you more employable these days. Yes, skills and expertise are definitely important; however, if in addition you can project yourself as someone who is liked by coworkers and bosses, success is definitely not very far.

So, how do you become your boss’s first choice? Well, it involves certain strategies and of course considerable time. Therefore, to aide you with some quick tips that yield results, here are certain suggestions of becoming your boss’s favorite.

Know your boss’s preference:

Every boss will not have the same key to unlock. Some prefer diligent workers while others prefer multitasking employees. Punctuality is also a very essential trait many employers look for. They may overlook skills if they find employees being unpunctual.

impress your boss

So, striving to be your boss’s favorite, you first need to know his/her choice. Once you know this, you will have an idea of what can impress your boss. Then, working towards the target will not be very difficult. Implement desirable traits within you and showcase the same before your boss.

Being innovative:

Entrepreneurs are now seeking creative ideas for their business. A person who can bring about innovative and effective ideas is likely to be considered as an asset to the entire organization and not only be the boss’s favorite.Being innovative

Therefore, keep learning and expanding your knowledge so that you can come up with fresh and creative ideas. Present them before your bosses and request for their reviews. If by any chance your ideas get implemented, there’s no limit to your professional success. However, make sure that the ideas are not irrelevant and undesired. In such cases, the consequences can be really bad.

Work to impress:

Ultimately, on the professional front, it is your work that speaks the loudest. So, in an attempt to be the favorite employee, efficiency at work needs to be your prime focus.Work to impress

Always aim at performing better than yesterday. Share ideas whenever feasible. Show interest in company’s all round development and not only your personal targets. Offer to help your boss or other team members. This projects you as someone who is dedicated towards company growth and welfare.

Accept rejections and criticism:

It is very natural that your boss may sometime disagree with your work or may even reassign tasks, when you may feel that the piece of work is simply perfect.Accept reject

However, don’t make it too difficult for your boss to state facts against you. Learn to accept things that you don’t agree with. Take your boss’s criticism as an inspiration to grow and become better than what you are today.

Many employees although fail here. They make it too evident for their boss’s to notice that they are somehow not liking the rejections coming. In such a scenario, you will never be given opportunities of growth. Your boss will like to keep you in the same profile where you have been working so that there is lesser interference from his/her side.

An employee who can learn to accept rejections positively and makes efforts to grow is definitely the boss’s favorite employee; despite some official falters you make.

Abide by all official norms:

Every workplace has some predefined official rules for employees to follow. While it may be very tempting to simply over look a few of those; especially when your boss is nowhere around, it is not a very good idea.official rulesExtending lunch hours and coffee breaks is not something that your boss may ignore. You may think that you are done with the days work and that can earn you some luxuries; you are pretty wrong. At least not now when you are yet to become the apple of your boss’s eye.

Therefore, always follow these small yet significant rules. This will help you build an impression before your boss. Once you are successful here, you may be excused for not following some of these rules later, when you become one of the most liked employees in the office.

Don’t get unnerved:

This is a very important personality trait every employer looks for while hiring. Professional life has number of ups and downs. A person who can manage both scenarios efficiently without loosing calm is always desired by employers.

Some one who gets easily bogged down with failures is not capable of taking risks. And a business without associated risk is simply not possible. Therefore, to project yourself as some one who can handle downsides along with business profits is what brings you closer to your boss’s list of favorites. And in addition, if you can troubleshoot problems easily, you definitely have achieved your target.

These were the six essential tips that can make you your boss’s favorite employee. Once you top the list, career progression and growth becomes a regular affair. Opportunities just come flowing to you and you just need to make the right move. This was all about becoming your boss’s favorite. Hope you found this article useful and relevant to your search.

Few Ways to Earn a Promotion

Every morning, walking across your manager’s cabin to reach the diagonally opposite small cubicle of yours; you do wish to own that well furnished cabin one day and make yourself comfortably seated on the chair.Earn a Promotion

However, stares and wishes will take you nowhere. If you want to climb up the corporate ladder, you will have to work and earn it till the top. Working out promotions is no different from landing first jobs. Rather, it is perhaps tougher a task to accomplish.

The professional world is different. All of your competitors are ought to be performing at the best of their abilities. Reaching deadlines and troubleshooting problems are prime ingredients that only add to your sustenance in the same position. If you are looking for a leap, you need to prepare yourself for the long jump.

Therefore, for all readers who are aspiring to get promoted to some higher professional designations, this post has everything to get you started.

Perform beyond expectations:

The first step to curve out the path to your promotion, is to appear as someone who is exceptionally skilled for the current job role. Your managers need to feel that the job role has somehow become too easy for you and therefore you need to be placed in a more challenging environment!beyond expectations

Now, on a serious note, ignoring current job tasks in a pursuit to learn more about the aspired position is not a very efficient tool for the purpose. Rather, remaining focused on the present job role and performing much more than what is expected is something that needs to be your initial step towards the desired promotion.

Learn about the position:

Now, earning a promotion is not that easy. You will definitely have to put in a lot of effort to reach that position.Learn

Aspirants need to manage their current job role and also learn about the desired position SIMULTENEOUSLY. If you want to be promoted to higher designations, first try learning what are the things you will need to have, so as to be functional in that position. Before you march towards your manager’s cabin, try finding if you are ready to land that position.

Try finding out the skills and expertise you will be needing. In the process, you will somehow come to know about things you still have to learn and acquire. Thus, when you finally request your managers to consider you for a promotion, you can definitely present the acquired skill set that makes you the most employable candidate before them.

Make sure that authorities know you:

Not being effectively visible amongst authorities is the greatest hurdle faced by many professionals working in big corporate houses. Not having a good connection or access to authorities can snatch away the promotion you truly deserve.authorities know you

In an organization employing thousands of employees, it is not only your work performance that can keep you in the lime light. You need to have something more to be noticed and somewhat popular amongst authorities. And here is where your networking and interpersonal skills come to play.

Therefore, having a good rapport with authorities; so much that they can atleast have your name on their minds whenever a vacancy arises, is equally important for internal hirings.

Is the position a good match for you?

The position you are aspiring for, may seem to be very lucrative; however, if you do not like the job role, you will never be able to perform at the best of your abilities. And when you don’t work, you don’t earn.position

Therefore, don’t just get carried away with all the perks the role may earn you. First analyze the profile aptly and try finding if you are truly going to enjoy the work. Careers need to be chosen according to personalities. If you can handle roles that somehow relate to your own personality, tasks in hand can be accomplished very easily.

Let people know your plans:

Now, once you are done with all your preparation, don’t miss to inform relevant people that you are preparing to move above the career ladder. This is again very important for internal hirings. If authorities are not aware about your choices and areas of interests, it is very much evident that they will never talk to you about hiring.let people know

Remember that if you don’t make the call, others will! So, once you are decided to try for a higher position, start preparing and let relevant people know that you are aspiring for landing the position and making equal efforts to make yourself eligible for the same.

These were five important tips that can earn you a much awaited promotion. By now you may have perhaps understood that career acceleration is not driven by skill and perseverance alone. A professional attitude where you maintain cordial relations with coworkers and bosses, strong networks and doing the right thing at the right time, are equally important.

Thus, now that you have learned about how to pocket a promotion, just go for it and make the best of the opportunities that come your way.

Why to Share Lunch With Coworkers?

Share lunch with coworkers and boost your productivity. Yes, this may sound bit of an exaggeration; however, this post can give you plenty of reasons that make this concept a perfect sense.

Skipping lunch and doubling work is a common scenario in today’s corporate environment. Grabbing a burger for lunch while you are still at your desk, rushing to complete the day’s work, seems to save a lot of your time.Lunch

However, going for lunch with coworkers can earn you some long term perks. And thus, you do need to have some time away from work and spend the same with colleagues. This ensures that the perks keep coming your way easily!

Eating Lunch and Growing Careers:

If only you knew that having lunch with colleagues can create such an impact on your career advancement, lunch would have been an important segment on your daily schedule.

It’s never too late. If you have not learned it before, you can do it here.

Lunch – As a relaxing agent:

A lunch with your coworker can make you feel a little relaxed; apart from the nutrition value that is already existing.

relaxing agent

After having worked for half the day, our brain seizes to come out with new innovative ideas. Therefore, a short break from the task in hand is vital to get back with greater zeal and focus. Talking to coworkers about things other than work, tends to refresh your mind upto a great extent.

However, care needs to be taken that lunch breaks don’t turn out to be gossip sessions. Only when you have healthy discussions with your coworkers, these lunch breaks will have a positive impact on you.

Lunch Hours and Connectivity:

Now, you are perhaps aware that professional network is essential to grow career. Lunch hours are a suitable time to build these connections.Lunch Connectivity

Especially, when you are new in the workplace, making optimum use of these lunch breaks to get acquainted with the place and its people is something that you need to do. And it would not be wrong to say that this is something that is expected of you as a new joiner.

Lunch to mend relations:

Professional success comes to those who can have pleasant relations with coworkers and bosses; apart from relevant skills.Lunch relations

All successful people make optimum use of their lunch breaks. And here it does not suggest that they keep working the whole day. Rather, they use lunch breaks to mend sore relations with colleagues. Discussing complex professional issues in a more casual tone can be best accomplished over a lunch.

So, if you are having a tiff with your coworker and don’t know what to do; use some consecutive lunch breaks to resolve issues.

Building trust on lunch conversations:

Trust, faith and reliability are vital for a healthy professional life. To be assigned with significant job responsibilities or to get promoted to higher levels, winning the trust of your coworkers and bosses is vital. And this again is not built in a day.

Lunch break conversations highlight your personality, your choices and principles. This can help you to have one or two strong connections within your workplace. Sharing ideas or areas of interests with right people can open new doors.

So, never skip lunch opportunities with coworkers if you want something more challenging on the job front.

Sharing lunch can make you happier:

Ultimately, the place where you spend most of your waking hours needs to be pleasant to be in. Some friends, a few jokes to share, some discussions regarding bosses are essential to keep liking the place where we work.Sharing lunch

Lunch hours are the best time to nurture such happy moments within office. Establishing some kind of friendship with coworkers can make you feel a little happier and wanted in your office. It can give you a simple but substantially important reason to continue with the work even when things tend to get a little monotonous.

Now, every one of us is completely aware of how professional relationships are important to grow careers. However, our work load pressure, targets and deadlines somehow compel us to overlook these peripheral yet essential aspects.

It needs to be understood that success has many different factors and harmonious relations and good will amongst the people you work with is an essential requisite for accelerating careers.

Long term results are always better than short term achievements. Ignoring lunch hours or other scopes of mingling with your colleagues can save you some time to reach somewhere near to your daily work targets. However, in the long run you end up in a situation where you have no professional acquaintances who can guide you through future career paths.

Above mentioned are few advantages of sharing lunch with coworkers. There can be plenty of other benefits as well. And once you start practicing it, you can explore the wonders it can create.

Few Signs that Prove You Have Bad Relations With Your Mentee

Someone has rightly said, that mentoring is not about molding people into your own image or reflection. Rather, it is about helping them find and frame their own unique personalities.mentee

Many of us may have professional mentors; however, not all can become future mentors for next generation. It is because, mentoring is not merely about sharing career guidelines; rather, it is just a small part of the whole process. However, the most unfortunate part is that, not many mentors have realized this fact.

Well, in my opinion I have a picture perfect image of a mentor. And therefore, I would like to share it with you.

I consider mentors to be the ones who can help me learn lessons from experiences gained. Someone who can lend me patient ears and listen to all my queries; however bad or irrelevant they are. Someone who can have that vision and foresight to help me make perfect career moves. And finally, my mentor needs to have full faith on my abilities, so much that this belief can boost my confidence and morale.

Is it a bit too much to expect? Perhaps Yes.

Although perfections are a myth and possibly it is true in this case as well; having a pursuit for the same is definitely not a futile attempt. Aiming for the stars you atleast reach the top of a tree. Therefore, try becoming a perfect mentor. And who knows, over the years you may have a few dedicating their success to your efforts taken today.

The first step towards this is to know what your mentee feels about you.

What kind of relationship do you share with your mentee? Do you have a pleasant relationship with your mentee? Or the relation has turned bad and you are still unaware?!

Is your mentee hating you secretly?

Here are a few signs that can help you know if relationships with your mentee has turned sour. Read this and don’t let this relation go worse.

Your mentee is repeatedly missing sessions:

Well, as a new joiner your mentee may have some irregular presence in sessions. That is perfectly fine, as freshers may take some time to sink into the corporate environment and accommodate all tasks on time. In such cases, you need to take those initial steps and inform them, that you are available at their convenience. However, make sure that you are not dealing with an insincere and unprofessional joiner!mentee and freshers

Now, if your mentee is suddenly missing sessions and is not making sufficient effort to cover up for the same; you need to get into some investigation. Perhaps, your mentee does not approve and is not gaining enough from conducted sessions.

You get to know about your mentee’s performance from others:

Well, it was mentioned earlier that mentors need to be patient listeners. However, if your mentees are not sharing their experiences and queries with you, Whom are you going to listen to?mentee's performance

No matter how good or bad the news is, your mentees needs to be the first one to share every professional experience with you. Whether they are doing remarkably well on their job front or are screwing up big time; you need to be informed about these stuffs. If you have mentees who are avoiding any form of discussion with you, its evident that you are in a bad relationship with them. Therefore, start working to mend it before it gets too late.

Your mentee is no longer interactive:

A mentor can consider half the work done; only when a two way communication process is generated. Now, if your mentee is not interactive enough to discuss possibilities and ways of improvement; then you fail at achieving your goals. There is another aspect to this. Well, you may have some joiners who feel a little hesitant to express their thoughts and opinions at the beginning. Thus, you cannot consider them as disinterested. Rather, it is your job to help them overcome this hesitation.mentee interactive

However, if you find few candidates to remain silent during sittings, who are otherwise reciprocal; then you have a serious issue to handle.

Your mentee is being disrespectful:

This is the most alarming sign to prove that you are definitely sharing a bad relationship with your mentee. And of course nobody wants to reach this state.

Well, it is a known fact that one of the prime responsibilities of a mentee is to respect his/her mentor. Perhaps, your mentee is also very much aware about this.disrespectful mentee

Rather, in my opinion, more than a rule it is a natural instinct that you are always courteous towards someone who is contributing towards your success. Mentors share essential information, personal experiences and provides countless and priceless advice to their junior staff; so that, they can learn and improve. Thus moving towards success.

However, if you do come across such candidates, it is unfortunate and I am scared you do not have much to do and improve this scenario. Nevertheless, you can still try and mend it. And if it still brings no improvement, it is best to get rid of such dysfunctional relationship.

Mentors play an influential role in providing diligent and enthusiastic future workforce to corporate world. Therefore, mentors need to be efficient in handling their job responsibilities.

One very prime reason that mentors fail to meet expectations is because they project themselves as second “bosses” before their mentees. However, in reality they are expected to be a guide and an advisor to them.

Again, mentors should never force their juniors to follow their footsteps. It is absolutely upon your mentees to decide about their career moves. You are only expected to prepare them for the journey and make them aware about different consequences that may arise.

Now that you have reached the end of this article, you perhaps have identified some loopholes in your mentoring technique. And realizing this suggests that half of your work is done. Therefore, you are all ready to have a pleasant and harmonious relationship with your mentee.

Good or Bad: Romantic Relationship at Workplace

Well, Monday mornings can be extremely annoying for you, but for them the Sundays have just begun! Perhaps, few weeks ago you had seen them eying each other from across the cubicle. The next you had seen them on long coffee breaks. You may perhaps have wondered if the coffee machine was getting a little biased and serving you with the old taste of coffee; while they were finding it something very relishing that they could spent the entire day emptying a cup of coffee.romance at workplace

Finally, you had seen them entering and leaving office together and you could sense it by now. Isn’t it? To add to it, one of your gossip monger colleagues perhaps had confirmed the news that the two are dating. Okay, love is again in the air and you can have another romantic couple writing their office romance stories along with meeting targets and deadlines hopefully!

Although, we have millions of theories which stands against personal relationships at workplace; every office does has some love story gossips. Again, not all workplace romantic relations go in vain and no matter how low the success rates are some stories meet happy endings.

As every coin has two sides, romantic relationship at workplace can also be equally good or bad. Therefore, if you are looking forward to office hookups or perhaps desperately avoiding it, this post may help you count the blessings and know the ugly side as well.

Office Romance – The Good side:

No fear of dating a stranger: The incertitude of being involved with a stranger on an emotional level vanishes when you are dating someone from your own office. Well, professionals spent most of their waking hours in their workplace amongst colleagues. Noticing the subtle things in a person and deciding if you admire or disapprove of those becomes easier now. Laying your trust on that particular person is something that comes naturally and with time.

Office Romance

No time wars: Many relationships get sour as one person in the knot demands more time from the other; while the other is unable to do so. Our professional lives often take over our personal lives. The extreme workload every professional has is sometimes not understood by their partners.

However, when you can yourself witness your partners getting drowned under work pressure, suspicions, insecurity and anger has to be out of the territory. Both partners are more understanding and since they spent considerable time together, the demand for special attention or time does not arise. It is said that office relationships that materialize are one of the most compatible relationships.

No networking issues: Professionalism demands good networking. Knowing people from different domains, working in different departments is good for your career growth. When people working at different departments somehow get inclined, it leaves scopes of having common and broad networks.

Office Romance – The Nasty truth:

Unfortunately, office romance has an ugly sad side that is perhaps more prominent than the goodness it involves. Romance at workplace can really get bad leading to jealousy, office politics, suffering productivity and many more. Let’s know how:

You start hurting the sight of coworkers: This happens especially when a new joiner and the Manager hook up together. Precisely, someone from a lower profile enjoys the attention from a high profile and influential person in the office has to breed jealousy.The Nasty truth

Although the PA – Boss relationships have been there for years now, no one can negate the fact that the attention the PA gets from her boss leaves her with extreme hatred, arrogance and disregard from other co workers. In addition, any self achieved success is never appreciated or recognized by others. It is somehow taken that the work just gets done as the person has an easy access to authorities.

Your productivity drains down: Even though you may not notice when your relationship with your coworker has just start blooming, your productivity has to suffer for atleast a short span or so. It is evident that your focus is a bit drifted and undivided attention towards work is beyond imagination now. Therefore, office romance is not a very scenario as far as profits and revenues are concerned. Not to forget your salary and appraisals.

You tend to seclude yourself: When two people get too engrossed in their relationships, they are always in the mood of finding some “we” time and therefore office parties or gatherings become semi date scopes for them. Now, every company has policies where coworkers need to have cordial relationships with each other.tend to seclude yourself

Small talks with coworkers and bosses are important to grow careers. And when you start failing on these, you are negatively viewed by rest of the coworkers and thats detrimental for your future career prospects.

You are the topic of discussion: Although you may keep hushed tone regarding this; however, your personal life becomes everybody’s business now. And yes that’s very annoying as things get blown out of proportion. Mostly, these discussions are negative and it may hurt your professional and personal image.topic of discussion

Lastly, the worst thing that happens very often is that the relationships don’t work. The reasons can be plenty; however, the person you liked the most is now the cause of your anger, frustration and mental trauma. The cases where the breakups weren’t mutual but a decision taken single handedly are all the more painful.

Is working with the same person or seeing him/her every single minute easy and manageable? Perhaps No. Can you just let go your job for reasons lame as this? Something that all of us need to think about.

Well, if you at all get indulged in some romantic relationships at workplace be very sure of each and every move you make. Handle things with care so that they don’t complicate later and rather have positive outcomes.

And this world is still a good place to be in and so there’s no harm if your coworker doesn’t turn out to be your life partner ;you may find the right person somewhere far from your workplace. And that’s not at all a bad idea Isn’t?!

These Signs say, It’s Time to Leave Your Job

After having spent a great weekend, returning to work on Mondays is of course quite depressing. Again, waking up on a cold winter morning to reach office on time feels like quitting the job. Or dealing with a boss who is arrogant and insatiable can force you to resign. However, none of these can be a sufficient reason to quit a lucrative career.Job loss conceptLeaving a job needs ample reasons to justify your decision and act. After all, this job didn’t just come your way. It took extensive effort and perseverance to land this position. Isn’t it? However, this does not imply that you keep working with the same employer for years. An immature behavior, where you take quitting decision only to regret it later is damaging to your career growth.

Taking impulsive or hasty decisions can be detrimental to your career progression. And again, continuing in a profile that has nothing to give you is equally injurious.

Now, the question is how can you identify the best or worst time to go hunting for a new job? Taking career related risk is inevitable. You cannot grow when you have the fear of taking risks. And again, when you fail to bring some necessary changes to your professional life, you lag behind and your career development retards.

Thus, identifying signs that tell you to quit your current job is crucial. Below mentioned are certain “its time to quit signs.” Read them to know if any of these apply to you.

You become non existent in your workplace:

This is one of the most alarming signs and therefore tops the list. If you are working in a profile or department, that no longer attracts your employer’s interest or focus, it simply implies that you need to look for another job.non existent in workplace

Working with employers whose needs align with your skills and knowledge is important for your professional growth. Only then you face fresh challenges on the job front and this leads to your advancement. Working in the same profile and doing the same work that appears to be of least significance before your employers, inhibits your career progression.

Business requires fresh ideas and avenues. If in case your employers are changing their focus and that makes your job role less important or secondary and peripheral, you never get deserving remuneration; irrespective of achieving targets and impressive performance. Perhaps your employers are having second thoughts about continuing with your current profile and may replace you very soon. Therefore, before you get eliminated from the race, looking for another suitable track is crucial.

Your company sees no revenue:

You have not made life and death promises with your employers. Therefore, if you can calculate that your company may sink very soon; you need not wait to get drowned revenue

Instead, make quick moves and look for different options. There’s no point in showing loyalties now as your future employers may consider you as someone who remains ignorant about one’s own workplace. And that’s bad. Again, when you make some early moves, you escape the competition from your current coworkers who may soon get unemployed.

Therefore, keep account of your company’s health. And again, as an employee, you do need to strive hard to ensure complete wellbeing and prosperity of your company.

You deserve better remuneration:

Well, this is little tricky. Career growth is not always measured with monetary benefits. However, sometimes it does.

When you know that you have made efforts, fought staff cutting and other downsides and still achieved targets and finally contributed in earning profits for your organization; you do deserve certain rewards and perks complying to your company norms. However, if your employers are failing to reward you, you definitely possess all rights to question their decision.deserve better remuneration

Visit your HR managers or concerned authorities and discuss these issues. If in case you find their answers satisfactory, there’s no harm in continuing. Its important that your employers are counting your efforts and have plans of rewarding you in the near future. However, if you can sense that your employers are having no such plans, you better look for opportunities that can pay for your efforts. This is important to keep you going.

You are completely disinterested and lack passion:

At the end of the day, its about the work you do. So, if you can no longer improve your performance ratio; even when you are very much capable, its time to ask yourself if you need some change.disinterested

If you have nothing to share about your working hours with your friends and family, if accomplishments do not make you happy anymore and failures do not force you to develop fresh work strategies; you need to know that the job no longer interests you and thus calls for a change.

So, before its too late and you degrade yourself as an employee, just because you are no longer passionate about the job role; start hunting for new career opportunities.

You are being ill treated:

No one needs to tell you that you are being ill treated at your workplace. Every employee; irrespective of the role, designation or skills, is entitled to be treated well with due respect. So, if you feel that your coworkers, superiors or even your boss is not behaving appropriately; you need to take steps to improve situations. And if things don’t work out, quit without giving a second thought.ill treatedThus, if any of these cases relate to you, you need to take some important career decisions. Our workplace is where we spend most of our waking hours and therefore our experiences there need to be pleasant. We cannot force ourselves to remain happy in a place that we dread being in. Therefore, ask yourself if you are really into some clumsy situation and if you get a yes, you know its the best time to quit.