Tips for First Interview by First Time Manager

Well, for job seekers, interview sessions are a daunting experience. And to have that interviewer bombarding questions on you just one after the other, wanting to be on the other side of the table is simply irresistible. However, it is important for you to know, that the grass only appears to be greener on the other side. Even though it may appear to be, Interviewing a number of applicants and choosing the perfect candidate for the position is not a very simple task to accomplish.First Interview

Interviewers are responsible for providing a diligent workforce to the company they work for. Failing this, lands them in an answerable position questioning their own professional stability and sustenance.

Browsing the internet, we come across thousands of tips that can help job seekers have a successful interview experience. However, today we intend to discuss some interviewing tips from the interviewer’s perspective.

A first time interviewer is equally nervous as the interviewee who appears for the selection process. Therefore, to aide them with some effective tools, here are some suggestions that may come handy while conducting an interview session for the first time.

Conducting perfect interviews – An interviewer’s guide:

Taking an opportunity to ask a first time interviewer about a day he dreads the most; amongst the two given options as follows – a day as an interviewee and the first day as an interviewer ; I couldn’t land a prompt and easy answer.perfect interview

Now, some nervous look on the face of the applicant is bearable; however, when you are the one taking interviews, having that anxious look is just not permissible. Therefore, here are certain tips for all first time interviewers to have things fall on the right place from the first day itself.

Know what you need to know:

Interviewers must know what exactly they need to look for in candidates. The job description technically enlists all skills required by the candidate. Therefore, the applicants who line up for the selection process possess a similar level of qualification and skill set. However, not all can be the best match for the need to know

There are a few things besides the academic qualification that are important to perform well on the job front. These are never mentioned on paper; however, are important from the job aspects and company work culture.

Therefore, before the interview, you need to understand the job role for which the hiring is being conducted. Apart from the obvious skill requirements, knowing the subtle things that the position may demand for is crucial in deciding on the perfect candidate.

Ice Breaking approach:

Well, as both of you are a little nervous; initiating the interview with an ice breaking approach is beneficial not only for the candidate but also for you. Ask for a brief introduction and note down the essential characteristic and mannerism the candidate showcases. This will help you while taking the fit and no fit decision.introduction

You may also give a brief introduction regarding the company as well as the job profile. This will help you to get a little relaxed before initiating the core interview session.

Script your interview session:

Now practicing for an interview is not only an applicant’s responsibility. You as a recruiter can make notes of what and how to go about the entire process.Interview session script

Visualize things on how you will carry out the process after the ice breaking session. List out your first set of questions as well as the answers you need to look for. You may even note down the points you cannot compromise upon. This will help you to make quick and easy decisions while choosing between two similarly skilled individuals.

When you have a certain plan already worked out, being very systematic during the process flows in effortlessly. Moreover, you can get the most out of the discussion without requiring to stretch the interview for long hours. And finally, when you have examined the applicant from all aspects; you remain more confident regarding your decision of either letting to go off or holding back to a potential candidate.

The Salary talk:

Well, the salary talk is something that will have to be carried out with one or two professionals who have proved themselves to be the most suited candidate for the job role. So, the good thing is you go through the entire process for just once or twice as compared to the entire interview process that has a number of candidates to choose from.Salary talk

However, now you don’t have a huge crowd and therefore if a potential candidate doesn’t turn up to join your company the entire money and time spent on recruitment process is wasted completely. Therefore, negotiating to convince is important.

Salary is an important factor from the employee’s point of view. And again, the company cannot suffer the financial burden to retain potential employees who are equally expensive. Therefore, highlighting the good part of the salary talk such as perks, allowances the company bears and other facilities offered to employees in an attractive and manner is important.

However, it is important to mention that salary talk is something slightly complicated and working out the best deal with a perfect candidate needs experience. You may take help from seniors in the team and when you start with it right from the first day, you will surely gain the required experience to nail it later in the future.

Finally, conducting an interview session should not scare you or the applicant in any manner. An interviewer plays a very important role in providing the company with future workforce who can take it to greater heights of success. Therefore, be alert, focused and confident every working day of your professional life. The tips mentioned above may help you to get started on the job front. Following and practicing these tips will make you an excellent interviewer and an asset to your company.