Top Romantic Jobs that Exist on Earth

All of us do experience love and heart breaks at some point of time. Isn’t it? However, not all can be termed as romantic. As most of us celebrate the glory of love at some particular span of the year, there are people who can go on doing it every single moment of their lives. They are known as the true romantic.romantic job

If you are someone with prominent romantic quotient within, and cannot continue with a career option that you have not fallen in love with – simply quit that job!! As anyway, you are not going to enjoy your job profile, and therefore, will not serve with hundred percent efficiency. Instead, look for something that you will love to work on and enjoy every moment of it.

Below you will find a list of career scopes specially designed for people romantic at heart. Explore the exciting employment opportunities that also offer lucrative salaries. Beget love for the love you spread and enjoy every moment of your professional life.

Listed below are top romantic jobs that exist on earth:


Imagine yourself in the soothing breeze of Grand Canals in Venice. You are sitting on a gondola in a full moon night. And the soft illumination lights up the mystic beauty of the canals. Every sight is more captivating than the other. What an Enchanting experience, isn’t it?Gondolier

While you may consider this as a rare experience; possible only in romantic novels and movies, there are people who are blessed to be in this ambiance for the major part of the year. They are the Gondoliers, who row these beautifully designed water boats and become the only witness of fulfilling love stories.

So, for all romantic people in the world who desire to earn their living in occupations that can employ the romantic quotient within, this is one of the best options available.


Many say that wine gets better with time, and love gets deeper with age. Therefore, when couples are on the verge of initiating their story, they mark the beginning with a sip of wine.Sommelier

Sommeliers or wine waiters are professionals who serve these love couples, the perfect glass of wine and thus create an exquisite aura they cherish for their lifetime. These professionals are well equipped to suggest types of drinks and also prepare varieties of the same.

Sommeliers may work in beautiful dining setups or restaurants and earn handsome salaries spreading love and peace all around.

Portrait Photographer:

Our eyes can capture the beauty of every moment. However, with time it gets faded away. Blessed are those who can preserve these precious moments for a lifetime.Portrait Photographer

Have you ever come across portraits or photographs, crafted so beautifully, that they almost depict the real story?

Not all can create such magnificent masterpieces. However, all of us do want to have our moments similarly captured for an entire life span. If you are someone who can create magic with a paint brush in hand and can run your imagination; become a professional portrait photographer. Help others to have permanent copies of every passing phase, that they wish to cherish and thereby earn lucrative salaries.


Writing is the most passionate form of expressing your love. Well, everyone can go through the same emotion and be at the peak of love and romance; not all can jot down their feelings on pen and paper. It requires both expertise and knowledge of the subject.romantic writer

Great poets and authors are known to revive emotions within the most phlegmatic souls. Do you have that knack for writing? If yes, then go ahead in creating love stories and verses that can interest others as well. Some may visualize the fulfillment of their stories in your writing. While some may get inspired to fight all odds and realize their own.


Nothing can be more amazing, than to receive a box of chocolate as a gift on your birthday or Valentine’s day. Isn’t it?Confiseur

The confiseur, the French word for chocolatier, are individuals who are into one of the most satisfying occupations available on Earth. They work in confectioneries, where they design and prepare chocolates of different shapes and sizes. These are later taken away by individuals to gift their loved ones and witness a smile on their faces.

Wedding Planner:

This profession is an unusual blend of hard work and reward. While it is extremely satisfying to witness two individuals who tie the knot of togetherness. Planning the event is extremely tenacious.Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are professionals who are responsible and manage the ins and outs of the event. From wedding attire to food and other ceremonies, they manage all.

Landing this profession requires some formal education. Once you acquire the requisite experience, be sure of making loads in this profession.


The refreshing smell of fresh flowers and their natural beauty and color narrates various feelings untold.

Flowers are something that suits every occasion. When you plan to express your love you have for the love of your life, red roses can tell your story so aptly. When you raise your hands of friendship towards strangers, you have yellow roses to express your thoughts.Florist

So, if you do want to spend your day amidst soothing ambiance created from natural flowers, go ahead and become the owner of a flower shop or boutique.

You may have an average earnings for some part of the year. However, this gets compensated during seasonal periods, such as Christmas Eve and New Year or Valentine’s day.

As there is more and more hatred everywhere; do not let go off an opportunity that allows you to spread love, peace and compassion. Be the lover who is loved by all. Build a career that you enjoy.

If you consider yourself to be a true romantic, explore the above-mentioned career scopes. These were few of the job titles listed. And there can be many such job opportunities that may suit your romanticism.
With this we can wrap up with today’s discussion and hope you have found this article useful and relevant to your search.

Fastest Growing Jobs in Sports Industry – 2015

Michael, a 48 years old IT professional, is enjoying his weekend, watching a game of squash on his television. He almost has a sinking heart to watch the opponent team win the game. No, this cannot happen. Come on, the best player from the winning team gets a cash prize of 2 million dollars and a car. “ If it is not me, it needs to be my favorite player.”

Michael was a popular squash player during his young college days and always thought of taking up this profession. Perhaps, he is still passionate about this game and feels that if the game would pay the same then, as it is paying now; he would definitely be one among those players today.

Sport JobsWell, being content with one’s take home is a relative term and here we do not compare between sports and IT professions.

Well, it is not only Squash. Sports as a whole has grown to be much more than just a game, passion or one’s hobby. In addition to all these, it is a huge commercial business; an industry that earns bread for many. Did you know, that sports contributes a huge chunk to the US economic growth?

A two years old report said that the annual contribution made by this industry was almost $14.3 billion with 456,000 jobs, that paid lucrative salaries. The figure has rapidly escalated since then. Therefore, it is not about earning your bread alone; it Is bread, spread with a thick layer of cheese along with smashed egg and a glass of your favorite fruit juice.

Now, Michael has a seven years old son, who regularly attends a football training institute from past three years. The young boy is well equipped with different techniques to play the game, only to win.

All training institutes provide players with several pairs of sports shoes, uniforms and all other equipments. They are well guided with nutritional diet intake and related physical exercises.

Seeing all these, Michael feels, that playing any sport with friends, in the backyard, has come down to being something obsolete. Teens still play with their peers; however, they do this to make a promising career in this field. There are various other professionals as well, who are earning because they contribute in building successful sportspersons – who grab much of the limelight.

Michael realizes, that there can be various factors to consider before getting into any profession. Therefore, he needs to gather information about all booming jobs in this domain; as his son may require this essential information, later some day. A thorough research carried out by him on fastest growing jobs in sports industry brings about an interesting list that has been shared here in this post.

His son as an Athlete:


Rugby and Lacrosse are the fastest growing sports in America presently. The popularity gained by these two sports activities is high and is still rising. Besides, other sporting activities such as Golf, Baseball or Ice hockey are also chasing the race. Therefore, choosing to become a future athlete will be a decision worth taking.

Years of experience and becoming a Coach:


Long years of athletic experience with few winning records; is all he needs to earn in seven figures, as a renowned head coach. However, initially they start with smaller figures and it takes a long time to reach that level. Experts predict that there can be a growth of 29% in this profession by 2020.

Health and Sports – Mileage blend:psychologists

From physical fitness to psychological preparation, athletes need them all. Sports psychologists motivate players and teach them methods to retain composure while playing.

Fitness directors, on the other hand, look after the overall physical well being of players and assist in quick recovery of injured members.

These professions, along with nutritionists and therapists form an essential part of this booming industry with accelerating job growth rate, ranging from 22% to 39% approximately.

Sports social media:sports social media

Michael realizes that his son spends a lot of his time browsing social media sites and other websites. This career that brings sports and social media under the same roof appears to be the best match for him.

Sports social media is the new talk in the city, that only requires good written skills, understanding of social media as a promotional platform and of course, your interest and knowledge of sports.

The “Sports – Glam” factor:Commercialization

Commercialization is leading to greater sporting events. Gone are the days, when athletes participated in 3 – 4 events annually. Today, there are various sponsors who are organizing events on a daily basis. And every event, appears to be better than the rest; with accurate media attention and every essential ingredient to make the event sufficiently glamorous.

This, therefore calls for increased number of sport event coordinators, sports media journalists and photographers.

Similar to all other job opportunities mentioned above, this sector also has strong growth rates ranging from 13% to 44%.

Sports analytics:sport statistician

This is one of the growing profession and Michael, being an IT professional, is highly impressed by this job role.

Sports statisticians use math and computer skills to derive essential information on performance rates of teams or individual players. They also analyze available data to predict future results.

The amount of web technologies and graphics used to display the results attract fans to a large extent. The demand for these professionals is rapidly increasing.

Michael is now so content with his research, that he is now visualizing his son earning millions in any of the above mentioned occupation. This research also helps him to realize that, sports industry does not only deal with athletes; there are equal opportunities for non athletes as well, who are interested in sports; however, do not want to take up athletic profession.

Now, if you too are looking for job opportunities in this lucrative industry; go ahead to choose any profession of your choice, that is made available in this vast domain. Hoping that you found this post useful, we wrap up today’s discussion.

Year 2015: Changing Face of USA Jobs

Year 2015 has been bringing good news for the U.S. job market. The job market is back on track. This market has faced several challenges since 2001, two recessions being a major setback to the country’s economy. Again, since that time there have been many economic and demographic changes. These changes have influenced the workforce in many ways. Major national surveys show numerous changes in job composition by race, gender and age.Changing Face of USA Jobs

Thankfully, time has changed in 2014.  This year has been the country’s best year for job growth and opportunities since 1999. 2015 seems to carry forward the trend. According to the February 2015 Employment Situation Report presented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate decreased to 5.5% and 295,000 jobs were included, thus making the job market flourish. The unemployment rate remains unchanged in March. Total nonfarm payroll employment has seen a good increase of 126,000 jobs in this month. The top trending sectors are health care, retail trade, professional and business services.

Before discussing the nature of U.S. job market in 2015, let’s have a look at the recent past. Various studies focussing on this job market from 2001-2014 reveal certain demographic changes in terms of gender, age and race:

  • In 2001, women had a share of 48% of jobs and the number increased to 49% in 2014. This means, 4.9 million more female employees have joined the workforce since 2001.
  • Even if there is a considerable growth in the number of working women over the past 13 years, however the number of women in high-paid jobs or doing different roles has not increased. Their counterparts are doing pretty good jobs in a variety of sectors. Men have occupied 72% share of all occupations.
  • In 2014, the number of teenage workers has reduced by 33% than 2001; whereas the number of older population aged 55 or above has increased by 40% than 2001.
  • The number of job opportunities for individuals aged between 22 and 34 increased by 4% and for age group 35-54, it shrunk by 1%.
  • The key findings in terms of race indicate: Asian workers have 5% of jobs in 2014 as compared to 4% in 2001; Latinos have 13% of jobs as compared to 11% in 2001; white workers have lost 2% of jobs as they enjoyed a share of 71% in 2001 and the number reduced to 69% in 2014.

So what is the changing face of USA jobs in the current year? Based on the report of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic in March 2015, we present some important categories and points that characterise the prevailing job market.

Data based on Establishment Survey

1. From March, 2014 to March, 2015 growth in employment had averaged 269,000 every month.

2. Job opportunities in mining sector have shrunk. Although this industry has added 41,000 jobs in 2014, it has lost 30,000 jobs till now in the current year.

3. There is some good news for those working in engineering and architectural services, management and technical consulting services, computer systems design and related service as job scopes have widened.

4. More than 22,000 jobs were added in the healthcare industry. In the past one year, 363,000 jobs were added. Although jobs in nursing care facilities declined, considerable number of jobs were added in hospitals and ambulatory health care services.

5. Job opportunities continue to be trending in the retail trade industry. In March 11,000 jobs were added only by the general merchandise stores.

6. Growth of job opportunities per month in food services and drinking places remained same in the first quarter of 2015 as was in 2014, per month. Again employment in this sector saw huge growth in February which was more than 66,000 and in March the number declined to +9000.

7. According to this report, the average workweek for all workers on private nonfarm payrolls declined to 34.5 hours. While the duration of work hours decreased, the average hourly earnings for all workers on private nonfarm payrolls increased by 7 cents. It reached to$24.86.

Data based on Household Survey

1. In March, 2015 total number of unemployed persons was 8.6 million. From March 2014 to March 2015, the rate of unemployment decreased by 1.1 percentage points.

2. In March, the number of unemployed new entrants, that is persons who did not work earlier decreased by 157,000.

3. There are long-term unemployed persons also, who have no job for 27 weeks or more. The number of such persons was 2.6 million in March. Not only this, the number of long-term unemployed individuals has reduced by 1.1 million throughout the last one year.

4. The household survey also focussed on the civilian labor force participation rate. Since last year April, the rate was somewhere between 62.7% and 62.9%. In March, 2015 the rate did not change as it touched 62.7%.

5. Research about part-time employees also formed a part of this survey. Here part-time employees means people who are working part-time as they are not able to get a full-time job or their job hours were reduced for some reason or other. Otherwise, these people would have chosen full-time opportunities. The rate of such persons remained 6.7 million in March, 2015.

6. Over the year there was no change in the number of persons who were marginally attached to the labor force. The number remained 2.1 million.

7. The number of discouraged workers among the marginally attached remained 738,000 in March, 2015. This scenario is not much different from that in 2014. These are the individuals who are not searching for any job presently, as they believe in the unavailability of jobs for them. The remaining 1.3 million individuals who are marginally attached to the labor force as mentioned earlier, had not looked for any job for different reasons like family issues or school attendance.

In 2015 the face of U.S. jobs is changing surely. And the seeds of this change were sown in the past 4-5 years. The workforce composition is greatly affected by diverse and changing population, which is a good sign of progress for the job market. Because studies say that companies with diverse employees can lay their foundation on innovation and inclusiveness, thereby increasing their profit margins.

Jobs that Pay $15 per Hour or More…

Temporary or part-time jobs are here to stay. Researchers say that 2 in every 5 employers in the U.S.A. want to recruit workers on contractual or temporary basis. Many people think that permanent employees earn more than temporary ones. This is not always true. You can earn pretty good amount if you devise good strategies to work sincerely. Besides, jobs which pay you on hourly basis also give you chances to explore with other opportunities. For example, if you are a hair stylist who is equally interested on writing, you can take up two jobs. If each of the jobs pay you around $20 per hour and you work for 6 hours a day, you can easily earn $120 per day. Thus, your monthly income can exceed incomes of many permanent employees. Not only this, you can add variety to your professional life and also find more time for your personal life.per hour paying jobs

Now we present here a list of jobs that pay you $15 per hour or more. These are some of the fast-growing occupations and the number of opportunities is sure to rise between 2015 and 2019.

1. Phlebotomist: A phlebotomist collects blood samples from patients and delivers these samples to local laboratories where these are tested. They are also known as phlebotomy technicians. They work in various kinds of settings like hospitals, private laboratories. Although the required educational qualifications may vary from state to state, usually you will need a state license other than your high school diploma or GED (General Educational Development). The average wage of a phlebotomist is $15 per hour.Phlebotomist

2. Radiologic Technologist: As a radiologic technologist, you are entrusted with duties like using various imaging technologies to take diagnostic imaging exams on patients. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities are going to rise by 21% through the year 2022. You can earn a decent salary of $25 or more per hour depending on your work setting. Radiologic Technologist

3. Freelance writer and editor: If writing is your passion, you must go for this job where you can have a salary of $25 per hour. You need to possess excellent language skills. Your job responsibilities include writing and editing scripts, articles, stories, advertisements etc.Freelance writer and editor

4. Server at breakfast restaurants: If you like hospitality, you may choose to be a server at a breakfast restaurant in your area. As such restaurants remain open till mid-afternoon, you can have plenty of time to rest, study or do another job in the evening. Your earning which includes wage and tips, may vary between $20 and $25 per hour depending on the area you live.Server at breakfast restaurants

5. Accountants and auditors: As the term indicates, this job requires you to deal with finances. You will prepare tax statements, analyze and maintain accounting records for companies, businesses and individuals. The average hourly wage is $30 or more.Accountants and auditors

6. Private fitness instructor: Being fit is good and pursuing a career in fitness is surely a good option. With a personal trainer certification, you can start teaching and training people by visiting their place or even staying at your own place. The more your experience, the more you can earn. But you can easily earn $20 per hour.Private fitness instructor

7. Health educator: A health educator is a person who educates people on different topics related to healthy lifestyle. They conduct programs for individuals and communities. According to the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, job opportunities in this profession will rise by 26%. The average hourly wage of a health educator is $30.Health educator

8. Computer user support specialist: Computer user support specialists provide technical support to computer users. Their job duties involve inspecting equipments, preparing evaluations of hardware or software, entering commands, recommending improvements of software or hardware, detecting errors, performing minor repairs to software, hardware etc. The average hourly wage of such a professional is $39 or more.Computer user support specialist

9. Massage therapist: Also known as masseuse, a massage therapist can earn a decent amount in between $15 and $30 depending on the environment and the locality they are working. After completing any particular massage therapy program, they need to obtain a license for practicing. They work in salons and spa settings, sports centres or even at home. At present there are more than 320,000 massage therapists and students in the USA and the scope for this profession is widening.

10. Remedial educator: Remedial education is also termed as basic skills education, preparatory education, developmental education and compensatory education. Whatever may be the job title, you can teach students having or not having special needs. Your students may be adults or out-of-school children who are underprepared for General Education Development test. You can earn more than $25 per hour by educating these people on adult literacy, GED or remedial education.Remedial educator

11. Driver: If you possess driving license, you can take temporary job of a driver. If you want lesser working hours, you can take up the job of a school bus driver and earn a minimum of $15 per hour. As a school bus driver, you will typically be engaged for less than 20 hours a week. Thus you can work elsewhere during weekends.Driver

Not only this, you can also choose to become a heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver. This profile will need you to transport goods and materials from one place to another. The median hourly wage is $19. Being a long-haul truck driver needs you to operate heavy weight trucks. Such truck along with passengers and cargo weighs around 26000 pounds. You need to go through a professional truck-driving course and possess a CDL- Commercial Driver’s License.

$15 and $45 per hour by working in positions like those of registered nurse, travel agent, budget analyst, audiologist, curator, customer service representative, construction labourer, management analyst, hair stylist, occupational therapist, instructional coordinator, etc. based on your educational qualifications and areas of interests.



10 Current Growing Occupations with Certifications that Surely Boost Hirability and Pay Scale

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment rate in the nation decreased from 5.70% in January, 2015 to 5.50% in February, 2015. Many new jobs are created in the present year. Candidates try their hard to impress the hiring authorities with their degrees, references, work experience and certificates. It seems that certification is the new ‘in-thing’ to create the differentiator factor for oneself. It is likely that a person with required qualifications and additional certification will get more preference than one without a certification.Growing Occupations with Certifications

We list here some of the top ten growing occupations with certifications that offer good salary.

1. Dental Assistant: A dental assistant works in a dentist’s clinic and serve dental patients in a number of ways. These professionals educate patients on oral hygiene, help dentist during dental operation and other treatment procedures, schedule appointments, maintain official record etc. A dental assistant must be a graduate from an accredited program at vocational schools, community colleges, dental schools, technical institutes or universities; or he needs to do a high school diploma course. With any of these qualifications, he can go for the Certified Dental Assistant exam conducted by the Dental Assisting National Board. He must go through on-the-job training. The pay scale of such professionals ranges from $24,220 to $48,350.Dental Assistant

2. Website Designing: This is an interesting job that pays well. Since hundreds of websites are opened every day, jobs will always flourish in this sector. You can work full time or part-time. If you are experienced in web designing, you can add weight to your resume by opting for a certification course. There are various types of certifications like front-end, back-end, beginner and advanced. You have to pass an exam for having such certifications. A website designer earns an average salary ranging between $40,000 and $70,000.web-designer

3. Court Reporter: Courts will always be there in human society and hence there will no dearth of jobs for the court reporters. The median salary of a court reporter is $53,034. The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) provides certification courses for these reporters. If you want to become a Certified Registered Professional Reporter, you must pass a written test. Along with this, you need to successfully complete a three-part skills test.court-reporter

4. Manicurists and Pedicurists: Also known as nail technicians, manicurists and pedicurists are well-paid professionals working in spas and salons. They need to complete a state-approved nail-technician or cosmetology program. After completing this program, they must pass a state exam to get licensure. This is required in every state, except Connecticut. According to the reports of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, this sector will grow by 16% in between 2012-2022.Manicurists and Pedicurists

5. Massage Therapist: As more and more people are heading towards massage parlours or centres to de-stress themselves, there will be ever-increasing demand of massage therapists in the health and wellness professions. You must be a high school diploma and complete a training program at a massage therapy school. Once you graduate from an approved program, you need to get a license and for this you have to pass an exam. The most common exams are the exam administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam. The median pay of a massage therapist is around $38,000.Massage Therapist

6. Skincare Specialists or Estheticians: As specified by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a skincare specialist must be licensed by his or her state. An applicant completing a state-approved training program is eligible for a license exam that is conducted in two parts- a written exam and an oral test or practical exam based on learned skill sets. The expected growth rate through 2022 is 40%.Skincare Specialists

7. Surgical Technologist or Operating Room Technicians: These professional help surgeons during surgical operations. To become a ‘Certified Surgical Technologist’, you need to get a certificate through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. In order to have the certification, you need to pass an exam after going through an accredited formal education or military training program. The median pay of a surgical technologist is around $42,000.Surgical Technologist

8. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians: Better known as health information technicians, these professionals discuss patient related information with other important persons like physicians and insurance personnel. The median salary of such a technician is $35,000 approximately. As most employers prefer technicians with certification, you should gain the certification of Registered Health Information Technician. For this certification, you need to pass an examination conducted by the American Health Information Management Association. You can also go for certifications like Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) which are offered by the American Academy of Coders and the National Cancer Registrars Association.Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

9. Audio and Video Equipment Technician: The employment growth of this profession is 14% through 2022 as projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They earn a median salary of $42,000 approximately. You can go for any of the 8 certification courses, a broadcast networking certification and two operator certifications offered by the Society of Broadcast Engineers.Audio and Video Equipment Technician

10. LPN and LVN: LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse and LVN stands Licensed Vocational Nurse. There may be slight difference in the roles and responsibilities of both the types. The main difference is in their names: LVN is used in the two states of Texas and California; while the rest of the states use the term LPN. Courses for LPN and LVN are designed to prepare the candidates for passing the NCLEX-PN which is required to practise in all states. The average salary of LPNs and LVNs is $41, 550. The hiring rate of these nurses is 25% which is much faster than national average for all jobs.LPN and LVN

Other occupations with certificate courses boosting good pay and hirability are systems security, car mechanic, phlebotomist, heavy and tractor-trailer driver etc. Thus to earn the best job with greater pay scale, to get promoted  or to increase their salary candidates are going that extra mile and completing certification courses.



Few Tips for Searching RN Jobs

Searching for a job is no child’s play. Having required educational qualification and experience is not enough for getting a good job. Interviewers will call you only if they get to know about your talent in the right way. In this age of tough competition, where the fear of unemployment kills the confidence of even the best candidate, it is essential that you know the right way of searching jobs so that you don’t miss out on the best opportunity. This is true about any job. If you are studying nursing and planning to apply for jobs in the relevant sector, you must know certain tricks and tips for searching jobs. After all, all your hard-work, experience, goals and skill sets are meant to provide you the best job opportunity.Nurse

Who is a Registered Nurse?

A Registered Nurse works in hospitals (both medical and surgical environments), home health care services, physician’s offices, support services, government and educational institutions. The typical duties of a RN include taking care of a variety of patients, administering wound care, medications and treatments, performing various diagnostic tests, consulting with physicians and reporting about patient’s behaviour, making important decisions regarding needed actions etc. These professionals also provide healthcare counselling and education.

How to search for RN jobs?

If you have the required degrees, relevant work experience and want to work in healthcare, you may start preparing for getting your dream job. And the first step of getting any job is the search for the particular job. You may be aware of the easiest and one of the oldest ways of job search- submitting online applications and emailing resumes to the prospective employers. Will this much effort land you your preferred job? No.

You should be doing something more. Read on the following effective tips that will set you apart.

  • Identify your goals: A nursing graduate can not apply for a post which a nurse with 10 years of experience or more can apply for. This means that the career objectives differ at different stages of your career. Thus it is imperative to set your short and long term objectives. It will help you save time and energy. You know which jobs to shortlist. Selecting jobs that match your career objectives, salary expectation, preferred location and work schedules will surely make you enjoy the process.
  • Create your cover letter and resume: A resume does almost 50% of the work in getting you your dream job. Advertise about your talents and skill sets that are relevant to the job you are applying for. This is a powerful weapon that must strike the right chord. Once the hiring authority goes through your resume, they should shortlist you for the interview. You must attach a cover letter with your resume.

Here you must note the difference between your resume and cover letter. Your cover letter should be written in a subjective way to explain how you can excel in the particular job, how the present company culture appeals you. A typical cover letter is written in a 3-4 concise paragraphs about how you meet the criteria for the job so that the readers feel an instant eagerness to refer to your resume. A resume, on the other hand, contains sequential information about your educational qualification, work experience, dates of employment, skill sets, contact number, address etc.

  • Search for the right kind of jobs: Hunting for the right job should be a disciplined process. If you are searching on the Internet, type keywords related to your preferred location, degrees, specialization field. For example, you may be a RN with a specialization in neo-natal intensive care. You will get necessary results in lesser time, if you enter ‘neo-natal intensive care’ in your keyword while searching. Thus you can avoid unnecessary details also.
  • Use connections and networks: Make connections so that people get to know about you and your talents. During their courses, nurses are placed in practical clinical settings which are great ways to establish contacts. Talk to the employees, learn about their profiles, make friends with some really good people so that they can refer you to their employers in the future. You can also ask for letters of reference from them. Don’t forget to send thank-you notes to these people.

Besides these, here follows some more steps of networking:

=> Search for online discussion forum and make active participation. Post your ideas, share your knowledge and experience, if any. Though these conversations, you may get to know people. Join professional groups and participate in seminars also. You can get information about vacancies in hospitals and other settings from these people.

=> Attend nursing career fairs and conventions.

=> Along with other friends or candidates looking for RN jobs, conduct some social service program. Invite your professors, trainers, physicians and other nurses of acquaintances. Talk to people and highlight yourself during these programs.

=> Along with other friends or candidates looking for RN jobs, conduct some social service program. Invite your professors, trainers, physicians and other nurses of acquaintances. Talk to people and highlight yourself during these programs.

=> Buy some good business suit that make you look top notch. During programs such as those mentioned above, looking good will surely create the best possible impression for you.

=> Create simple business cards for yourself. Offer these cards to important people and don’t forget to obtain their cards.

  • Be disciplined and patient: A job hunting process may appear as exhausting and meaningless after sometime, especially if you are not getting expected interview calls. You must not lose hope. Make a new beginning, be disciplined and you will find your hard work paying off surely.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts in their national data that the job opportunities for registered nurses are going to increase by 26% by the year 2020. Registered Nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will have the best job opportunities. Although there will be availability of jobs, you must prepare yourself for the coming times in order to avoid fierce competition. Newspapers, online job portals, friends can give you information about vacancies and openings. But it is your effort that matters most, at the end of the day. Certainly you need to change your job finding strategies as the older methods don’t fit in the modern world anymore.


Quick Prediction About USA IT Jobs in 2015

Today information technology has brought the world closer. Information technology (IT) has redefined our lives in many ways. Software, hardware, applications and programs; we cannot imagine our life without all these.  Although many of us may not be fully aware of the advantages of IT as we do not work in this sector; from running multi-national corporations to small town business, from using different apps to online shopping, from pursuing online courses to accessing digital medical information, technology is really driving us crazy. Nonetheless, there is great demand of IT jobs throughout the world. In the USA also, the demand for these jobs is also increasing. You can find these jobs in mainly two sectors: a) jobs with the U.S. State, Federal and Municipal government and b) IT professional services sectors.

it jobs 2015

In the government sector as mentioned above, a new class of IT jobs with higher salaries are created. With the nature of technology work changing, new Civil Service positions encompassing different emerging technology jobs are created. The total workforce scenario is taking new shape with the presence of technology in all layers of government operations and business activities.

If you are willing to work in IT in the USA in the current year, there are many profiles you can choose from. Some basic prediction statistics about these jobs can be pointed here:

  • Researchers say that 14 out of 25 highest paid U.S. jobs of 2015 are in the technology industry.
  • Studies reveal that more than 50% of the employers are planning to recruit full-time employees and around 60% employers are going to add contractual employees.
  • Due to the better financial condition, the employees may be paid more. To be more precise, 87% of the employers are willing to raise the salary of the existing employees.
  • As for beginners, there may be some good news. 75% of the employers will raise the starting salaries for new workers.
  • Not only this, the salaries of the minimum wage workers will also be increased. 47% of the employers are also willing to increase the minimum wage of the companies.
  • In IT sector people of varying ages work. A retired techie is as much wanted as a fresh graduate- obviously based on their skill sets. Hiring retiring candidates is not new in this sector; but the good news is that in 2015 almost 53% of the employers are interested in employing such candidates from other organizations.
  • 70% of the employers say that they will hire fresh graduates. 35% say that they desire to increase the number of college graduates their companies hire every year.
  • In the United States of America, 2015 is proving as the IT year. As more and more jobs are created, it is expected the competition between IT companies about choosing candidates will also rise. Hence companies are offering something extra that will attract top talents. 50% of the employers say that their companies give the necessary financial aid to the employees, so that they can earn advanced degrees in the related field.
  • Along with the financial aid, employers are going that extra mile to create healthy environment for the employees. Different schedules for summer days, alternate schedules, sabbaticals, etc. are some good options that motivate employees to produce great work.

With these forecasts, we also list some of the best IT jobs in 2015.

  • Software Developer: When we talk about IT jobs, the term ‘software developer’ comes in our minds quickly. Although we are aware of the term, we do not know how difficult jobs they perform. Besides coding, resting and programming, they also check bugs, use visual development environments, co-ordinate and collaborate with clients, managements and fellow developers. It is one of the top jobs in 2015. The average salary of a software developer is $68,208 per year. It can extend upto $102,387 also.
  • Software Architect: A software architect is responsible for designing plans for new software programs. They manage risk identification strategies related with the architecture, provide inputs to issues, make sure the system and software architectures are in synchronization and so on. The average base salary of a software architect is $130,891.
  • IT Manager: They are also known as computer and information systems managers are responsible for technology-related matters with clients, top executives, negotiating with vendors and many more duties. In a word, these professionals manage other people in a team and help the whole team in completing a project in the right direction. Being in a vital position in a company, these managers can earn an average salary of $122,000. The highest salary can be nearly $187,000.
  • Database Administrator: These professionals collect data from customers and organize those in a meaningful way. Companies, then access those data for their own profit. Database administrators implement security measures to protect data, manage and upgrade databases and also work as consultants to companies. Being one of the top IT jobs in the US, this profession has a low unemployment rate. A database administrator can earn upto $127,000.

People with degrees in IT, software engineering or computer science will always be in demand. The primary reason behind this is our dependence on technology both in our personal and social lives. More and more businesses are also relying on technology and as such the need of innovative persons who can problem solve is also increasing. Job growth in this field is also due to the increase in the specialities within the discipline like systems administration, technology support analyst, computer security, systems design and software construction and many more. Based on the different studies by the U.S Bureau of Labor statistics, it can be expected that job opportunities along with better salary options will continue to grow in the coming times.

Top Booming Jobs of USA in 2015

The United States of America is the most developed nation in the world. A developed nation creates good employment opportunities for its citizens. Many studies reveal that 2014 has been the nation’s best year of job growth since 1999. And the trend seems to continue in 2015. There has been an addition of 321,000 jobs in last November. Economists expect that the stronger and improving US economy along with employer confidence will finally boost up the slow wage growth.

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Although there is no dearth of good jobs, yet some jobs sectors are really booming in the current year. Healthcare, retail, technology etc. are offering high-paying jobs. Not only this, many new sectors and new job titles are also created to cater to the different needs and skill sets of the employees.

We list here some of the best and booming jobs in the US. These jobs come with good pay and security.

1. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN): APRN or nurse practitioners can perform on their own without the assistance of doctors while taking case histories, performing physical examinations, analyzing lab reports, educating patients and families regarding treatment and post-hospitalization care. According to the research reports of The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this sector will grow by 33.7 percent by the year 2022. A good APRN can earn a lucrative salary of $92,670.

2. Physician: A physician’s job needs no introduction. As per the BLS forecast, more than 120,000 jobs will be added by the year 2022. Endless advancements in the medical field, excellent salary and increasing number of people taking health care services are the main driving forces behind this demand. Although the salary varies, the average median salary of a physician is approximately $186,850.

3. Dentist: This job provides you a good work-life balance and high pay. A median salary of $146,340 with utmost financial security is making this job sector flourish. As per BLS reports, 23,300 new jobs will be added through the year 2022. The demand of cosmetic treatments and complete oral care is also increasing. You can work both in private offices and alongside other health practitioners also.

4. Dental hygienists: The popularity of this job can be understood from its projected increase rate in coming times. With an increase rate of 30.1% in 2016 and 33.3% in 2022, this field is inviting more candidates. You may think when we have dentist, what is the real need to go to dental hygienists? For preventive health care, dental hygienists are required. As oral care is an integral part of total health care, more and more dental hygienists have been hired and the process will continue. With a degree from dental hygiene school and state license to practice, you can earn in between $47,880 and $96,690.

5. Software Developer: Software developers have given a new meaning to our life. From designing different apps and devices to fixing bugs, they wear multiple hats. With the growth of computer applications and more businesses becoming technology driven, this job is booming in the current year. If you are living in Florida, Iowa, California, Panama City or San Jose, you may be well-paid with a highest salary of $143,540. By the year 2022, 139,900 jobs will be added.

6. Gaming and sports book writers: Although this is a slightly quirky job role, but the Labor Department predicts that the demand for this role is increasing. The projected increase in the year 2016 is 28%. With a high school diploma or equivalent degree, anyone can go for this job. He must have good presentation and superb customer service skills. Today more and more states in the USA are legalizing gambling and as such demand for gaming and sports book writers and runners are also high.

7. Information security analyst: According to the prediction of the Labor Department, there will be 36.5% increase in the employment growth by 2022. One can earn a handsome salary of $88,590 that can extend up to $138,780 as happened in 2013. Today when there are ample cases of cyber attacks and data breaches, more and more companies are hiring information security analyst to keep top-secret information confidential.

8. Accountant: If you are someone who is interested in audits, taxes and can provide advices to various corporations and non-profit organizations, an accountant job is the best for you. You can earn a salary between $40,470 and $113,740. A bachelor’s degree in accounting coupled with effective communication skill is required.

9. Mechanical engineer: This profession has low unemployment rate of just 2.7%. With creative devices like 3D printing and many engineering materials, mechanical engineering task has taken new meaning. Areas like Alaska, San Jose, Massachusetts, Anchorage and California are the top-paying with a maximum salary of $123,340.

10. Personal financial advisor: In the year 2016, the projected increase for this job sector is 41 percent. With a bachelor’s degree, one can easily opt for this job and later undergo training courses to adjust with the changing trends of the industry. As a good number of baby boomers are either on the verge of retirement or retiring, the demand for this job is increasing.

11. Marriage and family therapists: As a marriage and family therapist, you can save the marriage of many people and help them overcome frustration. In the USA, the divorce rate is much higher than many other nations. Thus couples go to these therapists with issues like infidelity, depression and related matters. With a master’s degree you can earn a median pay of $50,000 in this profession.

These are only some of the top booming jobs in 2015. The above-mentioned list also contains some fastest-growing jobs that are listed in the top 30 jobs projected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can also contact some job consultancy to find jobs that suit your talents and financial needs.

Jobs in the top fields with slightly unusual or quirky roles like nuclear medicine technologist, digital risk officer, medical equipment repairer, industrial organizational psychologist etc. and other posts like  environmental science and protection technicians, portfolio manager, video games designer, patent agent, portfolio manager, database administrator, IT configuration manager, substance abuse counsellor, radiologic technologist are also becoming popular.