Yes!! These are Few Bosses Types

All of us at some point of our professional life, do come across bad and terrible bosses. There are number of unfortunate professionals who have completed a considerable part of their professional life without having met a single ideal boss.bosses

Working with difficult bosses is not always damaging and one of my previous articles lists different benefits of working with a difficult boss. However, you need to know how to turn the situation to your advantage. Therefore, below mentioned are different types of frustrating bosses and suggestions that can help deal with them.

The Never to be around Boss:

Every morning you are receiving work assignments from your boss through emails. You are reporting to him every working day. However, when you seriously need to discuss certain issues with your boss; you never find him around.Never to be around Boss

These are the type of bosses who always manage to remain away from office. They can do anything from playing golf to reviewing your work. However, when it comes to giving guidelines and sharing work strategies, they are simply absent or unavailable! They only make efforts to either approve or disapprove your assignments and never discuss reasons behind.

At worst cases, they may make themselves available only to scare you to death and still you receive no words of wisdom.

Well, these bosses are not always “bad.” For people who prefer working independently, these bosses come as boons. You are very confident about the task in hand and know what people are expecting of you; just get to work and yield the desired result. Your job is done.

On the other hand, professionals who are more comfortable working under guidance or need supervision and have plenty of things to confirm and reconfirm; these bosses are difficult to handle. They always remain confused and their work life becomes clumsy.

How do you deal: Being confident and precise are the only ways of handling these never to be around types. Do not bother your boss to supervise every little thing you do. Be confident about your work. And if there is an issue that you need to discuss, write a precise email mentioning the exact things you are looking for.

The omnipresent types:

With just a 180 degree flip to the previous category, these are the type of bosses who are just over the top at giving guidelines. They want to be informed about every move you make; no matter how insignificant and tiny it is. And every time they will have one or the other suggestion to share.omnipresent boss

These are the type of bosses who expect a verbal work report and seldom communicate through emails. You will always find them hovering around you and keeping account of every single minute of your work time. Their suggestions do not limit to work and very often they may tell you the number of coffee cups you have emptied and how it can effect your health and thereby your work.

Being around them feels like an old school Montessori kid. You loose your independence and your creativity dies. These are the most dangerous types of bosses who are damaging to your career growth. Thus it becomes more than important to know how you need to go about these kinds.

How do you deal: Being very obedient to your omnipresent bosses gears them up. If you think that following all his instructions will instill his faith and confidence in you; you are totally mistaken.

These are the type of bosses who never find their subordinates reliable enough, or rather they don’t want to rely on their juniors. Therefore, be a little disobedient and do not follow all his minor instructions. Start asking questions and reasons behind every advice he wants you to follow. Subtly ignoring such people can help to handle your omnipresent boss.

The I ME Mine boss:

These bosses are annoying; however, not harmful. The I ME MINE bosses are the types who are always busy narrating their stories of “valor” and potential. They overrate themselves and steal everyone else’s credit. The story may begin with varied ideas; however, all of them have a similar end – their achievements, their expertise and their awesomeness.I ME Mine bossThey are the kind of people who crave attention. And now that they have managed to land positions where they can somehow force people to acknowledge their “greatness;” they do not miss any opportunity.

However such bosses are not very harmful and since they are superior to you in position, you may even end up learning a few things from their self proclaimed great story. Nevertheless, if it still gets annoying, you can use this strategy to handle your I ME MINE boss.

How do you deal: Unless, your boss is not coming in your path of success, lending your ears to him is the best thing you could do. This is really going to keep them happy and of course working with a happy boss is essential.

The way too lucky bosses:

This is a broad classification that includes variety. The way too lucky bosses are available at every office or organization.lucky boss

Some people are extremely fortunate and land lucrative profiles with no relevant skills. They are required to supervise subordinates, who are more qualified and talented than they are. Another instance of way to lucky bosses could be superiors who are never seen working and yet receive heavy paychecks annually.

They are very much present at the workplace; however they are busy watching online videos, playing games and doing everything besides work.

How to deal: Although it’s very depressing to watch people making merry when you are drowned till neck with targets and deadlines and still earning less; it is not something impossible to conquer. Focus on your own work and try getting better everyday.

A boss who is not working himself will not be in a position to find numerous flaws with your work. And do not think that your boss is not having a watch dog. If you can prove your potential, landing your boss’s position will not be that difficult.

Lastly, everything is not bad and even though ideal bosses are rare sight to witness; they do still exist. Bosses who are supportive, good leaders, understanding and skilled can still be found. Every employee dreams of working with an ideal boss and if you are blessed to have one; a content professional life is not a distant dream.