Agriculture Resume

While writing an Agriculture resume, you need to list the most specific and relevant achievements, skills and experience for a specific job in the agriculture domain. In addition, you may also list skills for which you don't necessarily need any job experience, but have acquired through attendance of seminars or courses.

The job history is placed after the skills and achievements. This agriculture resume should be limited to a maximum of two pages and specific to each employer and the job that you are targeting.

Characteristics of the Agriculture resume

Agriculture Resume Format

Personal details (can also be listed at the end of the resume)

Agriculture Resume


This should include a precise description of your career objectives and career goal.

Skills and Accomplishments

Write a summary of your skills, background and accomplishments relevant to the targeted position. Only write one paragraph and stay focused.

Education or Training

This section can be placed after the job history but should start with the most recent and relevant qualification. List the institution, location, starting and completion dates, along with references.

Job History

List your previous employers, positions held and responsibilities undertaken. Include the joining and relieving date for each of your jobs.


List three interests that are relevant to the agricultural field. Also include membership of organizations that may be associated with the agriculture domain.

Samples of Agriculture Resume

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