Computer Programmer Resume

Computer Programmer Resume Tips

A computer programmer's resume should clearly show his/her technical skills. To achieve this, add the technical summary or technical expertise section to your resume. Further, break this section into subcategories for a quick scan of your knowledge of programming and applications.

Fortunately, software resumes have a very simple format. The key to writing an effective resume is to keep the recruiter's point of view in mind.

Keep it focused

Keep a strong focus on your goals in the field of programming, incorporating parts of your background to illustrate them. A statement of your goals is a sure eye-catcher for a prospective employer.

For example include the following that is applicable to you

Highlight some of your soft skills in the career Summary section to add some value to your resume. Remember that your resume should be short enough, yet should be able to effectively showcase your achievements. Do not make it excessively lengthy.

In a computer programmer's resume, the course details like the institute name, duration and result are to be mentioned clearly. This domain could also consist of the projects done, including platform used (Front-end and Back-end) which add a value to the job applied for, and other features like personality development, marketing diploma or any research/studies carried out.

Highlight your Accomplishments

Explain how your performance benefited your company. Highlight your initiatives that resulted in enhanced efficiency, monetary savings, etc. Focus on your most impressive technical projects/accomplishments.


The keywords for your software resume depends on the targeted job and your experience. Specific programs and applications are often used as keywords in case of a technical resume.

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