Hockey Coach Resume

A hockey coach resume example is provided below for your assistance. To help you understand the job nature, requirements and responsibilities in detail, also find below a brief job description of a hockey coach. We hope these details will help you draft an eye catching resume for searching jobs.

Hockey Coach Job Description

A hockey coach is responsible for teaching the sportsmen the game of hockey and its techniques. Along with teaching and training the sportsmen, coaches perform tasks as a guide and motivator. They guide the players on improving their strengths and getting over their weakness. They extend psychological support to the players to boost their self confidence, overcome anxieties and face defeats. The key requirements for hockey coaches are strong competence in hockey game, communication skills, leadership qualities and the knack to motivate players

Hockey Coach Resume Example

Peter White
Address: 12, Elm Street, New York, NY 47712
Telephone number: 466 - 020 - xxxx
Email id:

Career Objective:

To work at the position of a hockey coach and nurture the budding talent in the game of hockey.

Key Skills:

Work Summary:

Designation: Hockey Coach
Organization: VIT University, New York
Duration: October 2014 - till date

Designation: Assistant Hockey Coach
Organization: VIT University, New York
Duration: October 2012 - September 2014

Educational Qualification:



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