Civil Investigator Resume

Civil investigation is a broad field and needs specialization either in investigating marital issues, child custody, child abuse, child support, domestic abuse, background checks, asset searches, etc. All these add in making the job prospect for interested people in this filed much brighter. Civil investigators are private investigators who collect materials for civil trials. They are appointed by either of the parties involved in the case, which could be related to a damage to the property, personal disputes, etc.

The civil investigator jobs are available with attorney's office, private detective agencies, and law firms. one can also work as an independent contractor. If you are good in finding evidence for civil trials and bears the knowledge of applicable law for diverse field, you can pursue this career.

Civil Investigator Resume Example

Mathew Carter
Address: 14, Riverdale Street, Plano, TX 47712
Telephone Number: 577 - 020 - xxxx
Email Id:

Career Objective:

To work as a civil investigator for a private detective agency where I can use my investigative skills in collecting evidence necessary for civil legal trials.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Civil Investigators
Jefferson's Law Firm, Plano, TX
May 2014 - Present

Civil Investigator
Robinson's Law Firm, Plano, TX
October 2012 - April 2014



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