Corporate Security Investigator Resume

Corporate investigators ensure stability and longevity of organizations by thoroughly investigating into a number of matters the establishments are involved in. They carefully monitor business operations and try to find whether the decision to merge with another company can take it towards success or create problems. In short, the job these experts do are termed as business investigations or business analysis. Many things can be covered under this broad term. It could be examining the information provided by customers, embezzlement by any employee or the top management, credit card fraud, unethical use of network, workplace violence, etc.

The business investigation services are provided by number of firms that use customized software in checking the work conduct of the organization. Some large companies also hire corporate security investigators to protect their reputation, assets, and seed advice on mergers and accusation. To get this job position, good networking, computer, communication, and analytical skills with knowledge of business operations and corporate culture are necessary.

Corporate Security Investigator Resume Example

Emmett Goyle
A4, Riverdale Avenue
Baltimore, ML 98812
Telephone Number: 577 - 020 - xxxx
Email Id:

Career Objective:

To obtain a corporate security investigator position in a large bank and perform complex investigation pertaining to financial crime, and alleged criminal activity.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Corporate Security Investigator
ABC Bank, Baltimore, ML
July 2012 - Present

Corporate Security Investigator
Millennium Bank, Baltimore, ML
February 2010 - June 2012



Harry Black
Chief Security Investigator
ABC Bank, Baltimore, ML
Telephone Number: 577 - 030 - xxxx
Email Id:

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