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Nothing in this world is perfect. There are a wide discrepancies between income, social, and financial status of people all over the world. To ensure citizens are not deprived for the basic rights, each country forms a human right commission. It is a public entity that takes and investigate cases in almost every field where the possibility of pestering, denying, harassing, abusing, molesting, and human rights violations prevail. Whether somebody is denied of his or her rights in employment, education, housing, public accommodations, medical care, etc., the human rights investigators take up the matter seriously and conduct detailed investigation into the matter.

A job with the human rights organizations provides a great amount of satisfaction to the personnel. The feelings of providing justice to someone in need is a overwhelming experience. If you have the spark in you to investigate unjust acts committed to people and give them back their rights, this sample resume can be a great tool to earn success in your noble attempt.

Human Rights Investigator Resume Example

Mia Gwyneth
12, Elm Street
Boston, MA 57712
Telephone Number: 599 - 010 - xxxx
Email Id:

Career Objective:

Looking for a human rights investigator job with Boston County Health and Human Services to conduct investigation in cases of human rights violations in healthcare and provide public services.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Human Rights Investigator
Boston City Council, Boston, MA
June 2012 - Present

Human Rights Investigator
Doctors for Human Rights, Boston, MA
October 2010 - May 2012



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