Retail Investigator Resume

Retail investigators are hired by large companies to protect their asset and prevent loss. Their role is to ensure that no incidence of shoplifting occur inside the store either by the customer or employees. They have to apprehend shoplifters if any such incidence takes place. In short, they have to ensure that the merchandise and the money collected in cash, check, and through credit cards are safe in the store. Further, they have to maintain the standard of the store and ensure it is free from theft and unsocial acts.

As retail industry is growing all over the world, a career as a retail investigator is a fantastic option to pick. Read this sample resume and know how to prepare yourself for the job.

Retail Investigator Resume Example

Lisa Nathan
15, Foyer Street
Plano, TX 57718
Telephone Number: 588 - 040 - xxxx
Email Id:

Career Objective:

To work as a retail investigator at a large company where I can protect merchandise and money in the store from losses likely to occur because of shoplifting, theft, and other acts.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Retail Investigator
Hath Way Stores, Plano, TX
May 2012 - Present

Asst. Retail Investigator
Wellington Stores, Plano, TX
July 2012 - April 2012



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