Marine Machinery Mechanic Resume

A marine machinery mechanic dismantles, repairs, relocates, aligns, modifies, and maintains all types of machinery and equipment used by the marine industry. He may also specialize in handling missile tube equipment in submarines and other vehicles running on the water. To apply for this position, your resume must show knowledge of all the machine parts and components, whether mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic. In addition, it must display understanding of the functions of every single parts used in machinery and equipment and how they are related to each other. The employer must also know that you have experience to install, repair, and maintain the mechanical components.

Marine Machinery Mechanic Resume Example

Jeremy Lively
932 Grey Fox Farm Road
Houston, TX 77064
Cell :( 123)-285-5767

Career Objective:

To perform routine maintenance and inspection work on all types of mechanical equipment for a big shipping company by holding a marine machinery mechanic position.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Marine Machinery Mechanic
Naval Sea Systems Command, Houston, TX
August 2012 - till date

As a marine machinery mechanic in this organization, I perform the tasks of repairing and maintaining marine machinery, marine engines. Additional roles and responsibilities include:

Marine Machinery Mechanic Helper
Army Reserve Command, Houston, TX
June 2010 - July 2012

Being employed as a marine machinery mechanic helper, I am responsible for carrying out various activities assigned to me from time to time under the directions and supervision of a specialist mechanic. Duties include:

Educational Background:


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