Oil Rig Mechanic Resume

Oil rig mechanics perform tasks as instructed by toolpushers. They repair and service drilling equipment used for extracting natural resources at oil rigs. The job is mostly situated at remote locations and they have to stay away from home for months or as long as the drilling project goes on. Since lots of risk is involved in the job, these mechanics have to work cautiously and ensure that they are not jeopardizing their life as well as co-workers.

A resume for an oil rig mechanic position must state your competencies clearly. Your willingness and physical fitness to sustain the extreme weather conditions and perform the work must be evident to the employer. In addition, ability to work with the tools used for repairing and maintaining pumping equipment must also be included.

Oil Rig Mechanic Resume Example

Dennis C. Hoff
2516 Golf Course Drive
Centerville, VA 22020
Phone: 703-378-1495
Email: dchoff@example.com

Job Objective:

Looking for an oil rig mechanic position to manage the daily drilling operation at oil rigs using my pumping equipment repair and maintenance skills.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Oil Rig Mechanic
ABC Natural Resources, Inc., Centerville, VA
July 2012 - Present

Oil Rig Mechanic
AXL Corporation, Centerville, VA
March 2010 - June 2012



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