Farm Equipment Operator Resume

A farm equipment operator works on field and performs various tasks related to tilling the soil, seeding, harvesting crops, storing and transporting yield. They operate, manage and maintain various equipment like tractors, combines, irrigation instruments, shovels, sprayer machines etc. They are responsible to use these equipment and carry out different farm activities efficiently. Along with knowledge of operating, repairing and maintaining these equipment, farm operators must possess knowledge in farming procedures, risks, and precautions.

Applying for a job

If you are keen on working in the agriculture field and wish to take up the job of a farm equipment operator, here is some assistance for you. Find below a farm equipment operator resume example for your reference that puts forth the qualifications and responsibilities related to this position.

Farm Equipment Operator Resume Example

Simon Chappell
Address: 10, Palm Street, Trenton, NJ 47712
Telephone number: 466 - 020 - xxxx
Email id:

Career Objective:

Candidate with a diploma in agriculture and through understanding of farm activities along with proficiency in handling farm equipment, seeks to work as a farm equipment operator for a reputed organization.

Key Skills:

Work Summary:

Designation: Farm Equipment Operator
Organization name: Agrifresh Organic Product Dealers, Trenton
Duration: October 2013 - till date


Designation: Farm Equipment operator
Organization name: FarmDirect Agriculturist, Trenton
Duration: September 2011 - September 2013


Educational Qualification:

Diploma in Agriculture, Trenton Applied Science School, Trenton


Name: Mark Stinson
Designation: Farm Manager
Organization name: Agrifresh Organic Product Dealers, Trenton
Telephone number: 466 - 020 - xxxx
Email id:

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