AJAX Programmer Resume

Ajax programmers are skilled professionals who contribute their expertise in making user-friendly websites. They combine JavaSript, XML, and CSS in helping website pages load faster. Also, sending and retrieving data from the server without interrupting the display of existing pages and minimizing the users' bandwidth has become possible with the programming skills of these developers.

When you are applying for an Ajax programmer position, your resume must present you as a capable person for developing web UI for different types of products, and connecting web clients with HTTP servers.

AJAX Programmer Resume Example

Thomas O. Thomas
4795 Geraldine Lane
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 646-253-1977
Email: tothomas@example.com

Career Objective:

To combine my JavaScript, XML and CSS skills along with other technologies in creating user-friendly web applications by gaining a position of an Ajax programmer.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

AJAX Programmer
Red and White Software Solutions, New York, NY
October 2012 - Present

Associate AJAX Programmer
Polygon IT Solutions, New York, NY
August 2010 - September 2012



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