Ruby On Rails Programmer Resume

Ruby is a type of programming language and ruby on rails is an open source web application framework especially developed for the programming language. The framework is also referred to as a Rails or RoR in the programming field. The programmer who does the coding in order to develop the web applications using ruby on rails is known as ruby on rails programmer. Here we present to you a free help by displaying a perfect sample of ruby on rails programmer resume.

Ruby On Rails Programmer Resume Example

Kim Collins
876 Court Street
Cumberland, Colorado Springs
Phone Number - (301) 722 - 8190
E Mail ID:

Career Objective:

To make an impressive career in a corporate Web based IT organization where I can show my skills in Ruby on Rails programming to develop more user friendly web applications.

Key Skills:

Professional Experience:

  1. Post: Ruby on Rails Programmer
    Organization: Rainbow Softwares, Colorado Springs
    Duration: August 2013 - till date
    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Analyzing the application to be developed
    • Estimating the time required for building the application
    • Designing the outlook of the application
    • Programming to build the application

  2. Post: Junior RoR Programmer
    Organization: Bing and Wilson IT Inc., Colorado Springs
    Duration: April 2011 - July 2013
    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Assisting the senior in the coding of the web based application
    • Preparing and adding graphics in the application under the virtue of RoR Programmer
    • Designing small web based applications and games especially for mobile phones
    • Solving the errors occurred while testing the application

Educational Qualification:


On request.

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