Criminal Research Specialist Resume

This criminal research specialist resume provides essential guidelines of framing an optimized resume. It emphasizes on the required sections like career objective, skill sets, educational qualifications and job profile of the position. The sample also makes clear of the way of presenting the information in an organized manner. Feel free to customize this resume towards preparing your professional resume.

A criminal research specialist conducts research and identifies the activities of criminals that could prove dangerous to the borders and residents of the nation. The role demands handling various crime related activities like human trafficking, cyber crime, illegal export of technologies, weapons and many more. A criminal research specialist also shoulders the responsibilities of drafting and delivering briefings and providing assistance to the management on intelligence operations of various programs.

Criminal Research Specialist Resume Example

Darcy Moore
7930 Carpenter St, Apt#55
Seattle, WA 98119
Contact: (425) 224-7324

Career Objective:

A graduate in Criminal Investigations in possession of strong reasoning, research and analytical skills in terms of criminal activity trends seeks to work in the security department of the Federal Government.

Core Competencies:

Work Experience:

Organization: Department of Security, Washington
Duration: October 2011 till date
Designation: Senior Criminal Research Specialist

Organization: Secret Service Agency, Washington
Duration: June 2009 to September 2011
Designation: Criminal Research Specialist

Educational Qualification:

Achieved Bachelor's degree in Criminal Investigation
University of Washington in the year 2009


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