Plant Breeder Resume

Plant breeding is one of the most interesting professions and individuals aspiring to get into this profession should present an equally interesting plant breeder resume to the employer. This is a very important step if you aim to hit the employers psyche as a striking match for this position. This field requires individuals who are technically skilled in various aspects of plant breeding and are ethical professionals who are passionate for the greater good of the society by developing new plant breeds.

Plant breeding is the process of altering the otherwise natural characteristics of plant genetics to get a new breed with enhanced characteristics. An individual working in this position is required to select plants for breeding or apply different techniques that can amalgamate the desired characteristics of chosen breeds and help develop a cross breed. He may work in an education institute, a research center, federal organization, or in a company that is involved in the process of developing new breeds for commercial purposes.

A sample resume for this job will inform you about the format and writing style that helps to send a positive message to the recruiter.

Plant Breeder Resume Example

Peter J. Boyle
2901 Frankenstein Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 37190
Contact: 409-613-8579

Career Objective:

To work as a plant breeder in an organization where I can implement my knowledge and skills to meet the job requirements and deliver quality outputs.

Summary of Skills:

Details of Work Experience:

Organization: Stems Research Center
Designation: Plant Breeder
Duration: July 2013 to present

Description of Job Duties

Organization: Heffner Laboratory
Designation: Plant Breeder
Duration: July 2011 to June 2013

Description of Job Duties

Educational Qualifications and Certifications


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