Resume Mistakes

There are few resume mistakes which are very common in people. You may not know that you are committing these mistakes until you read this page. So make sure you read all of them.

Following are the top resume mistakes, which recruiters say, can be easily avoided, but is found the most

  1. Very long resume - The resume should never be more than 2 pages. The standard resume size is either one page or two pages. Many people do this mistaken and make their resumes up-to 6 or 7 pages.
  2. Resume is no organized - All the information into the resume must be organized fashion with proper bold headings so that it can be easily seen and recognized. Scattered information on the resume is not a great help to the recruiter.
  3. Bad printing or Xerox copy - Such resumes are really difficult to read and understand. This makes very bad impression of the candidate. It looks very unprofessional.
  4. Too small resume - Some people keep their resume too small. They just provide the job titles with and education background with dates. This is surely a big mistake. You must highlight your achievements into it. You must also write your responsibilities involved into the job.
  5. Not very result oriented - Such resumes do not show the accomplishments of the person on a job. The resume must show what results was achieved on their previous jobs.
  6. Too much irrelevant information in resume - This is also one of the common mistakes people do in writing resume. They add too much irreverent information in the resume like height, marital status and weight. They take up extra space and are not of much help to the recruiter.
  7. Grammatical errors - You would be surprised to the see spelling errors and grammatical mistakes people do in their resume. They just don.t proofread their resume. Make sure you get your resume proofread by somebody else so that you also don.t. commit this resume mistake.
  8. Same resume for all jobs - Many times employers receive resumes which has nothing to do with the job for which they are receiving it. The reason for this is that people create just one resume with just one title or objective and send it to all the jobs. If you are really serious about getting that job, make sure you create a new resume keeping that specific job in your mind.

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