Accounting Interview Questions

An interview is one of the most important events of your life. Not being able to perform well during an interview is one of the things that people are afraid of, and to overcome this fear and guarantee that a good impression is established in front of the interviewer, you will have to prepare well for the interview. Accounting interview questions that we have provided here have been selected after thorough research regarding the expectations of the employers out there. It would be easy for you to face the interview once you are aware of these questions, because only then you will know what and how to answer.

First, you need to understand the job of an accountant and the qualifications needed to obtain this job. An accountant is the one who records all the transactions and compiles various financial statements in order to present an accurate figure that further reveals the current financial condition of the organization. A wide range of computer applications are now used to prepare and maintain account books. Thus, apart from the knowledge of accounting principles, an individual needs to be well versed with the various accounting applications used today.

Read the accounting interview questions and accordingly prepare your answers so that you can perform better during the interview:

Question 1: How many accounting applications you have worked on? Which one do you find the most advantageous?

Question 2: What are the skills you possess as a professional?

Question 3: Are you comfortable to work independently?

Question 4: Have you ever tailored or devised an accounting process?

Question 5: What are the challenges faced by the accounting staff in a modern day organization?

Question 6: Differentiate accounts payable and bills payable.

Question 7: What is Dividend Warrants Liquidation?

Question 8: Explain the different processes involved in finalization.

Question 9: What are non-billable expenses?

Question 10: What are contingent liabilities?

Question 11: How much time you took to learn all the applications? Do you think the time you spent learning those applications is reasonable?

Question 12: What would be your reaction if one day you find out that all the data you had saved has become corrupt and cannot be recovered?

Question 13: Give a few example for deferred revenue expenditures.

Question 14: Who are debenture holders?

Apart from the questions listed above, an interviewer will definitely ask some or all of the following questions. Go through these questions and our suggestions to reply to these questions.

Question 1: Why should we hire you? How long do you plan to work in our organization?
Answer: If you are a freshman, then you need to express your interest and support yourself with the knowledge you have gathered while studying. For those with experience in any specialization of accounting, they need to emphasize on their experience and express their interest to work with the organization.

Regarding the latter half of the question, you need to tell the employer that you are looking for a long term association and will contribute your efforts to maintain the same.

Question 2: What are your long term goals? How do you plan to achieve those?
Answer: When it comes to career, you need to have a long term goal. You cannot give a blank expression when this question is asked, because the interviewer would not appreciate the fact that you are not career oriented. Describe where would you like to reach in the coming period and what is your agenda to accomplish your career goals.

Question 3: What is more important to you: money or recognition?
Answer: Though people work to earn a handsome salary, it is not feasible to live a secluded life within the boundaries of the office. You should tell the employer that money, for practical reasons, is a priority; however, you also strive for recognition and earn goodwill of being an asset to the organization rather than just an employee.

Question 4: Do you feel stressed out after a long day at work or do you feel satisfied?
Answer: It is obvious that anyone would feel stressed out, but to derive satisfaction from work is one thing you need to do in order to be an efficient employee. Tell the employer that it fulfills your craving of attaining excellence and despite being stressed out, you are content with your efforts and the results.

Question 5: Apart from the core accounting functions, in what other areas can we expect your contributions?
Answer: There is definitely something you must be good at, and it is not necessary that what you are good at is good for the business pursuits. Still, if you are good at mimicry or playing a musical instrument, then you can fulfill recreational needs at some point. If you cook well, then you might be of help when the organization organizes an outing for the employees. It is all about revealing your versatility as a human being, not just as a professional accountant.

With the accounting interview questions provided above, we hope that you won't find it difficult to face the interview.

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