Immigration Visa Interviews Tips

What is a visa?

One cannot travel abroad unless and until he acquires a visa of that country. Visa is nothing but an authorization to enter a country. This is an important document that is attached to an individual's passport while he is traveling abroad.

A visa permits an individual to enter and stay in a country for a time period that is mentioned on it. Visas legally bind the travelers to the country they are visiting. A breach of terms of a visa is considered as serious crime and can lead to arrests or permanent deportation from the country. For example, if a traveler stays for more than the authorized number of days, there can be a criminal law suit filed against him and may eventually lead to his deportation.

What are the different types of visas?
Specific visas are issued for specific purposes. Similarly, each one has its own terms and conditions. Again, the application procedure of different visas varies from one another.

Some of the types of visas are

There are others like Single Entry Visa, Multiple Entry Visa, Short/ Long term visa etc.

What are visa interviews? Why are they conducted?
Visa interview is an interview conducted by the Embassies of the country that applicant wish to enter. Visa interviews are generally conducted for verification purpose. Mostly the authorities will verify and confirm the purpose of your visit, the estimated stay in the country, sponsorship details, invitation letters etc.

What kinds of questions are asked for a visa interview?
Questions vary a lot with the type of visa that is being applied for. An applicant for a tourist visa may have to face a small session, whereas an applicant for work permit may have to undergo a grueling interview.

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