Management Interview Questions

Management interview questions are asked to a candidate to fill up a vacancy in the management position of an organization. The candidate may be a fresher or an experienced individual who has an aim to build a career in this prospective and growing field. Whatever is the case, you have to be prepared to face the interview confidently. For a management position, you will be interviewed by the senior management including the manager, senior manager, vice president or the chairman of the company. The interview panel may include one or more interviewers. In some organizations, a separate set of interviewers are also present who keep a track of the candidate's personality, confidence, body language, ability to handle stress and so on.

Management is a factor of production which helps to get the job done through proper allocation of resources. It covers functions relating to organizing, planning, leading, and controlling resources of an organization in order to achieve the organizational goals and profitability. The management field may extend to marketing, human resource, financial, behavioral, hospitality, medical and any possible field. Managers are designated as entry level, mid level and senior level positions according to their skills and experience.

There are a list of questions and answers given for your perusal which will help you to prepare for your interview.


Technical Questions

Remember that the above management interview questions are the list of probable questions which can be asked by an interviewer. There could be a set of other questions as well, depending on the company/position's specific requirements according to the job profile. Various follow-up questions may also rise from your answers. However, we have tried to cover almost all questions possible and hope that it will help you to face the panel confidently.

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