Mock Online Interviews

Online interviews are much in demand nowadays with large companies that are based abroad. These multi-national corporations want to explore the qualified candidates across the shores.

Online interviews though are not in person interviews, can be nerve racking sessions for the candidates. First of all, the anxiety level increases considering the fact that the interview is going to be conducted online. For those candidates who are not too familiar with the latest technology, online interviews can be very intimidating. Thus, it is recommended that the candidates go through a mock interview before actually facing a real one.

A mock online interview can be practiced with a help of a friend or a relative. Conduct a small session with them and brief them about the company and the questions that you are expecting to be asked during the interview. Give them an overview about the post that you are applying to, the duties and responsibilities that you will possibly be handling etc. and ask them to thereby base their questions.

Before the mock interview, find out how the company plans to interview you. Whether it is a video interview, a chat session or audio interview, you should be able to set up the right tools for the mock interview.

A mock online interview helps you to familiarize with the gadgets like microphone, speakers, headsets, video camera etc. It will also help you to understand how they work, and give you an upper hand in handling them efficiently.

A mock online interview is advantageous as you can note a few things about yourself and work to improve on them. Following are the points that your mock interviewer should keep in mind.

For Audio Interviews :

For Video Interviews :

The same points mentioned as above are valid for video interviews too. However, additionally you have to pay attention to the following also.

For Chat Sessions :

An online interview could be a simple chat session, without the audio or video. However, make sure you avoid using slang or chatting language while answering. In case you do use them, take timely actions to improve upon them at your earliest. Also, ask your friend to keep a check on your spellings and grammar too.

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