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Cashier Job Description

A cashier is someone who handles cash. There are several organizations that deal with cash transactions on a daily basis. The best examples are banks, general stores, hospitals and many more. A cashier receives cash from the customers/clients and debits it to the organization's account. On the other hand, he pays cash to customers and credits it to the organization's account. A cashier is a part of the accounts department and is responsible of handling only those tasks that involve cash transactions. Most cashiers work on a daily basis where they have to submit daily accounts and hand over the final sum of cash to the superiors. A cashier's position is an entry level position. Any candidate with an aptitude for accounts can be hired as a cashier and trained to handle the cash accounts. Hence, if you are keen on starting your career in the same field, then go through the given cashier job description.

Any institute that deals in transactions of money on a daily basis has cashiers. The best and the most popular example is of the bank. The most important job of the cashier is to hand out the money to the account holders. The account holder will fill the withdrawal slip or check and hand it to the cashier; the cashier will then verify the account number, the amount of cash, and the signature and then clear the transaction. The cashier will count the money and hand it over to the account holder and make changes in the balance.

Basically, the cashier has to handle money transactions wherever they work. This job may seem easy but it is not. The sheer amount of money and the responsibility is enough to stress anyone out, but people who can relax and handle the pressure can really excel at it.

The cashier is an important position and requires great mathematical skills. Even though there are computers and calculators to manage all the daily figures, one should have sound math skills despite the digital help. The cashier should also have strong ethical values. Since he handles lots of money, he must learn to stay away from the temptation of using it for his own benefit. The role of a cashier is a lot more than just handling cash; they are the face of the organization and have to be friendly to all the customers, thus creating good will.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Cashier

  • Managing all the cash transactions in their workplace
  • Maintaining daily account of the daily transactions
  • Balancing the daily account at the end of each day
  • Checking the daily cash balance
  • Interacting with the customers that come to the counter
  • Solving all their cash related queries
  • Checking for the price of products and any discounts or offers
  • Receiving coupons and deducting the said amount from the customers
  • Organizing all the work they do and maintaining the accounting records
  • Reporting discrepancies they find within the accounts to their superiors
  • Making daily, weekly and monthly transaction reports

Education Required by a Cashier

  • A high school diploma is mandatory
  • A degree is accounting though not compulsory, is helpful
  • Knowledge of the banking policies and procedures
  • Strong proficiency in mathematics and statistics
  • Ability to organize data and draft reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Strong communication skills that help to develop courteous conversation with the customers
  • Proficient in managing the rush of customers and helping each one of them promptly

Career Advancement

Cashiers can move up into accounting positions, with advancements in qualifications and experience. He can work as an accountant, head accountant, accounts supervisors, etc., once promoted. Since this is an entry level position, the scope for growth is tremendous.

Taking up the role and responsibilities of a cashier will open up the field of accountancy to the candidate. It is a profile that pays well, presents bright prospects for growth and allows you to learn a lot. Hence, we hope you find the role of a cashier appealing as a career. We hope this cashier job description will help you analyze the responsibilities and requisites as well as understand the importance of a cashier in an organization.

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Cashier Job Description