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How to Find a Job?

Finding a job is not a simple task. If an individual starts looking for a job in a planned and systematic manner, then it becomes easy. Before you start actually finding job, you have to decide what sort of a job you are looking for, the field of interest and are you ready for relocation. Once that is decided, you can have a plan of action for your job search. You can start looking for jobs that match your educational background, skill sets and interest. An individual has to clearly think about his or her idea about a job before he or she starts searching or it.

An individual's life changes a lot after getting a job. Salary, job satisfaction, team work, and organizational culture are the things that job brings along with it. A person has to analyze his or her perspective on all these things. A clear vision of these things will help you in finding a right job that matches your taste and you will enjoy doing it. Clarity in thinking and decision making are the two things that matter a lot in finding a right job.

Here are some points that need to be considered when you start finding a job:

  • Research : You have to do a thorough research on the field you have chosen. You have to understand the requirements, job profile available, salaries offered, and whether you will survive in the competitive high pressure environment of the field. All this can be done on internet and job sites. Once the research on particular field is done, you can begin with actual job search. This research will help you in understanding the methods to be used for finding a job. You will get information about big players in this field and how you can enter the field. The recruitment process and organizational structure can be studied. This will help a person in preparing the resume, application and interview.
  • Networking: Once you have thoroughly researched the field of interest, you can start talking to your friends, family members and acquaintances who are related to that field. From them you will get to know about the latest happenings in the industry, openings and salaries offered for the profiles. The insiders from the field will always provide you authentic information which is not available on internet. This sort of networking will help you in getting information about an opening in an organization before it is made public. This helps the candidate in preparation and getting the right impression of the organization from the people who are already working. This is significant because at the time of recruitment every employer shows the best of his or her organization.
  • Creating resume and cover letters: Once you have researched and started networking, you will understand the exact nature of resume and cover letters. These are required in this particular field of employment that you have chosen. Draft resume and cover letters that are professional. The skills, educational qualifications, achievements that match the profile in field have to be mentioned in your resume. The cover letter has to clearly mention the position you are applying for and interest in the company and the field. This will help the recruiter in understanding your abilities. In today's technology world, all the hiring managers expect you to send resume and cover letters through email ad fax. Post your resume on the job sites for recruiters.
  • Online Job search: With internet technology, you can find jobs world wide. Through job sites and job search engines, one can easily get a job of his or her interest. You just have to post your resumes on these sites. The field of your interest has to chosen from the menu and you fill all the necessary details. This is a simple way for finding a job. The recruiters go through your profile, if they find it interesting then they contact you to check whether you are interested and the recruitment process begins.
  • Job search through newspapers and recruitment agencies: Searching for a job through newspaper advertisement given in classifieds is an old and effective method. You look for advertisements based on your field of interest and apply to them within the stipulated time frame given. The advertisement has all details like designation, profile recruitment process mentioned. The advertisement also specifies what the candidate needs to send. Recruitment agencies help the job seekers. You have to submit your resume and give detailed information about your background, salary expectations, interests, etc. This will help them in finding a right job for you.

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