Programmer Resume

Programmers are technically skilled professionals; hence, mentioning about their expertise in the technology they wish to work, or are proficient needs to be given prominence while drafting their resume.

For example include the following that is applicable to you:

Highlight some of your soft skills in your career as a programmer to add a value to your resume. Remember that your resume needs be short, yet has to effectively showcase your achievements. Do not make it excessively lengthy.

Highlight your Achievements

Highlight how your performance as a programmer favored the company's prospects. Highlight your initiatives and performances that enhanced efficiency, faster work, monetary savings and so on. Focus on your most impressive technical projects/achievements.


Programmer Resume

Be sure to include all buzzwords and variants of such words within the Skills Section of your resume. This is important, because many placement firms use automated software that scans your resume for particular skills or keywords that their clients specify.

Some examples of buzzwords are :

Samples of Programmer Resumes

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