Account Executive Cover Letter

Cover letters have a pattern to be followed and same is the case with an account executive cover letter. Though it is simple and follows the old American type of format, there are few things that can be changed or rather, you have the liberty to change when you fall short of some details. We will see more about it in the following sections.

Account Executive Cover Letter Format

The format for this cover letter is that you will have to mention your and the sender's names, addresses and contact numbers in a manner explained in the following. Please use this as a guide for formatting your account executive cover letter.

Name of Sender
Address of Sender
(Include Postal and Email Address)
Contact Number of Sender

Date (mm/dd/yy)

Name of Addressee
Designation of Addressee
Name of Company
Address of Company


Introduce yourself in the first line itself and let the employer or recruiter know where you came to know about the information of the empty post for which you are applying. You also need to mention very specifically what designation you are interested in. Mention your strong points and achievements if any in the next line. Do not go overboard and stick to the basic points only. Judge according to what you yourself will wish to have in an employee if you were in the employer or recruiter's shoe and that best suited for the job profile.

The second paragraph is the typical gratitude line to the employer or recruiter for taking his valuable time for considering your letter. You might also write to him or her in case you plan to drop down to his or her office for discussing about the same. This will show your eagerness which is a positive point from the employer's or recruiter's point of view.

Yours sincerely,

Name of Sender.

Enclosures: Resume and Other Documents

Account Executive Cover Letter Example

Ronaldinho Carlos
17 - Horror Apartments,
Blacklisted Street,
New Hampshire.
Phone No. - 12345 67890

Date (mm/dd/yy)

Rhea Patterson
HR Manager
Earnest Accounts Services
Avenue of Accountants Lane No. 5,
New Hampshire.

Miss. Rhea Patterson,

I write this letter to you with reference to the web post I saw today for the post of Account Executive. I am a thorough professional, have an experience of six years in various states of USA and love to take initiative in designing or carrying out any kind of training modules for fresher. I have fetched awards for the same from my previous employers.

I feel I am a befitting candidate for your organization. My resume will speak about the further details. You can contact me on the phone number given above on all working days. Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,
Ronaldinho Carlos.

Enclosures: Resume and Certificates

So this was a sample of account executive cover letter for you to follow and write for your purpose. Best of luck to you for the job!

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