Account Planner Cover Letter

Before I start with the writing tips for an account planner cover letter, let me give some key points that one should take care of while drafting cover letters. You can follow these tips when writing any cover letter.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

Note: Please note that these tips are for giving you an edge above the other 'documents' that the employer or recruiter gets on his desk probably every day. Following these points would just ensure the recruiter that you have keen interest in the offered post and chances are high that your account planner resume will be put above the rest of the stack.

General Cover Letter Template

Now, here in the following is a common template for cover letters which you can surely use for writing the account planner cover letter.

Sender's Name
Postal Address
Email Address
Phone Numbers

Date (mm/dd/yy)

Addressee's Name
Post of the Employer / Recruiter
Company's Name
Company Address

Mr. / Miss. Employer's / Recruiter's Name,

Introduction Line: The post you are interested in and the advertisement or person who told you about the vacancy. Highlight factors that you think befits the post. Tell in a convincing way why you are the right candidate for him or her.

Express gratitude for his or her time and consideration of your letter. You can specify if you have any plans to drop down in the employer or recruiter's office or call him or her in the recent future.

Yours sincerely,

Sender's Name.

Enclosure: Resume

Account Planner Cover Letter Sample

Steve Austin
Stone Cold Bungalow,
WWE Residence Area,
12345 67890


Allen Mark
HR Manager
National Account Planners
Account Planners' Street,

Mr. Mark,

It gives me immense pleasure to see you have posted some vacancies for the post of Account Planner in your firm. This is with reference to the same. I have seven years of experience in the said field and am confident you will not find any other person more befitting for the job. My resume attached along with this letter will tell you why.

I will call you regarding this employment opportunity on 02/19/2011 at your office number.

Yours sincerely,
Steve Austin.

Enclosure: Resume and Certificates

You can save this template for your reference and use it for writing any cover letters. Remember, it is a business letter and usage of formal language is recommended. Based on this account planner cover letter template, you can personalize your cover letter.

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