Accounts Payable Supervisor Cover Letter

Half of your job is done when you landed on this page, i.e. you already are aware of what are cover letters. Many are unaware and even if they are familiar with the concept, they do not utilize it to the best of their own interest. Quite a few refrain from writing cover letters altogether. So since you have reached this pedestal of acknowledging what a cover letter can do for you, let us head for the accounts payable supervisor cover letter format and example straightaway.

Accounts Payable Supervisor Cover Letter Format

Heading: This section of the accounts payable supervisor cover letter should have the applicant's address in detail, as in, their postal as well as email addresses. His/her contact number is what follows these details.

Date: The date should come here after the contact details, but there is a relaxation for this. Recent formats show that you can also put the date first in the letter, aligned on the left side of the page only.

Addressee: This section is where you put in the addressee's name and things like his or her designation that he or she holds in the company, name of the company and the address of company.

Content: The content is divided into two parts, like any other letter. Since this business letter is supposed to be short, the first paragraph will consist of the introductory line and the body too. The conclusion is generally of two lines again and it consists of a line of gratitude and intimating the reader, i.e. the employer or recruiter with any possible meeting or call if you are the one who is going to take the initiative.

The closing of this letter comes in the conclusion paragraph of the content itself, so we will look into the same in the sample accounts payable supervisor cover letter given below in the following section.

Now that you know the accounts payable supervisor cover letter format, you just have to customize it and put it in your words or else just follow this format as the skeleton and proceed.

Accounts Payable Supervisor Cover Letter Example

Jobi Thomas
89 - Jesus Corinthian Club Residency,
Missionary Colony,
Mobile Number - 12345 67890


Richa Richard
HR Manager
Richardson Accounting Associates
New Link Road 56,

Miss. Richard,

Re: Application for Accounts Payable Supervisor

I write this letter to you with reference to the notice I was sent on my email address regarding the Accounts Payable Supervisor post in Richardson Accounting Associates. I am sending a copy of the same to you as an enclosure along with this letter and other documents.

I understand the requirements mentioned perfectly because I have been handling such work right from when I passed out of college. I have fetched awards for many responsibilities that include designing the website for clients out of the state and an error free system of maintaining records automatically in case there is an update through emails.

I would love to have the opportunity to work with you and grow in my career too. You are welcome to contact me anytime in this week. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your precious time.


  1. Accounts Payable Supervisor Resume
  2. Accounts Payable Supervisor Certificates
  3. Educational Certificates
  4. Copy of Email for your Reference

Now you are fully equipped with the proper knowledge of how to write the accounts payable supervisor cover letter. Research a bit now for personalizing the letter, now that you have the format.

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