Advertising Account Executive Cover Letter

The importance of an advertising account executive cover letter cannot be underestimated because it gives your resume a special treatment. Cover letter is all about how well you can promote yourself and present your strengths in a way that the recruiter is convinced to call you for the interview for the post you have applied. When preparing to write the advertising account executive cover letter the job description given by the employer in the notification of the vacant post will give you an idea as to how to draft your cover letter. You can use those points to your advantage and turn them around to your benefit indicating that you possess whatever the employer needs.

Basic Cover Letter Writing Tips

An advertising account executive cover letter will have two significant things, viz., information about your knowledge of the vacant post in that organization and an attempt to convince the employer that you are the right employee for him or her.

Like the basic structure of any other formal letter, cover letter too has an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction is about which post you are applying for, where from did you come to know about the vacancy. You can then directly come to the point mentioning why you are writing this letter i.e. tell the employer that you have certain qualities and strengths that can be put to good use in the course of employment.

As far as possible try to convince the employer to arrange for a follow up of this letter, either through telephonic conversation or by meeting in person. The reason behind this is, to get some special attention towards your application and resume for getting selected for the job you want, you are taking efforts to write this letter and when you show interest, the employer is convinced that you are really keen in joining them and thus you win an interview call.

So after mentioning about the following up you can end the letter with a thank you note. Thank the reader for their time and considering your letter. This is all that a cover letter has but in case you wish to be more thorough and impressive get down to some homework and find out the company or firm as much as you can so that it reflects in your letter.

Sample Advertising Account Executive Cover Letter

Maria Ernest
The Lake Villa Apartments
5th Floor, Flat No. 305
St. Mary's Street
Cell Phone Number - 112-653-9596


Martin Russell
Human Resources Officer
Recruiting Department
Brilliant Advertising Firm

Mr. Russell,

Re: Application for the post of Advertising Account Executive

I write to you responding to the post of an Advertising Account Executive in your reputed firm. The ad notification in the local daily, Nevada Times Employment dated 08/01/2011 is the reason behind writing to you. I wish to be a part of your organization seeing the immense growth it is making and I see you are clearly among the leaders in the advertising arena. I have been working as an Advertising Account Executive for the past seven years and now wish to handle a bigger clientele for utilizing my experience to the fullest. I was responsible for my previous company's 15% of increase in profits through appropriate advertising accounting. My work has been elaborated in the resume attached herewith.

Kindly give me an appointment for further discussions on this on any working day as per your convenience. Thanking you.

Sincere Regards,
Maria Ernest


Doing some analysis and study beforehand always pays off. You can turn it into your favor and it will also help you in the interview. Confidence is the key to any selection procedure apart from having your basics and fundamentals clear.

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