Payroll Accountant Cover Letter

The below format of payroll accountant resume will help you in writing your cover letter in an impressive way. You are interacting for the first time with the employer through your cover letter so it can play a key role in getting an interview call for you. Highlighting your credentials and positive points in a cover letter in an appealing manner is very important if you are willing to boost your career. You can follow the format given below to draft your cover letter. The job description given here will also help you.

The main body of a cover letter should not be too lengthy and you should have a clear idea of what should be included in it and what should form a part of your cover letter. In the main body of your cover letter you should clearly explain why you are writing this letter and how you came to know about this position. You can put forward some of your positive traits that can be helpful for the employer and convince him/her to read your resume.

Career Profile of a Payroll Accountant

A payroll accountant has to undertake the responsibilities of managing the payroll as well as accounts of the organization. Payroll accounts are most of the times graduates or postgraduates from the commerce stream. Experience in finance or accounting would be an added advantage. These people mostly function in big organizations where the financial administration of the department has to deal with complex financial matters. He is responsible for maintaining the accounts related to the payroll system and act as an interface between the accounts and the payroll system of the organization. An experienced person will also conduct audits of the payroll system and guides them in maintaining relevant and proper records.

Refer the cover letter given here.

Sample Payroll Accountant Cover Letter

Jeff Lee,
324 Laurel Street,
Pennsylvania - 20201,
Ph. No.: (829)-829-5267

August 8, 2011

William Green,
HR Manager,
WellCraft Services Inc.,
Pennsylvania - 74899,

Dear William,

Knowing that you have an opening for the position of payroll accountant in your organization I am writing this to express my interest in this position. My excellent mathematical skills and in-depth understanding of the payroll as well as the accounting system will help your organization in the efficient management of the financial matters.

My 6 years of experience as a financial analyst and 3 years experience as a payroll accountant will be helpful in addressing the problems of payroll system and help in incorporating new methods to optimize the work. I am skilled at maintaining payroll journals and identifying issues with them. I can help the accounting department in collating data from the payroll department and perform accounting functions appropriately. I can conduct audits and training sessions for the finance department.

The resume enclosed with this letter will highlight on the details of my career advancement, educational background, skills and other required details as mentioned in the advertisement posted on Firm E News. If you have any trouble to evaluate me through my resume feel free to question me personally.

My contact details are as mentioned above. Thank you for reading my cover letter.

Yours Sincerely,
Jeff Lee


You can also include a logical subject line in your cover letter that will make a clear picture of your purpose of writing a cover letter to the employer. Once your write your payroll accountant cover letter, read it thoroughly and send it to the employer by attaching enclosures.

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