Fundraiser Cover Letter

Cover letters are very professional business type letters. These are used as a means of communication by an applicant to create a good impression on the recruiter. An ideal cover letter is never very lengthy and contains only required information. It is written in three parts. A header that is the opening of a cover letter that includes name, address and contact details of the applicant. The next section is the main body. Here is written all the information that the applicant wants to convey to the recruiter in order to impress and convince him that he is the best person for the job.

The last section is a summary of the entire cover letter with an assurance of doing justice with the job.

Given here is a sample letter of a fundraiser. Use this format to draft your cover letter.

Sample Fundraiser Cover Letter

Your Name:
Contact Information:
Email Address:

Date: MM/ DD/ YYYY

Employer's Name:
Company's Name:

Sub: Application for the post of Fundraiser

Ref: Your ad in the New York Times dated June8, 20XX

Respected Sir/Madam,

With reference to your ad in the classified in The New York Times dated June 8, 2011, I would like to apply for the post of fund raiser in your company. Fund raising is the biggest challenge for the nonprofit organizations working for the benefit of society. Almost all the projects of any nonprofit organizations depend on the funds. Fund raising is very crucial for the success of the project.

I have done Masters in Social Work from ABC School of Sociology. I have also done MBA in finance and marketing. I am a volunteer member of 'protections' a NGO run by people sharing common interests.

I have made projects for this NGO and have arranged funds to help the organization run smoothly. I have taken responsibility of marketing and budgeting and the NGO is one of the known organizations of the city. I have made efforts to attach many volunteers to this project.

I have worked for 3 years as fundraiser in ABC Company. With the job responsibilities of making reports for fund raising, contacting various donors that included individual donors as well as companies, analyzing the project to anticipate the budget, assessing financial status, marketing about the project, I also have recruited and trained people to work for the organization.

Enclosed with this letter is my resume and copies of my certificates. I hope you find the document enclosed herewith worthwhile. I can be contacted at the address given above. I am eagerly awaiting your phone call for a personal interview.

With many regards,

Sincerely yours,

The above given sample letter will give you a clear idea of the technique of writing cover letter. We advise you to stick with a times roman or Arial font with size 12 and black color while writing cover letter. Do not make your cover letter flashy instead give it a proper formal business look to create good impression.

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