Accounting Manager Cover Letter

Cover letter is a key document that allows the recruiter or the employer to have a peek into the rest of your documents attached along with it.

That is why people prefer writing a cover letter nowadays. If you too wish to have a speedy recruitment and be called for interviews soon, draft the accounting manager cover letter and attach it to your resume.

Have a look at the following sections of this article for knowing how to write the accounting manager cover letter. Starting with few tips to keep in mind.

Account Manager Cover Letter: Writing Tips

Accounting Manager Cover Letter Template

First section: Put in your name and contact details here which should consist of the postal and email addresses. Also include the telephone number, if you have one.

Second section: The date should follow your personal details.

Third section: This part of the accounting manager cover letter should have the recruiter's name, designation, name of the organization he is in and then followed by the company's address in short.

Fourth Section: This part is the salutation. For example, Mr. / Miss. Employer's / Recruiter's Name

Fifth Section: This section of the accounting manager cover letter will have the following things.

Sixth Section: A statement thanking the person i.e. the addressee for his or her time for considering your letter should come here. And if you wish (which is recommended), include a line as to when do you plan to meet the addressee in person or speak over the phone.

Yours Sincerely,
Sender's Name.
Enclosure: Resume

Accounting Manager Cover Letter Sample

The following will give you an example of accounting manager cover letter based on the template given. You can take this as a guide to draft your cover letter.

Rihanna Rachel
236 - Splendid Villa,
Rehabilitation Residence,
Scar Face Colony,
New York.
Phone - 12345 67890


Raven Michael
HR Manager
Managing Consultants' Zone,
Lehmann Brothers Lane 56,
New York.

Mr. Michael,

This letter is regarding the Accounting Manager's post I heard on the radio today. I am sure you will prefer a person with good managing skills, communication skills and somebody who can work on deadlines and deliver with efficiency. You are be rest assured to find these in me.

Thanking you for reading this letter.

Yours Sincerely,

Rihanna Rachel.

Enclosures: Resume and Certificates

You write an accounting manager cover letter like this and your selection for the interview is sure. Wish you all the best for the future rounds!

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