Accounting Specialist Cover Letter

Wondering how to draft an accounting specialist cover letter? Do not worry, you are on the right page and will find this article useful. You can refer to the following American format of writing business letters, which are also known as the 'blocked' letter writing format. The specialty in this format is that you write everything aligned to the left of the page. We give you the format for writing the letter along with an example. You can personalize the letter according to your requirements.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

Few things to keep in mind while writing the accounting specialist cover letter are that you have to customize the letter according to the demands of the job profile and the wants of the organization. Every letter will be different depending on the different organizations' advertisement. When typing the letter in a soft copy choose a font face and font size that is simple, formal, not too large and fancy. After this is done, do check for any kind of mistakes. Restrict the length of the letter to a page with two to three paragraphs.

Accounting Specialist Cover Letter Format

The example of accounting specialist cover letter presented here can be followed to draft your letter. You can either choose to replace the content by your personalized content or give the same letter if the highlighted qualities match your personality.

Sender's Details:
Name of Sender
Postal Address
Email Address
Contact Number(s)


Addressee's Details: The name, designation held in that particular organization by the person. Name of Addressee
Position Held
Name of Organization
Postal Address
City Name

Mr. / Miss. __________
Re: application for the concerned post

Body of the Letter

Yours Sincerely,
Name of Applicant


Accounting Specialist Cover Letter Example

Bertha Martin
Flying Angels Housing Society
St. Neil Street, Block E
New Hampshire
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - 603 456 7890


Ryan Rafael
Recruiting Officer
Administrative Department
New Hampshire Accountants Agency
White Marble Avenue
New Hampshire

Mr. Rafael,

Re: Application for Accounting Specialist

I am responding to the position of an Accounting Specialist with reference to the advertisement notice posted online on I came across on the 06 March 2011. I have worked in some reputed companies like the Tour de France Travel Agency, National Commission for Sports Accounts and Melbourne Banking Sector. Thus I think I can handle the responsibilities enumerated in the job description quite well and can guarantee you will not have any issues with efficiency and accuracy in my work.

Please consider my application and consider my resume. I am sure you will find me apt for the job. Thank you sincerely for your time and considering my letter.

Yours Sincerely,
Bertha Martin


Convey your interest in the job profile well and with all sincerity, your resume will surely be considered. Any extra efforts taken by us in writing the resume and a cover letter to convince the employer does not go waste. The cover letter gives you the chance to reveal your personal interests in the job profile which might turn into your favor; make good use of it. Wish you all the very best for your future endeavors!

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