Associate Accountant Cover Letter

Accounting associates can be a jump start for someone in an accounting firm or in entry level professionals as their respective accounting career. Their main role is to perform receivable and payable accounts functions. This can include tax preparation, auditing, advisory, and other financial transaction activities. Applying for such position will require a well-written and effective resume as well as a cover letter. Associate accountant cover letter should focus on accounting jobs and show your interest on it.

Job description of associate accountant

It is good to know the job responsibilities of an associate accountant so that you will have a clear idea of what is expected from such a position. The accounting associates support senior level accountants and auditors. They are involved with bookkeeping, clerical, accounts payable and accounts receivable duties of the company. In addition to this they are also responsible for receiving, processing and recording customer invoices with the help of accounting software and systems. They may be involved in communicating with vendors, customers and people from different departments in the organization. This may be to resolve outstanding payments and clarify issues that are related to accounting procedures and policies.

The sample cover letter for associate accountant can provide some important tips and points as to how to write such type of letter.

Your name and address:


Recipient's address:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (Last Name),

The letter is to express my interest in joining your organization as an associate accountant. I have found the advertisement on (mention the name of the source) last week. I have a good experience, education and skills to meet the requirements for the position.

I have a solid background in taxation which is coupled with four academic degrees and current attendance in taxation program at (mention the name of your university). I have worked as an associate accountant for last four years. This role has given me knowledge of working as an effective accountant in the public sector accounting field as well as other financial and analytical skills. I can calculate accurate figures in timely and qualitative manner. I believe in working as a team and highly professional which makes me one of the best candidates for the position.

In an effort to discuss on this matter further, I will be calling your office within a couple of days to see if we might set up a time to meet. If you do have any questions related to this, please call me at (insert your contact details).

Thank you for your attention and considering this letter.


Your name:


Cover letters are important aspects if you want the employers to call you for an interview. This, if written in the right way can help you get noticed by your employers. Furthermore, the letter can help you express your potentials through your writing skills.

Associate accountant cover letter is very important in your job search and hence it is always sent along with your resume. This can be used as an asset to speak on behalf of the candidate and leave a good impact upon your employers.

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