Associate Art Director Cover Letter

Creative departments look for associate art directors who are fresh with ideas in their portfolio that proves it. Associate directors should be able to formulate concepts and make presentations. They should also have layout designs for copy writing and visual communications media, which includes magazines, books, newspapers and packaging. Hence, to get your dream job, your associate art director cover letter should make the hiring manger feel that you are one of the perfect candidates eligible for the post.

The cover letter for associate art director should be enough to convey that you can handle duties which include organizing the advertising pages of a magazine, and in cooperation with the editor of the publication. Other information that should be included in the letter is the design which accompanies pictures or graphics that provides specific information and any other experience related to the field.

A sample cover letter will give a clear picture as to how to do it.

(Your address :)


(Recipient's address :)

Dear Mr. / Mrs. XXXX

I was pleased to see your advertisement for an advertising art director in the week's job list posted in the local newspaper. I do have the experience of working in print publications and feel that my skills match up to the position you are looking for.

Your office is near to my house and designing pictures and graphics for advertisers and magazines, is something I enjoy the most. I believe to have a creative flare when it comes to this kind of work. I have learned a lot of craft while working with other advertising art directors in my previous jobs (insert the company's name)

I would be pleased to meet you in person and talk about your expectations from me. It would really be kind of you if you could conduct an interview so that we can get acquainted and discuss the job. Please feel free to call me at (contact details) to set up an appointment.

I look forward to hear from you soon.


(Your Name :)

Enclosed: Resume and cover letter

The second sample for an associate cover letter is given below:

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Your address:

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Dear Mr. /Mrs. MNP,

With reference to the advertisement in Xyz magazine, I present my resume for the position of an associate art director.

Sir / Madam, I have completed my post graduation with art and culture as my honors papers. I have assisted many art directors in advertisements which are on air and are shown in many television channels. I have also directed many small plays and I am quite sure that all these expectations are quite helpful for the post of an associate art director.

It would be really kind of you, if you could organize some interview date, venue and time so that we could meet in person and discuss the job. Please do inform me about the same. You can call me on my cell. My cell number is (contact details).

Thanks for the time and consideration of my application.


Your Name:

These are two samples for associate art director cover letters that will help you write the letter and apply for your dream jobs as in executive position in a business art department.

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