Associate Auditor Cover Letter

In a competitive job market, getting yourself noticed by potential employers is not an easy task. It is crucial to differentiate yourself from other competitors. In most of the cases your cover letter plays an important role in your first contact with the concerned employers. If you do not impress them in the right way, you may probably not the get the attention that you are looking for. Applying for such a position will require an effective associate auditor cover letter and resume. It is here where you can show your strength of your writing skills.

An associate auditor is the one who performs testing and reviews of corporate processes and internal controls which is with the company's annual audit plan. He or she should comply with rules and regulations in industry practices and human resource policies. In addition to this he or she can also review financial reporting systems and ensure compliance along with accepting of accounting principles.

A clear and interesting cover letter for associate auditor can help you land an interview for the dream job you have always wanted. The letter allows you to portray your experience and understanding for the job position. The letter should also include that you have a proper knowledge of the field and the various tasks involved.

Samples cover letter for associate auditor can provide you with some important tips and guidelines to write some effective cover letters.

Robert Jones
456 Wiley Drive
Austin, Texas 4578

March 23, 2011

Mike Smith
Hiring Manager
M and X company
45 Ballard Street
New town, Texas 5690

Dear Mr. Smith,

I would like to show my interest of applying for the position of associate auditor which you have posted recently on the job portal (mention the name of the job source).

Briefly, I would like to tell you about my educational qualification and experience. I have an MBA in accounting from (mention the name of your college) and have four years of experience at (mention the name of your company) as an assistant auditor for both the private and public sector in the accounting services. I am competent in a variety of auditing functions and have a proficient knowledge of all computer programs which is related to accounting. I believe in team work and I can work efficiently with able accountants. I seek to bring a high level enthusiasm and financial knowledge to your organization in this role.

It would be great if we could meet personally and discuss on this more which will be helpful and useful for you. Kindly, let me know if I can provide you other related information and references. I look forward to hear from you soon.

Thank your for considering my cover letter.


Your name:

Enclosure:work experience certificates and resume

These are some ways and examples as how to write an associate auditor cover letter. Do remember that the cover letter is one single important document of your job search that will help you to create an impact. Make sure your cover letter does not look a repetition of your resume.

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