Associate Buyer Cover Letter

Associate buyers form an important part of the company as they are responsible to control, how much and what kind of merchandise is bought by the company. Associate buyers usually are typically employed by retail establishments, supermarkets or departmental stores or may be at times assisting the buyer and the purchase department in many organizational functions.

Associate buyer cover letters plays an important role in your job search process and if done in the proper manner can substantially improve your ability to compete for jobs and get calls for interviews.

An effective and well-written cover letter always holds you at a much needed edge over other job seekers as this help you to describe the specific skills and accomplishments that qualify you for that job. The cover letter will also help to demonstrate your communication and organizational skills.

Before you start writing your cover letter for associate buyer, it is good to know the job functions and qualifications required for the post.

Job description of an associate buyer:

The associate buyers purchase products or services for a particular company and their main aim is to obtain the highest quality of goods and services for the lowest price. They usually study sale records and inventory levels of current stock so as to evaluate what product is needed for the company and which will bring them maximum profit.

The sample cover letter for associate buyer will help you draw a clear picture of what is needed to write a cover letter.

Christopher Smith
345 Smith Street
London, UK 3567

March 18, 2011

Johnson Williams
VP of Human Resources

The UK store
3456 Oxford Street
London, UK 4567

Mr. Johnson,

I am writing this letter in response to the advertisement you gave in (mention the name of source for the job) last week. I would like to express my interest for the post of associate buyer positioning your company. I feel my knowledge of trends and what will be in and out in fashion along with my pricing ability will make a great asset to your company.

A brief summary of my history will provide and insights as how I would make an effective associate buyer.

I believe working as a team and assisting as a buyer at any company. I am aware of how this benefits the company and I am sure I will make a good team member. My enthusiasm and love for the job will benefit me and the company as well.

I am looking forward to meet you and discuss my history, training and former work experience as show you how this can be beneficial to the company. You can contact me at (mention the contact details) at any time or you can simply email me at (mention your email id)

- Christopher Smith

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificate

The associate buyer cover letter adds a personal touch to your job application and shows the employer that you are serious and professional candidate.

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