Associate General Counsel Cover Letter

Legal career is really interesting and is perfect for the people who love taking up challenges. An associate general counsel work profile is the best for people who start up their career as associates. Making an associate general counsel cover letter is not a difficult task; you simply have to follow a correct format. It has to be simple, short and to the point. A good and effective cover letter should stand out and support your resume.

It is really good to know the job responsibilities of an associate general counsel so that you know what is expected from you by the employers and the firm at large.

An associate general counsel is the one who usually assist the general counsel in a conducting research and provide the necessary legal advice to the concerned decision makers in the organization. This advice can be related to a number of legal issues which are important to the firm or the company. In addition to this it may include other things such as advice employment issues, administrative issues, administrative policy, regulatory compliance issues and litigation strategy.

So give yourself a nudge in the right direction by including an effective cover letter in your job search. This will give the right impression that you are serious about the job and looking forward with them.

The layout of the cover letter is very important so have a look at the sample cover letter for associate general counsel. It will guide you how to write these letters and create a good impression on the potential employers.

James Hall
4573 Valley Boulevard
Los Angeles,
Zip code: 67854

March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Carter
Hiring Manger
Hill Street, LA
Zip: 78934

Dear Mrs. Carter,

This letter is in regard to the advertisement in the (mention the name for the job source) for the position of an associate general counsel. I would like to apply for it as I feel my work experience and skills makes me eligible for it. I have enclosed my resume with this letter.

In response to the advertisement and its requirement, I am licensed as well as experienced associate general counsel. I have a degree in law administration from (mention the name of the college) and have spent three years as an associate general counsel at (mention the name of your previous company or firm). My experiences have given me a solid background in legislative policy, general regulation and risk management. Apart from having a good knowledge of law, I am capable of multi-tasking and love working with people.

If you think I suit the position, please do call me at (contact details) to schedule a time to meet wherein we can discuss more on this matter.

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this letter.

- James Hall

Enclosure:resume and work experience certificate

This is how you can compile an associate general counsel cover letter which eventually helps you to introduce yourself to the hiring manager in charge and get their attention to read your resume. Show off your confidence by ending the letter that you look forward to hear from them soon. This will definitely force them to call you for an interview.

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