Associate Merchandiser Cover Letter

Merchandisers are the ones who select and purchase goods for a company. This then sold by reviewing the statistical data, customer opinions and the price comparisons. An associate merchandiser is the one who assists the lead merchandiser to create and maintain a good and successful business strategy. A good and effective associate merchandiser cover letter should always accompany your resume. This cover letter can be a great asset to your job hunt.

Before you get down with the writing of the cover letter for associate merchandiser, it is good to know the responsibilities and job description for the position.

Job description for an associate merchandiser

An assistant merchandiser reports daily and on weekly sales, on the opportunities for growth and items with the best and worst selling performance. He or she should also manage the distributions and inventory, and also propose on promotions and markdowns as necessary to move merchandise efficiently and quickly. He or she works largely on retail, wholesale and grocery environments.

Sample cover letter for associate merchandiser is given below that will guide to write your own letter.

Amanda Winston
4567 Commerce Boulevard
Omaha, NE 6875
(141) -4567

March 17, 2011

Richard Anderson
Anderson merchandising, Inc
5678 Gold cliff Circle
Washington, DC 2657

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I am responding to the advertisement on (mention the jobsite) seeking for an associate merchandiser for Anderson Merchandising, Inc. I wish to apply for this post as I know for the post as I know I have the necessary experience, education and skills that you are looking out. I have enclosed my resume with this letter.

I am a graduate and also have a degree in merchandising from (name of your college). I have been an associate merchandiser for the last five years at (mention the name of your previous company). My chief responsibilities in this post have been in the operational management, merchandising, budgeting and developing price points, payroll, human resources and allocation. I have gained a good amount of knowledge in every associate aspect of this position.

I am looking forward to many new challenges which I believe your company can provide me. Kindly call me at (mention your contact details) to discuss on this more. Thank you for your time and considering my letter.

- Amanda Winston

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificate

A second sample associate merchandiser cover letter can provide some important tips and instructions.

Your name:

Your address:

Your contact details:

Your email:


Employer's name
City, state and zip code:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. Last Name

In response to the advertisement in (mention the source for the job post) regarding the post of associate merchandiser. I would like to apply for the job. I believe my qualifications and skills would be a great asset for your organizations.

I am skilled and experienced in store and retail management. My flawless services can easily increase profit and drive sales. I have a good background on every aspects of management which includes budgeting, merchandising, scheduling and employee-customer relations.

If you feel my skills and experience match up to your requirement, please call me at (mention your contact details) so that we can set up a meeting at a time that is convenient for you.

Thank your for reviewing my letter and for your valuable time.


Your name:

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificates

These are some ways and important tips to write an associate merchandiser cover letter.

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